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Flybuys rewards program guide

How to earn Flybuys points as you shop and redeem them for money off your shop, Velocity Points or other rewards.

Flybuys is one of Australia's largest loyalty programs with over 9 million members as of mid-2023. It rewards you with Flybuys points when you shop at partnered retailers including Coles, Kmart, Target and Bunnings Warehouse. You can also earn Flybuys points per $1 spent with a Coles Rewards credit card.

Once you've collected enough points you can start spending them on a range of rewards and perks including:

  • Money off your shop. Get $10 off your shop at Coles and other partnered stores for every 2,000 Flybuys points you redeem.
  • Velocity Points. Boost your frequent flyer point balance by transferring 1,000 Flybuys points to 500 Velocity Points.
  • Travel and experiences. Redeem points for flights, hotels and travel with Flybuys Travel.
  • Items in the Flybuys Rewards store. Spend Flybuys points on everything from home and garden supplies to fashion accessories and electronics.

How do I join Flybuys?

Joining Flybuys is free through the Flybuys website when you fill in a simple form. Anyone over the age of 16 can join.

Already at Coles or Kmart?

You can get a temporary membership card at participating stores. They're usually at the checkout and you can earn points straight away by scanning one. Just remember to go to the Flybuys website to complete your membership. You'll be prompted to enter your temporary card's details and then Flybuys will send you your card.

Earning points

Shop with partnered brands and retailers

You'll earn points as you spend by scanning your Flybuys card at the checkout in-store or entering your membership details when you're shopping online. Compare some of the partnered brands and how many points you'll earn per $1 on eligible spending in the table.

RetailerPoints earnedWhere can you earn points
Bunnings Warehouse1 point per $1In store and online point per $2Online
Coles1 point per $1In store and online
Coles Personal Loans1 extra point per $1 spent (up to 1,000 extra points monthly)Online
Discovery Parks and Gday Parks2 points per $1Online
First Choice Liquor1 point per $1In store and online (excluding via Uber Eats)
First Choice Liquor Market1 point per $1In store and online (excluding via Uber Eats)
Flybuys travel1 point per $1Online
Kmart1 point per $1In store and online
Liquorland1 point per $1In store and online (excluding via Liquorland Warehouse and Uber Eats)
mycar1 point per $1In store
Officeworks1 point per $1In store and online
Shell Coles Express1 point per $2In store
Target1 point per $1In store and online

Shop using a rewards credit card

Coles and Citi have credit cards that let you collect Flybuys points. With a linked credit card, you'll earn points for each $1 you spend on eligible purchases.

Coles credit cards also come with your Flybuys membership barcode and details on the back of the card, so you can scan it when you're shopping with Flybuys partners to earn points through your credit card and your Flybuys account. You can also earn Flybuys points with a Coles personal loan.

Coles credit card earn rates

With a Citi Rewards credit card, you can exchange your reward points for Flybuys points. The exchange rates depend on the actual card, so we've broken down how many Flybuys points you'll get below.

Citi Rewards transfer rates

  • Citi Premier (existing customers only) and Citi Prestige credit cards: 1 Citi reward Point = 1 Flybuys point.
  • Citi Rewards Card: 1.33 Citi reward Points = 1 Flybuys point.
  • Citi Classic and Citi Gold card: 2 Citi reward Points = 1 Flybuys point.

Some of these credit cards also come with bonus points offers, which can also help boost your Flybuys points balance.

Compare credit cards that earn Flybuys points

These cards earn Flybuys points directly or points that can be exchanged for Flybuys.

Name Bonus points Points per $ spent Purchase rate p.a. Annual fee
Coles No Annual Fee Mastercard
Coles No Annual Fee Mastercard image
Bonus points
Points per $ spent
Purchase rate p.a.
0% for 6 months, then 20.74%
Annual fee
Go to siteMore Info
Save with an ongoing $0 annual fee and 0% interest on purchases for the first 6 months. Ends 31 July 2024.
Citi Premier Card - Cashback Offer
Citi Premier Card - Cashback Offer image
Citi Rewards Program
Bonus points
Points per $ spent
Purchase rate p.a.
Annual fee
More Info
Receive $600 cashback when you spend $2,000 through Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay in the first 3 months.
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Insurance and utilities

If you want to earn Flybuys points on your insurance, energy or phone or other bills, here are some of your options:

CompanyFlybuys points earned
Coles Insurance

(comprehensive car, home or landlord policies)

1 extra point per $1 spent at Coles supermarkets.

Maximum 1,000 extra points per policy per month.

HCF health insuranceOngoing offer: Earn between 14,000 and 130,000 points based on your annual premium:
  • Less than $999 = 14,000 points
  • $1,000 - $1,999 = 24,000 points
  • $2,000 - $2,999 = 48,000 points
  • $3,000 - $3,999 = 60,000 points
  • $4,000 - $4,999 = 80,000 points
  • $5,000 - $5,999 = 100,000 points
  • $6,000+ = 130,000 points
mycar1 point per $1 spent.
OptusReceive bonus Flybuys points with eligible plans listed on the Optus website.
  • $35 SIM plan = 10,000 points
  • $45 SIM plan = 15,000 points
  • $65 SIM plan = 30,000 points
Kleenheat1 point per $1

I forgot to swipe my Flybuys card – can I earn points on previous purchases?

Yes. If you've shopped at Coles, just return to the same store within 7 days of making a purchase and provide your receipt and Flybuys card. A customer service representative will add the points to your account. For other partners, call the Flybuys service centre on 13 11 16 Monday to Friday 9am-7pm AEST. Limitations apply.

OnePass membership

OnePass is a shopping membership program that costs $4 a month and offers access to benefits like free shipping and exclusive sales with partnered stores.

It also offers 5 Flybuys points per $1 on eligible spending at Kmart, Target, Bunnings Warehouse and Officeworks in-store and 2 points per $1 at when you link your OnePass and Flybuys accounts.

Redeeming points

The Flybuys rewards program offers a wide range of ways to use your points, with redemptions starting from 2,000 points. Follow the steps below to redeem your points.

Lots of rewards can be redeemed with Points + Pay which lets you pay for part of an item with points and part with cash.


  • Money off your shop. You can redeem 2,000 Flybuys points for 10 Flybuys Dollars which you can use to get money off your shop at the following partners:
    • Coles supermarkets
    • Coles Express (including on fuel)
    • Kmart
    • Target
    • Liquorland
    • First Choice Liquor
    • Officeworks
    • mycar
  • Gift cards. Use your points to buy gift cards for brands including Bunnings Warehouse, Coles, Target, Kmart, Officeworks, BCF, Supercheap Auto and rebel. Redeem a $50 gift card for 10,000 Flybuys points and a $100 gift card for 20,000 Flybuys points.

Velocity Frequent Flyer

The Flybuys and Velocity partnership allows you to transfer Flybuys points to the Velocity Frequent Flyer program, with 1,000 Flybuys equal to 500 Velocity Points. To transfer Flybuys to Velocity, you need to link your accounts via the Flybuys website.

There are 2 ways to transfer points:

  • One-off transfers starting with a minimum of 1,000 Flybuys points.
  • Set up Auto Transfer which will automatically convert your Flybuys points to Velocity points every time you reach 1,000 Flybuys points.

You'll also get 1 Velocity Status Credit for every $100 you spend at Coles, First Choice Liquor and Liquorland, which can help you achieve a higher membership level in the frequent flyer program. The number of Status Credits you can earn is capped at 10 per month.


You can use Flybuys points for a variety of travel rewards with Flybuys Travel. Use your points to book flights, hotels and travel packages through Flybuys Travel. Rewards start at 2,000 points.

Retail items

Use your Flybuys points to shop and buy products across the following categories:

  • Fashion and accessories. This includes bags, wallets, hair care and grooming, sunglasses and eyewear as well as watches and jewellery.
  • Home and garden. Use your Flybuys to upgrade your home with appliances, barbeque and gardening tools, bed and bath items, dining and cookware.
  • Technology. Tech rewards include phones, computers, tablets, headphones and speakers with brands including Apple, Panasonic and Sony.
  • Travel and fun. Options include suitcases, travel bags and packing cubes.
  • Lifestyle. Treat yourself to beer, wine or spirits, books and magazines, camping and outdoor accessories and more.

How much are Flybuys points worth?

If you redeem points for Flybuys Dollars, 1 point is worth 0.5 cents. So a minimum of 2,000 points equals $10 value.

But different rewards have different values. This means value of a Flybuys point is determined by what kind of reward you want to redeem. So, here's how to work it out for other rewards.

(Value of the reward in dollars / the points needed) x 1,000 = Value of the item per 1,000 points.

Let's use a real life example from the Flybuys rewards store.

Breville Cafe Venezia Espresso Machine (BES250)

  • Points required: 65,171 points
  • Retail price: $249
  • Calculation of value per 1,000 points:($249/65,171) x 1,000 = $3.82 per 1,000 points.

Learn more about calculating the value of rewards.

More examples

Here are some examples of the value you can get with different rewards from Flybuys based on rewards available in the Flybuys rewards store (verified September 2021).

RewardPoints neededReward value in dollarsValue per 1,000 points
Westinghouse 3.5L Slow Cooker Black12,727$45$3.53
UE MEGABOOM 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker57,143$165$2.88
Dyson purifier cool™163,100$799$4.80
Flight between Melbourne and Sydney8,500+$28.44*$79$5.94
Flight between Adelaide and Gold Coast11,800 +$38.34*$165$10.90

*Velocity points.

How many Flybuys points do I need for a free flight from Virgin Australia?

Keep in mind 1 Velocity point is worth 2 Flybuys points. As you can see in the examples above, converting your Flybuys points to Velocity points to put towards flights has one of the highest values per 1,000 points.

You can redeem a Virgin Australia flight for as few as 15,600 points, plus taxes. That's already fewer points than the Bluetooth speaker!

Reward flights points prices are calculated by distance in miles; longer flights cost more points.

15,600 Flybuys points (7,800 Velocity points) could land you a flight from the Gold Coast to Sydney or from Adelaide to Melbourne.

DestinationVelocity Points required for a one-way flightFlybuys Points required for a one-way flight
Alice Springs11,80023,600
CairnsNot availableNot available
Gold Coast11,80023,600
DestinationVelocity Points required for a one-way flightFlybuys Points required for a one-way flight
Alice Springs17,80035,600
Gold CoastNot availableNot available
DestinationVelocity Points required for a one-way flightFlybuys Points required for a one-way flight
Alice SpringsNot availableNot available
Gold Coast11,80023,600
DestinationVelocity Points required for a one-way flightFlybuys Points required for a one-way flight
Alice Springs17,80035,600
CairnsNot availableNot available
Gold Coast17,80035,600
DestinationVelocity Points required for a one-way flightFlybuys Points required for a one-way flight
Alice SpringsNot availableNot available
Gold Coast7,80015,600
Virgin AustraliaVirgin Australia

Australia flights from $70 one way

Frequently asked questions

Do Flybuys points expire?

Yes. Flybuys points will expire if you don't collect or redeem them at least once a year. If you don't earn or redeem any points on your account for a period of 12 consecutive months, then your points will automatically expire and your membership may be terminated.

You can see your Flybuys points balance and manage your account via the Flybuys website or by calling the customer service team on 13 11 16 Monday to Friday 9am-7pm AEST.

Does Flybuys offer family points pooling?

Flybuys offers a type of family or household points pooling by allowing you to add up to 9 household members to your account. You can invite people to join by logging in to your account and sharing your invitation code.

Once they have accepted the invitation and signed up, everyone linked to the account will be able to earn and redeem Flybuys points. Note that you can only have 3 pending invitations at a time, so if you want to add the maximum 9 members to an account, you won't be able to invite them all at once.

As another option, if you're intending to collect Flybuys to transfer into Velocity points you can also pool them with family members.

How can I claim missing Flybuys points?

Forget to swipe your Flybuys card at Coles? You can earn points on previous purchases.

Just return to the same store within 7 days of making the purchase. You'll need to provide your receipt and Flybuys card.

For other partners, call the Flybuys service centre on 13 11 16 during operating hours.

Can you buy extra Flybuys points?

No, you can't buy extra Flybuys points. If your main goal is to transfer your points to Velocity then you might want to consider buying more Velocity points.

Do all Flybuys members get the same offers?

No. Flybuys occasionally trials offers for selected members. You can log in to your Flybuys account to view offers available to you. Alternatively, signing up for emails from Flybuys will allow you to receive offers directly to your inbox.

What was Flybuys max?

From 2018 to 2020, Coles (which owns Flybuys) was testing out a new subscription service called Flybuys max.

Run as an experiment in late 2020, Coles emailed existing customers to say the scheme was being discontinued. However, it's possible that a similar model will be reintroduced in the future. Here's what we learned about Flybuys max during its life:

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525 Responses

    Default Gravatar
    CharlieDecember 18, 2019

    I was wondering, can I use flybuys dollars to purchase fuel?

      CharisseDecember 21, 2019Finder

      Hi Charlie,

      Thanks for reaching out to Finder.

      Yes- you will be able to use flybuys Dollars to purchase fuel at Coles Express.

      flybuys Dollars may also be used in store at Coles Supermarkets, Liquorland, First Choice Liquor, Coles Express, Kmart, Target and mycar.

      I hope this helps.


    Default Gravatar
    LynetteSeptember 20, 2019

    How many velocity points does it take to fly Mackay-Brisbane return

      Default Gravatar
      NikkiSeptember 21, 2019

      Hi Lynette,

      Thanks for your question. It takes 994 miles to fly from Mackay-Brisbane return and 11,800 points to fly Economy, 17,700 points to fly Premium Economy, and, 23,500 points to fly Business class.

      Hope this helps!


    Default Gravatar
    SusanSeptember 6, 2019

    I have misplaced my flybuys card, can you tell me how to redeem my points and receive another card.

      Default Gravatar
      NikkiSeptember 7, 2019

      Hi Susan,

      Thanks for your question. Sorry to hear you misplaced your flybuys card. To replace your flybuys card:

      Log in using your membership number and password. Click ‘My Account’ from the main menu. Select the cardholder you require a replacement card for from the list of cardholders linked to the account and submit a request from the options in the top right of the cardholders profile window.

      How to redeem my points?

      It’s not possible to add receipts online when you shopped and don’t have your card. If you forgot to swipe your card and you shopped at Coles, you can return to the same store within seven days with your receipt and flybuys card and they can add the points your account. For other partners please contact the flybuys service centre and you can find the number on the flybuys website.

      Hope this helps!


    Default Gravatar
    HopeAugust 8, 2019

    I sign up for flybuys but didn’t receive a card.

      Default Gravatar
      NikkiAugust 9, 2019

      Hi Hope,

      Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry to hear you haven’t received your Flybuys card. While Finder review’s Flybuys on our pages, kindly note that we are not partnered with their company. Please contact Flybuys directly to check the status of your card delivery.

      Hope this helps!


    Default Gravatar
    DodieJuly 5, 2019

    i want to use my flybuy points to coles. pls help me what will i do

      Default Gravatar
      NikkiJuly 5, 2019

      Hi Dodie,

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      To use your flybuys points at Coles, please see below the propert steps to convert your points to dollars:

      1. Sign to your account before turning your points into flybuys Dollars.
      2. Click ‘Redeem Now’ and complete the required info – including your 4-digit PIN.
      3. Select how many points you want to convert into flybuys Dollars.
      4. Present your flybuys card when you’re next in-store, let the team member at the checkout know you’d like to pay with flybuys Dollars. Enter the amount of flybuys Dollars you’d like to spend, swipe your card and enter your PIN.

      Reminder about coverting points to FB$:

      1. Go to the Rewards section of or contact the flybuys Service Centre.
      2. After points are converted into FB$, a credit will be applied to your account.
      3. You will be required to select a PIN. The PIN will apply for any future use of FB$ and may be changed by you at any time. The maximum permitted value of credit in your account is FB$4,999.
      4. Please allow up to 30 minutes for your flybuys Dollars to be transferred to your flybuys card.

      When you want to use your flybuys Dollars you, will need to present your physical flybuys card when you are next in store and enter the PIN. FB$ cannot be redeemed via the barcode on the back of any credit card on which you can earn points.

      If you do not use all of the FB$ in the transaction, the remaining credit is retained and can be used in subsequent transactions.

      Hope this helps! For any further questions, feel free to reach out to us again, we’re here to help.


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