Coles Credit Cards

With Flybuys rewards, low rates and no annual fee options, compare Coles credit cards to find one that works for you.

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Coles Credit Cards

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Coles offers a range of credit cards, with rewards, low rate and no annual fee options. If you're a member of the Flybuys rewards program, your Coles credit card can also double as your Flybuys membership card.

Coles Credit Card Offer

Coles No Annual Fee Mastercard

0% p.a. for 12 months on purchases and balance transfers
$0 annual fee

Offer ends 31 January 2021

Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, fees and charges apply

Coles Credit Card Offer

Reward your spending with Flybuys points and save with 0% interest on balance transfers and purchases for the first 12 months.

  • Ongoing $0 annual fee | 19.99% p.a. purchase rate
  • Earn Flybuys point per $1 spent on eligible purchases
  • 0% on balance transfers and purchases for 12 months
  • Compatible with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay
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Comparison of Coles Credit Cards

Data indicated here is updated regularly
Name Product Purchase rate Interest-free period Annual fee Balance transfer rate
Coles No Annual Fee Mastercard
0% p.a. for 12 months, reverts to 19.99% p.a.
Up to 55 days on purchases
0% p.a. for 12 months
Save on new and existing interest charges with 0% p.a. on balance transfers and purchases for 12 months. Ends 31 January 2021.
Coles Rewards Mastercard
19.99% p.a.
Up to 55 days on purchases
$0 annual fee for the first year ($99 p.a. thereafter)
0% p.a. for 18 months with 1.5% balance transfer fee
Enjoy $100 off a Coles Supermarket, a $0 first-year annual fee and a 0% p.a. on balance transfers for 18 months (1.5% fee applies). Ends 31 Jan 2021.
Coles Low Rate Mastercard
12.99% p.a.
Up to 55 days on purchases
0% p.a. for 6 months
Enjoy $100 off a Coles Supermarket shop and a 0% balance transfer for 6 months. Plus, earn Flybuys points as you spend. Ends 31 January 2021.

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Types of Coles credit cards

Coles Mastercard offers three credit card options: a rewards credit card, a low rate credit card and a no annual fee card.

Low rate credit cards

The Coles Low Rate Mastercard offers a low interest rate of 12.99% p.a. purchases and offers up to 55 interest-free days on purchases if you pay your balance in full by the due date on your statement. It also offers 0.5 Flybuys points per $1 spent at Coles Supermarkets. Points are awarded in whole numbers and rounded down (meaning you earn 1 point for every $2 of eligible spending). These points are in addition to the points you'll earn by scanning your Flybuys membership barcode (on the back of the card).

No annual fee credit cards

The Coles No Annual Fee Mastercard is one of the few credit cards that offers both no annual fee for life and a rewards program. This means you can get extra value from the card without wondering if your reward points will balance out the cost of the annual fee. With the Coles No Annual Fee Mastercard, you'll earn 0.5 Flybuys points per $1 spent on eligible purchases anywhere you use the card, as well as standard Flybuys points for spending with partnered retailers. Points are awarded in whole numbers and are rounded down, meaning you earn 1 point per $2 spent with this card.

Rewards credit cards

The Coles Rewards Mastercard offers 2 Flybuys points per $1 spent on all eligible purchases up to $3,000 per statement period (1 point per $1 thereafter). It offers up to 55 days interest-free on retail purchases when you pay the total outstanding balance by the due date on each statement and 0% international transaction fees when you're shopping overseas or online with retailers based overseas. Compared to some other rewards credit cards, this card also has a competitive annual fee of $99.

The benefits of banking with a Coles Mastercard

A Coles Mastercard credit card gives you access to the following benefits:

  • Flybuys rewards

Coles credit cards are linked to the Flybuys rewards program and double as your Flybuys membership card, with your membership details printed on the back of your credit card. If you want to earn more Flybuys points for your spending, both the Coles Rewards and Coles No Annual Fee cards offer you points for eligible purchases made anywhere. The Coles Low Rate Mastercard also offers points per $1 spent on eligible purchases at Coles Supermarkets. Flybuys has a huge range of program partners and reward options, including travel rewards, frequent flyer points, holiday packages, merchandise and gift cards.

  • Get money off your shopping at Coles

If you choose to use Flybuys points to get money off at the checkout when you shop at Coles, you can scan the back of your Coles credit card and instantly redeem 2,000 Flybuys points for $10 off your shopping at participating Coles Supermarkets. Note that you need a minimum of 2,000 Flybuys points in your account to get money off your shop.

  • Balance transfer offers

You can save money on your existing credit card debt by transferring it to a Coles Mastercard with a balance transfer offer. For example, the Coles No Annual Fee Mastercard offers 0% p.a. on balance transfers for the first 12 months you have the card, allowing you to save money on interest charges and pay down your debt faster. Any balances remaining after the promotional period will attract interest at the cash advance rate.

  • Digital wallets and contactless payments

You can use your smartphone or eligible device to make contactless payments at the terminal when you link your Coles credit card to Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

How to apply for a Coles Mastercard

You can apply for a Coles Mastercard online in about 15 minutes. Once you have compared a range of options and chosen the Coles credit card you want to apply for, click "Go to site" and you'll be taken to Coles Mastercard's secure online application page. Before you start, make sure you meet the eligibility requirements. These vary depending on the card you choose but will include:

Eligibility criteria

  • Age. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Residency status. You must be a permanent resident or citizen of Australia.
  • Minimum income. You must meet the minimum income requirements for the card, which start from $25,000 per year.

Required information and documents

Make sure you have the following items on hand to assist with your Coles Mastercard application:

  • Personal information. You will need to verify your identity using your driver’s licence or another form of approved identification. You’ll also need to enter your residential address, email address and provide a phone number.
  • Financial information. You need to provide details about your income and your expenses. This includes information like your salary, food budget, rent or mortgage repayments as well as other living expenses.
  • Other credit cards. If you want to transfer your existing credit card balance to a Coles credit card under a balance transfer promotion, you’re required to enter the card number and amount you want to transfer from these accounts.
  • Current Flybuys number. If you are an existing member of the Flybuys rewards program, have your membership number ready so you can link it to your Coles credit card right away. If you're not a member yet, you can join for free by visiting the Flybuys website – and have the option to update the Flybuys details linked to your card through the Coles Online Service Centre.

Frequently asked questions

Want to know more about Coles credit cards? Here you can read answers to some of the most common questions about them. If you have a specific question we haven't covered, you can also ask your own question using the comment box below.

How do I activate my Coles Mastercard and choose a PIN?

You can activate your Coles credit card and PIN online via the Coles Credit Card Online Service Centre. Once you have registered or logged on to this service, simply follow the prompts to activate your card and select a four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) in one easy step.

Alternatively, you can activate your card by calling 1300 306 397 and following the prompts. Remember to also sign the back of your Coles credit card before you start using it.

How do I transfer my existing credit card debt to my Coles Mastercard?

This process is known as a balance transfer and can help you save money on interest repayments if there is a low/no interest promotion. With Coles credit cards, you can submit a balance transfer application at any time after your card is approved by filling out a balance transfer request form (available on the Coles Credit Cards website).
You'll need to include the account number, the amount you want to transfer and the name of the card-issuing institution. Before you conduct a balance transfer with a Coles credit card, make sure you also understand the following terms and conditions:

  • You can transfer a balance from a credit card, store card or charge card
  • Balance transfers will not be accepted from any Coles Mastercard, any credit card issued by Citi or any credit card issued outside Australia
  • You can transfer from $100 up to 80% of your approved credit limit
  • At the end of the balance transfer promotional period, the variable cash advance rate will be charged on any remaining balance
How can I check the status of my Coles Mastercard application?

If you want to check on your Coles Mastercard application at any time, you can call Coles Mastercard on 1300 306 397.

What’s the minimum repayment on my Coles Mastercard?

You'll need to make a minimum repayment of 2% by the due date each statement. Otherwise, a late payment fee will apply. If you want to take advantage of interest-free days, you'll need to pay your entire balance in full.

How do I make a repayment to my Coles Mastercard?

You can make a payment to your Coles Mastercard using the following methods.

  • Direct debit. By completing and sending in a direct debit request form (available from the Coles website), you can automatically pay your Coles Mastercard when your statement is issued. You have the option of paying just the minimum monthly repayment, a specified amount or you can automatically pay your entire balance each month. You need to pay your Coles Mastercard from another bank’s transaction or savings account.
  • BPAY. Log on to your internet banking facility and pay your Coles Mastercard using BPAY. The Coles Mastercard BPAY Biller Code is 8862 and your customer reference number is your 16 digit Coles Mastercard account number. Note that BPAY payments are only processed during business hours and can take up to three business days to process. Transactions made over the weekend and on public holidays may take a little longer to process.
  • At an Australia Post retail outlet. Pay your credit card in person by taking your Coles Mastercard statement to an Australia Post retail outlet. Remember that there’s a small fee if you want to pay your Coles Mastercard in person at Australia Post.
  • By cheque. You can find a payment slip issued with you Coles Mastercard statement. Rip this off and send it with a cheque to Coles Mastercard Customer Care, GPO Box 236E, Melbourne, VIC, 8111.
How can I increase my credit limit?

If you want additional credit, call the Coles Mastercard customer service team on 1300 306 397 and let them know that you would like a credit limit increase. A customer service representative will run through some basic questions about your expenses and how much you earn when they make a decision about increasing your credit limit.
Your credit limit is based on how much you can afford to repay, so if you accepted the maximum credit limit when you applied for a Coles Mastercard and your circumstances have not changed, you may not be eligible for a credit limit increase.

How is my Coles Mastercard protected from fraud?

Coles and Mastercard have a number of measures in place to protect your account from credit card fraud. Coles credit cards are monitored in real time for unusual transactions. Mastercard also offer various layers of protection, including Mastercard SecureCode when shopping online, and the Mastercard Zero Liability Guarantee.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

Lost or stolen credit cards need to be reported immediately so you’re not liable for any unauthorised transactions. Lost or stolen credit cards are blocked right away and a new credit card will be issued as soon as possible.
You can report a lost or stolen Coles Mastercard at any time of the day, any day of the year by calling 1800 055 809. If you're overseas, add the code +61 to the start of this number when you call.

How do I get in contact with Coles about my credit card?

If you need to speak to Coles about your credit card, you can contact them Monday to Friday 8.00AM to 9.00PM, Saturday and Sunday 8.30AM to 8.00PM. The relevant number is as follows:

  • Coles Mastercard. 1300 306 397

If you're overseas, add the code +61 to the start of the phone number when you call. Alternatively, you could go to to find more details about your card, access related forms or log in to the Coles Credit Card Service Centre.

How do I cancel my card?

If you want to close your Coles Mastercard account for whatever reason, you can do so by calling a Coles customer service representative on 1300 306 397. Just make sure you don’t owe any money on your card.

How can I register for Coles Mastercard online banking?

Once you've got your Coles credit card, follow these steps to register for the online banking services:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "Login" button in the top right-hand corner and select "Credit Card Service Centre". You'll then be taken to a login page where you can also register for the service.
  3. Click the "Register" tab in the top left-hand corner of the page, enter your card details and follow the prompts to complete your registration.

Once you have done this, you'll be able to log in to your account at any time via

All my other cards are Visa. Can I get a Coles Visa card?

Unfortunately not, Coles only offers Mastercard credit cards at this stage. Both Mastercard and Visa credit cards offer worldwide acceptance and similar functionality but if you're still unsure, you can compare the range of Coles credit cards to Visa credit cards to help you find an option that's right for you.

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