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With Finder calculators, you can estimate how much you’re able to borrow for a home loan, calculate how much interest that you'll earn in a savings account and compare different personal loan options. All these calculators are free and easy to use.

Please note that these calculators and tools provide estimates for your general information. They do not represent quotes and the success of your application isn't guaranteed.

Credit card calculators

Credit card repayment calculatorBalance transfer calculator
Trying to figure out how long it will take to pay off your credit card? Use this calculator to figure it out.Find out how much interest you could save by transferring your existing balance to a new credit card.

Home loan calculators

Refinancing calculatorHow much can I borrow?Mortgage repayment calculator
Are you thinking about switching home loans? Use this calculator to help you figure out if it makes financial sense.This calculator can help give an indication of the amount of money you can borrow.Calculate what your regular repayments could be on your home loan. You can choose from monthly, fortnightly and weekly payments.
Property buying costs calculatorStamp duty calculator‘How long to repay?’ calculator
How much do you need to cover the cost of buying your property? Use this calculator to find out.Stamp duty rules are different according to where you live. Use this calculator to help you find the correct rate.Wondering how long it might take to pay off your mortgage? Find out here.
Income tax calculatorHoneymoon loan calculatorLoan comparison calculator
Work out what your after-tax income is and see how much you can allocate towards your property.Do have an introductory period on your home loan? Prepare yourself by knowing how much you’ll need to pay after this period ends.Compare home loans side-by-side so you can pick the best one for your situation.
Split loan calculatorOffset mortgage calculatorExtra repayment calculator
Find out if splitting your home loan can actually help save you money.Find out how much interest you could save by transferring your balance to a new credit card.Have a bit of extra cash to make extra repayments? See how much you could save.
Lump sum calculator Personalised comparison rate calculatorProperty selling costs calculator
Use this calculator to see how much you stand to save by making lump sum payments.Figure out the true cost of your home loan so you can choose the right mortgage for your goals.This calculator helps you take into account all the costs of selling your property so you know how much is in your pocket.
Bi-monthly calculator
This calculator shows how much you can save by making fortnightly repayments.

Personal loan calculators

Use personal loan calculatorLoan comparison calculatorLuxury Car Tax (LCT) Calculator
Considering taking on a personal loan soon? Find out if you can afford the repayments using this calculator.If you’re at the stage of deciding between two loans, see which one can save you more money.This calculator can help you figure out how much LCT is included in the overall price of your luxury vehicle.
Novated Lease CalculatorCar Loan Comparison CalculatorCar Loan Repayment Calculator
Figure out the repayment amount your employer will be taking out of your salary to pay for the vehicle.Take the guesswork out of comparing interest rates and fees when comparing car loans.Can you afford that new set of wheels? Work it out using this calculator.
Commercial Hire Purchase Calculator
Find out how much your business could save with a commercial hire purchase.

Savings account calculators

Savings goal calculator‘Am I wealthy?’ calculatorHow long it will take until you’re a millionaire calculator
Saving up for that something special? Use a calculator see when you can reach your goal and how much you need to regularly save.How do your finances compare with the rest of the world? One way to find out.Find out how long it will take you to become a millionaire with your current saving habits

Life insurance calculators

Life Insurance Cover CalculatorIncome Protection Calculator
Trying to get an idea of how much life insurance you should take out? Use this calculator to help you determine an appropriate level of cover based on current financial obligations.Find out the monthly benefit you stand to receive from your income protection policy based on your current income.
Retirement calculator
Are you nearing retirement? Maybe just want to make sure you're going to have enough money to fund your retirement. Find out how much you're going to need to live comfortably with our retirement calculator.

Frequently asked questions

No, the calculator only shows you an indication based on the figures you’ve provided. The lender or financial institution still has the final decision.

In these cases, you’ll need to call your lender up and ask for a quote. It’s worth noting that LMI is different according to the amount you borrow and the who the insurer is.

These calculators have been developed with sound mathematics to produce the results based on the information you’ve provided. The more accurate the fields you enter, the more accurate the figures.

For some interest rates and fees, you will need to ask your financial institution or Office of State Revenue. These include options such as fees, break costs and stamp duty. The main reason for this is because they are based on your personal situation, and so are different for everyone.

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