Velocity Frequent Flyer Points Credit Cards

Compare Velocity credit cards that offer up to 200,000 bonus points and rewards you for your everyday spending.

Virgin Money Credit Card Offer

Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card - Annual Fee Offer

Ongoing $50 p.a. annual fee

Offer ends 30 June 2019

Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, fees and charges apply

Virgin Money Credit Card Offer

Receive 20,000 bonus Velocity Points when you meet the spend requirement. Plus, save with an ongoing $50 annual fee and a long-term balance transfer offer.

  • $50 p.a. annual fee.
  • 20.74% p.a. on purchases
  • Cash advance rate of 20.99% p.a.
  • Up to 44 days interest free
  • Minimum income requirement of $35,000 p.a.
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Rates last updated May 21st, 2019
Name Product Bonus Points Rewards Program Rewards Points per $ spent Purchase rate (p.a.) Annual fee Product Description
Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card - Annual Fee Offer
20,000 bonus points
Velocity Frequent Flyer
20.74% p.a.
$50 p.a.
Earn 20,000 bonus Velocity Points and save with an ongoing $50 p.a. annual fee. Plus, receive a $129 Virgin Australia Gift Voucher each year.
Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card - Bonus Points Offer
75,000 bonus points
Velocity Frequent Flyer
20.74% p.a.
$64 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($129 p.a. thereafter)
Earn up to 75,000 bonus points in the first 3 months and save with a $64 first year annual fee. Plus, a long-term balance transfer offer.
American Express Velocity Platinum Card
100,000 bonus points
Velocity Frequent Flyer
20.74% p.a.
$375 p.a.
Receive up to 100,000 bonus Velocity Points and enjoy complimentary lounge passes, a domestic return flight and insurance covers.
Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card - 0% Interest Offer
Velocity Frequent Flyer
20.74% p.a.
$64 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($129 p.a. thereafter)
Enjoy 0% p.a. interest on purchases for 14 months, a reduced first year annual fee and Velocity Points per $1 spent.
American Express Explorer Credit Card
100,000 bonus points
Membership Rewards Gateway
20.74% p.a.
$395 p.a.
Limited time offer: Get 100,000 bonus Membership Rewards points, a yearly $400 Travel Credit and 2 entries per year to the Amex Lounge.
American Express Velocity Escape Card
Velocity Frequent Flyer
20.74% p.a.
$0 p.a.
Earn uncapped Velocity Points on purchases, pay $0 annual fee for life and take advantage of a 0% p.a. for 12 months balance transfer offer.
Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer Card
90,000 bonus points
Velocity Frequent Flyer
20.74% p.a.
$289 p.a.
Take off sooner with up to 90,000 bonus Velocity Points, lounge passes and insurance covers. Plus, enjoy a 15-month balance transfer offer.
Citi Prestige Card
400,000 bonus points
Citi Rewards Program
20.99% p.a.
$700 p.a.
Receive 20,000 bonus reward Points per month for 20 months. This adds up to 400,000 points, which can be converted to 200,000 Velocity Points.
Citi Signature Credit Card
300,000 bonus points
Citi Rewards Program
20.99% p.a.
$195 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($395 p.a. thereafter)
Collect 15,000 bonus reward Points per month for 20 months. This adds up to 300,000 points, which can be converted to 150,000 Velocity Points.

Compare up to 4 providers

The best credit cards to earn Velocity Points

Compare some of the credit cards with the largest bonus Velocity Points offers available through finder:

How do Velocity Frequent Flyer credit cards work?

You can use a Velocity credit card to earn frequent flyer points for every $1 you spend on eligible purchases. While some cards directly earn Velocity Points, others earn bank reward points that you can transfer to your Velocity account. Many Velocity Frequent Flyer cards also boast thousands of bonus points on sign up, which is an easy way to boost your rewards when you meet the spend requirement.

Depending on the credit card you choose, you could also enjoy complimentary extras such as travel insurance, airport lounge access and concierge services. Use this guide to compare Velocity Frequent Flyer credit cards and learn more about them so that you can choose the best card for you.

CURRENT OFFER: Transfer your credit card rewards for bonus Velocity Points

The Velocity program is currently offering a bonus of between 20 - 25% on some hotel and credit card rewards points transfers made until 31 May 2019. There's also a 15% bonus when transferring from flybuys.

There's a 20% bonus for transfers made from ANZ Rewards, ANZ Business Rewards, Marriott Bonvoy, Le Club Accor Hotels, Shangri-La, Hilton Honors and IHG Rewards Club. Transfers from the ANZ programs also get an additional 30% boost.

Transfers from the CommBank Awards program have a 25% bonus.

Transfers from American Express, NAB, Westpac, Citi, HSBC, Diners Club, Suncorp and BOQ have up to a 25% bonus depending on how many points you transfer:

Points Transferred Bonus
1 - 250,000 Velocity Points 15% bonus Velocity Points
250,001 - 500,000 Velocity Points 20% bonus Velocity Points
500,001+ Velocity Points 25% bonus Velocity Points

Minimum transfer amounts apply.

How can I earn points with a Velocity credit card?

When you apply for a Velocity credit card, you'll be asked to link it to your frequent flyer account. You'll automatically earn Velocity Points as you make eligible purchases and they're usually credited to your account at the end of each statement period. If you have a credit card with a bank rewards program that's partnered with Velocity, usually you need to transfer your reward points to Velocity points through the card issuer's website.

The number of points you get per $1 is referred to as the "earn rate" and varies between cards. Some cards also offer different earn rates based on the type of transactions you make. For example, a Velocity reward card could offer up to 2 Velocity Points per $1 spent with Virgin Australia and 1 point per $1 on all other eligible purchases.

What is an eligible purchase on a Velocity frequent flyer credit card?

You can earn Velocity Points on most everyday spending with your frequent flyer credit card. This could include grocery shopping, travel bookings and overseas spending. Eligible purchases usually exclude cash advances, balance transfers, gambling transactions and government purchases. When comparing Velocity cards, check the terms and conditions to confirm which transactions will and won't earn points.

Types of credit cards that earn Velocity points

When you're comparing Velocity credit cards, there are two main options to consider:

  • Direct earn Velocity Frequent Flyer credit cards. These cards allow you to earn Velocity Points that are automatically transferred to your frequent flyer account. Currently, Virgin Money, American Express and ANZ are the only card issuers in Australia that offer direct earn Velocity Frequent Flyer credit cards.
  • Indirect earn Velocity rewards card options. Rather than earning points straight into your Velocity account, these cards give you the option of transferring points from a credit card rewards program into your Velocity account. You can also redeem points for other rewards with the credit card rewards program. Currently, American Express, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ANZ, HSBC, St.George, Bank of Melbourne, BankSA, Citi, Suncorp Bank, Card Services and Bank of Queensland allow you to transfer credit card rewards points to Velocity Points.

How to transfer your credit card rewards points to your Velocity account


How to compare Velocity Frequent Flyer credit cards

If you want a rewards credit card that earns Velocity Points, looking at these features will help you find one that suits your needs:

  • Earn rate. This is the number of points you'll earn per $1 spent. Generally, 1 Velocity Point per $1 is a competitive earn rate for a direct earn card. Some cards may also have reduced or capped earn rates. This means that after you meet a certain spend threshold each statement period, your points earn rate will either be lowered or capped until the next month. For example, you may earn 1 point per $1 up to $5,000 per statement period and then 0.5 points per $1 thereafter. You should make sure that this spend threshold is higher than your regularly monthly spend, otherwise you'll limit your points earning potential.
  • Bonus points. Many Velocity credit cards entice new cardholders with big bonus points offers that can often range between 50,000 and 90,000 Velocity Points. You usually need to apply by an offer end date and meet a spend requirement (such as $3,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months) to earn the points. Bonus points can be a great way to give your points balance a boost, but make sure the spend criteria suits your budget before you apply.
  • Annual fee. Although some Velocity Frequent Flyer cards charge $0 annual fees, others can range between $200 p.a. and $700 p.a. You can usually expect more competitive earn rates and extra features if a card has a high annual fee. Make sure you'll take advantage of the points and extra features to justify paying the annual fee before you apply.
  • Interest rates. Frequent flyer credit cards often charge high purchase interest rates of around 20% p.a. If you regularly carry a balance between statement periods, the interest costs you'll accrue can easily outweigh the value of your Velocity Points. Instead, these cards are best suited to cardholders who regularly pay their account in full.
  • Interest-free days. If you pay your balance in full by the statement due date, you can usually take advantage of up to 44 or 55 interest-free days.
  • Complimentary travel insurance. If you have an overseas trip coming up, a Velocity credit card that offers complimentary travel insurance can help you save on the cost of buying cover outright. While complimentary credit card travel insurance conditions vary between providers, usually you and eligible family members travelling with you will get cover for medical expenses, lost or stolen luggage and legal liability. However, there are eligibility requirements, limits and exceptions involved, so make sure you read the terms and conditions before you apply.
  • Exclusive flight offers. Some Velocity reward credit cards offer a complimentary domestic flight or flight voucher each year you have the card and meet the eligibility requirements. For example, the American Express Velocity Platinum offers a complimentary Virgin Australia return domestic flight every year after your first card spend for that year. Similarly, the Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer and High Flyer credit cards both offer a $129 Virgin Australia gift voucher every year when you make a retail purchase in the 2 months prior to requesting your voucher.
  • Lounge passes. Many Velocity Frequent Flyer cards also offer complimentary single entry passes to Virgin Australia lounges, where you can enjoy complimentary food and beverages, high-speed Wi-Fi, dedicated check-in, bathrooms and shower facilities as well as meeting rooms and working spaces. If you have an American Express Velocity card, you may also receive passes to visit the American Express lounges at Sydney and Melbourne airport.

How can I earn more points with a Velocity Frequent Flyer credit card?

Here are some of the ways you could maximise the Velocity Points you earn with a frequent flyer credit card:

  • Shop with bonus points partners. Some Velocity frequent flyer credit cards offer bonus points for spending with specific partners. For example, you may be able to earn bonus Velocity Points when shopping with Virgin Australia, another retail partner or when you spend money overseas. Make sure you know what bonuses are available so you can get more Velocity Points with your credit card.
  • Pay for big ticket items on your card. Whether you're booking travel, buying furniture or going to a major event, paying with your Velocity credit card can help you earn more points for these big-ticket expenses. Just make sure you can pay off the purchases before interest is charged, otherwise the cost could outweigh the value of the Velocity Points you earned.
  • Take advantage of bonus points offers. A wide range of Velocity credit cards offer bonus points when you first sign up for a card, which could help boost your frequent flyer balance. You'll usually need to meet some terms and conditions, such as applying before a certain date and spending a particular amount of money in the first few months you have the card, so make sure you understand what you need to do to qualify.
  • Spend with Velocity partners. As a Velocity member, you can also earn points when you spend with program partners such as Virgin Australia, Coles, BP service stations, Jetts Fitness, Virgin Mobile and a wide range of retailers on the Velocity eStore. If you use your Velocity credit card with these partners, you'll earn points twice: once through Velocity and once through your card. See our guide to earning Velocity Points to get started.
  • Additional cardholders. Many Velocity Frequent Flyer credit cards allow you to link additional cardholders to the single account. All of the points earned on the additional card are pooled within the one Velocity account. This can be an easy way to boost your Velocity Points if you request an additional card for your partner or for employees if you're using a business card.

Score more perks with Velocity Status Credits

Occasionally, Velocity Frequent Flyer credit cards offer Status Credits when cardholders meet spend requirements. Outside of these promotional offers, you can also earn Status Credits on flights and with Coles flybuys. You'll also earn 1 Status Credit per $100 spent at Coles, Coles Online, Liquorland or First Choice Liquor when you've linked your flybuys card to your Velocity account.

Unlike points, you can use the Status Credits to ascend the Velocity membership tiers. You need 250 Status Credits to move from Red to Silver status, 500 for Gold and 1,000 for Platinum. The specific perks vary between the Status levels, but you can look forward to bonus earn rates and travel perks like priority boarding and check-in, Virgin Australia airport lounge passes, additional baggage allowances and more.

It's not common to find a Velocity credit card that also offers Status Credits, so this is considered a competitive extra feature.

How many points can I earn with a Velocity Frequent Flyer credit card?

The maximum number of Velocity Points you can earn with your credit card will depend on the card's bonus points offer and earn rate as well as how much you spend. While you're comparing Velocity Frequent Flyer credit cards, you can calculate how many points you'll earn each month based on these factors and your regular monthly card spend.

You can use the table below for some examples of how to estimate the points you'll earn each statement period.

Card costs and monthly spend American Express Velocity Platinum Card Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer Card
Annual Fee $375 p.a. $289 p.a.
Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases in Australia 1.25 Up to 1
Groceries – $500 625 500
Fuel – $200 250 200
Utilities – $150 225 150
Phone – $100 125 100
Dining out – $200 250 200
Virgin Australia – $500 1,125 (purchases with Virgin Australia earn 1 additional Velocity Point per $1) 500
Entertainment – $100 125 100
Total Velocity Points earned per month 2,725 1,750

As you can see, the number of points you'll earn largely depends on the earn rate of the card and how much you spend each month on eligible purchases. The more you spend and the higher the earn rate, the more Velocity Points you'll earn with your Velocity Frequent Flyer credit card. When making these calculations, you should factor in whether you can afford to pay off the balance before the statement period ends (to avoid collecting interest) and whether the value of the rewards will outweigh the yearly costs of the card.

Virgin Australia Velocity Frequent Flyer credit cards can be a smart way to get more frequent flyer rewards from your everyday purchases. With so many different costs, earn rates and other perks available, comparing a range of Velocity credit cards and offers will help you apply for one that suits your needs.

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50 Responses

  1. Default Gravatar
    AllanApril 4, 2019

    What are Eligible purchases and what are not on my Virgin credit card for earning Velocity points ? after spending $10.000 + in one month I received only 5000 points..

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      MaiApril 5, 2019Staff

      Hi Allan,

      Thank you for your question.

      Eligible purchase are the spend you made with your Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card. This could include grocery shopping, travel bookings and overseas spending. Eligible purchases usually exclude cash advances, balance transfers, gambling transactions and government purchases. When comparing Velocity cards, check the terms and conditions to confirm which transactions will and won’t earn points.

      Please note that the Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card earn 0.66 points per $1 spent on the first $1,500 per statement period and 0.5 points per $1 spent thereafter (uncapped). You may want to call your card issuer to check if there are missing points or possible that the points are still pending for posting.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,

  2. Default Gravatar
    RonDecember 9, 2018

    With the American Express card in Australia is there problems with retailers refusing to accept it due to higher costs, we had this problem when we had an Amex card in the UK.

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      JeniDecember 13, 2018Staff

      Hi Ron,

      Thank you for getting in touch with finder.

      It is almost the same that American Express is not as popular as Visa or Mastercard in Australia because Amex access is more limited and due to the fact that American Express charges more to the retailer per transaction than Visa or Mastercard. This extra cost is not paid for by consumers, which gives Amex the opportunity to compensate for their customers instead with more rewards. You may read more about Amex cards in Australia on this PAGE.

      I hope this helps.

      Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any other enquiries.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day!


  3. Default Gravatar
    DarrenSeptember 13, 2018

    To get double points on buying velocity flights with a Virgin credit card, do you have to book online with Virgin or can you purchase through a travel agent?

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      JeniSeptember 13, 2018Staff

      Hi Darren,

      Thank you for getting in touch with finder.

      You have to book your flights online to avail this double points promo.

      After you log in on your Velocity Frequent Flyer account, click on PROMOTIONS then click the Virgin Australia Double Points offer hyperlink then click on the BOOK NOW button to proceed with your booking. Please note that in order to eligible for this, you must book your flights using your Velocity membership number and travel before 30 November 2018.

      I hope this helps.

      Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any other enquiries.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day!


  4. Default Gravatar
    KarenJune 8, 2017

    I am about to do major home renovations and would like to know which card would be my best option to gain Frequent Flyers whilst purchasing electrical goods and paying labour costs.

    • Default Gravatar
      LiezlJune 8, 2017

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, we can’t actually recommend one specific card to our users as the best option depends entirely on your own financial situation.

      We can, however, provide you a streamlined comparison to help you in deciding. You can check your options for frequent flyer credit cards on this page. Moreover, this page lists the eligible purchases that will let you earn reward or frequent flyer points.

      I hope this has helped.


  5. Default Gravatar
    WendyApril 18, 2017

    What exactly qualifies as retail purchases to unlock the bonus points in the first three months, and what qualifies in general to earn points? i.e can you have your mortgage debited from the card to earn points?

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      HaroldApril 26, 2017Staff

      Hi Wendy,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Most everyday purchases will earn points on your card. However, eligible purchases generally exclude cash advances, balance transfers, gambling transactions and government purchases.

      I hope this information has helped.


  6. Default Gravatar
    DebNovember 1, 2016

    I have a NAB velocity American Express Card, does this entitle me to access Virgin Lounges ??

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      LouNovember 1, 2016Staff

      Hi Deb,

      Thanks for your question.

      If you are referring to NAB Velocity Rewards Credit Card, unfortunately, this card does not come with complimentary lounge access.

      You can check this page to find out how to get Free Access to Virgin Australia Airport Lounges.


  7. Default Gravatar
    brodyOctober 10, 2016


    I’m looking for a new credit card and not sure where to start.

    i travel with Virgin for work and catch approximately 20 flights per year.

    Expenses on the credit card would be 10k-20k per year.

    Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Velocity flyer card is what i was looking at.

    All repayments are made before due dates so interest inst an issue.


    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      MayOctober 10, 2016Staff

      Hi Brody,

      Thank you for your inquiry. As is a comparison website, I’m afraid we can’t recommend one specific card to you.

      Nonetheless, if you are interested in applying for a credit card that would let you earn Velocity points, you may compare the credit cards listed above. Please review the criteria by clicking the name of the card and once you’ve found a card you’re eligible for and you want to apply for, you can click “Go to Site” to head over to the card issuer’s website.


  8. Default Gravatar
    IvanJune 11, 2016

    Can I transfer my qantas frequent flier points to velocity points

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      LouJune 13, 2016Staff

      Hi Ivan,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Unfortunately, you can’t transfer your Qantas frequent flyer points to Velocity points. However, you can redeem Qantas points for flight rewards, travel perks and merchandise on the Qantas Store


  9. Default Gravatar
    SimonSeptember 7, 2015

    Application for credit cards that have a minimum annual income of $50,000

    however, am only currently working part time by choice so that criteria in not achievable just yet. Is this factored into the application or is it very black and white that the minimum annual income must be met.

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      JonathanSeptember 7, 2015Staff

      Hi Simon, thanks for your inquiry!

      Unfortunately the minimum annual income is an application requirement and requires supporting documentation. You may like to compare low interest rate credit cards on this page, which have lower minimum income requirements.



  10. Default Gravatar
    Macca9988August 29, 2015

    Do you gain status credits on your companion fares purchased on your credit card? Visa Virgin money cards and AMEX platinum velocity card companion to business ? Also the free flight on offer on the AMEX do you gain status credits?

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      JonathanSeptember 1, 2015Staff

      Hi Macca9988, thanks for your inquiry!

      Companion membership fares will earn status credits to your account if Family Pooling is activated. Family Pooling allows you to group your family members’ Points or Points and Status Credits into one Account. Discount Economy fares/ Saver fares are ineligible for earning status credits. As a result the free flight would not qualify for this credits earning.

      I hope this helps.



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