Jetstar Mastercard Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Jetstar Mastercard and get the most out of it every time you use the card.

As a cardholder of the Jetstar credit card, you may have some questions you need answered. Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Jetstar Mastercard and the Jetstar Platinum Mastercard.
Comparison of Jetstar Credit Cards

Jetstar credit card features

The interest rate for the Jetstar credit card is 21.99% p.a. for any cash advances, and for purchases it is 14.99% p.a. The Jetstar Platinum Mastercard interest rate for cash advances is 21.99% p.a. and for purchases it is 19.99% p.a.

The interest-rate will be calculated according to any outstanding balance you have for every day during the statement cycle. When you receive your statements the annual percentage rate, which is also known as the "APR' will appear on the front page. This annual percentage rate is also known as the interest-rate. Calculation of the interest depends on the daily rate of interest, which is the ARR divided by the amount of days in that certain year. You can also find the rate on each statement which reflects the interest calculations done during the statement period.

There can be up to 55 days that are free of interest on purchases.

If there are any changes in the interest rate you will be told in advance both via national newspapers and on your income statement. Interest rates can be changed, and the Macquarie Bank has the right to change them.

There are over 1.5 million ATMs where The Jetstar Mastercard or Jetstar Platinum Mastercard can be used worldwide. They display the Cirrus, Mastercard, or Maestro symbol for easy recognition.

For the Jetstar credit card the annual fee for the primary cardholder is $29 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($69 p.a. thereafter), and the annual fee for the Premium Jetstar Mastercard is $169 p.a. for the primary cardholder.

When you first activate your card the annual fee will be charged, and then yearly on the same date.

Yes, you can use your card to make purchases online. You will also be protected from all fraudulent or unauthorised purchases on the Internet with Mastercard's Zero Liability promise available on both cards.

These cards can both be used overseas, in countries and facilities where Mastercard is accepted.

Yes, wherever the Maestro, Cirrus or Mastercard is displayed on the ATM. There are over 1.5 million worldwide ATMs that display these logos, and it is as simple as using your card and entering your PIN.

APR % Rate on Purchases:
Jetstar credit card - 14.99% p.a.Jetstar Platinum Mastercard - 19.99% p.a.

APR % Rate on Cash Advances:
Jetstar Mastercard - 21.99% p.a.Jetstar Platinum Mastercard - 21.99% p.a.

Daily Limit for ATM Cash Advances:
Jetstar credit card - $1000 (subject to available credit)
Jetstar Platinum Mastercard - $1000 (subject to available credit)

Fee for Annual Cardholder (Primary Cardholder):
Jetstar Mastercard - $29 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($69 p.a. thereafter)Jetstar Platinum Mastercard - $169 p.a.

Fee for Annual Cardholder (Additional Cardholder):
Jetstar credit card - $9 (up to 4 allowed)
Jetstar Platinum Mastercard - $39 (up to 4 allowed)

Standard Introductory Rate:
Jetstar Mastercard - 0% p.a. for 14 months on any Balance Transfers
Jetstar Platinum Mastercard - 0% p.a. for 14 months on any Balance Transfers

Maximum Credit Line:
Jetstar Mastercard - $50,000Jetstar Platinum Mastercard - $100,000

Daily Limit on Over-the-Counter Cash Advances:
Jetstar Mastercard - $5000 (subject to available credit)
Jetstar Platinum Mastecard - $5000 (subject to available credit)

Interest-Free Period:
Jetstar Mastercard - Up to 55 days only on purchases
Jetstar Platinum Mastercard - Up to 55 days only on purchases

Fee for Overlimit:
Jetstar credit card - $30 for each statement period
Jetstar Platinum Mastercard - $30 for each statement period

Fee for Late Payment:
Jetstar Mastercard - $35 for each statement period
Jetstar Platinum Mastercard - $35 for each statement period

Fee for Dishonour:
Jetstar Mastercard - $40 each time a payment is dishonoured to the account
Jetstar Platinum Mastercard - $40 each time a payment is dishonoured to the account.

Fee for Over-the-Counter Transaction:
Jetstar credit card - $2
(Fee applies for each payment by cash, cheque or EFTPOS made at Australia Post outlets)
Jetstar Platinum Mastercard - $2
(Fee applies for each payment by cash, cheque or EFTPOS made at Australia Post outlets)

Fee for Foreign Exchange:
Jetstar Mastercard - 3% of the value of each transaction of foreign currency
Jetstar Platinum Mastercard - 3% of the value of each transaction of foreign currency

Fee for Voucher Request:
(Not charged if dispute is decided in customers favour)
Jetstar credit card - $8
Jetstar Platinum Mastercard - $8

Fee for Paper Statement (electronic option is default):
Jetstar Mastercard - $2.50 for each statement
Jetstar Platinum Mastercard - $2.50 for each statement

Information Request Fee for written information, including duplicate statement:
Jetstar credit card - $7
Jetstar Platinum Mastercard - $7

All charges and fees are subject to change.


Unfortunately the pin number that was originally issued with the card cannot be changed.

To access MyCards you will need your temporary access code. Access codes can be requested by calling 1300 150 100.

To obtain an ATM cash advance or to verify sales at a retail store you will need your retail ATM PIN.

Your Internet password can be reset by calling 1300 150 100. It will then be sent to you within five business days.

We can send your ATM PIN to you by calling 1300 150 100.

Transfer of balances

A balance transfer is a request to transfer all or part of another credit card's outstanding balance over to your Jetstar credit card account. We will BPay money to the card account nominated and debit this amount to your Jetstar account. It can take up to five working days for these requests to be completed.

This can be requested either when you apply for the card, or later by going online and completing the request for a balance transfer through MyCards.

The balance transfer limit is $500 less than the credit limit you have on your card. If by any chance the amount of your transfer is greater than your current limit you will be contacted before your request is processed.

Security features

This needs to be called in immediately to 1300 150 100, or +61 2 8232 4677 if you're calling from overseas. These calls can be handled seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day.

A security microchip is indebted in every Jetstar credit card to make it more secure than regular cards, which have a magnetic strip on the back of them. This microchip makes it very difficult for others to copy the details on your card.
Maintenance of the account:

There is a daily limit of $5000 if it is done at a bank over-the-counter, and $1000 using an ATM.

You can get one at an ATM that accepts the Mastercard credit card, and you can also request one at a bank that accepts any Mastercard credit card. You will need to bring photo ID as well as with your card with your signature on it.

Statements are sent out monthly as long as you have done a transaction during that month.

Yes, you can make that request by calling 1300 150 100. We do ask that the date be somewhere between the first and the twenty-eighth day of the month.

No, the statement is only sent out to the primary cardholder. This statement will contain all the details of any charges and purchases accrued by both the primary and additional cardholders.

Yes, you can request that your statements be sent by e-mail by calling 1300 150 100 or by making the request at MyCards. You will save the $2.50 monthly charge that you have to pay for a paper statement.

They do have the same level of access as the primary cardholder however they cannot make any changes to the account.

A new card can be sent to you within seven working days by calling 1300 150 100 if your card has been damaged.

Yes, a third-party can be authorised to access this information. This can be done by going to MyCards and downloading the form 'Authorised Representative Request'.

Sometimes an estimated value of the purchase is put on hold so that the merchant has a period of days to get the transaction processed. This does not affect the balance owing on the card at all, but it does reduce the available credit.

1. BPay - You can use Internet banking or the phone to do it this way. Your reference number will be the same as your account number found on your statement and your 16-digit card number, ( which are the same). The biller code will be 423343.

2. Direct Debit - You can pay your bill automatically every month from your bank account. This will ensure that your payments arrive by the due date every month. You have the choice of paying the amount owed or more.

3. Post Office - Payments made directly at an Australia Post using EFTPOS or cash will need at least 48 hours for the payment to be processed. It will take at least six working days for a cheque to clear, but the funds will be considered as a payment the day of the cheque deposit. A $2 transaction fee will apply for any of these methods used.

4. Post - Please send a cheque that is payable to GPO Box 46990 Sydney NSW 2001, with the account number included. Please complete the payment slip that you received with your monthly statement and include it as well. No notes or coins are allowed.
Additional cardholders on the account:

Additional cardholders are other people that you allow to make transactions that are on your account. They will be given their own card but all of the transactions will show up on your account. For an annual fee of nine dollars each, Jetstar Mastercard holders can have four additional cardholders added. The annual fee for additional cardholders for the Jetstar Platinum Mastercard is thirty-nine dollars each, up to a limit of four added.

You can complete an Additional Cardholder Request Form to add a cardholder, but to remove one you will have to call 1300 150 100.

Yes, they will have the same level of access to the account but they cannot make any changes to it.

Maintenance online

Yes, you can request an electronic statement, payment information, view your balance and transactions, etc. at the online banking website at www.Jetstar.com/cards

This is the code given specifically to you as a customer of Card Services that identifies you so that you can access all of the facilities at our self service banking.

No, unfortunately future dated payments cannot be done using telephone banking or the Internet.

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Jetstar credit card application

You can make an application on the Internet, or request a form to fill out at www.Jetstar.com/cards.

Any resident of Australia, who earns $30,000 per year as a minimum taxable income can apply. This applicant must also be able to supply their own Australian mailing address.

The processing typically takes place in ten business days or less, assuming all of the information has been adequately provided.

No you will have to wait until your application has been approved to find out your limit.

You are able to apply for a higher credit limit after six months. You will also be notified if you are eligible for a higher limit if we see you qualify during regular reviews of your limit.

Our credit policy determines your credit limit based on the information you have provided on your application.

You should choose 'self employed'.

Yes, you can add up to four additional cardholders. Their transactions will be authorised on your account and they will be given their own cards. Each additional cardholder for the Jetstar credit card will be charged a nine dollar annual fee, while the additional cardholders for the Jetstar Platinum Mastercard will have to pay a thirty-nine dollar annual fee.

If you have a children aged 16 or less, they and your partner can be authorised to be an additional cardholder. You can provide details of the additional cardholders on the application form, or download the form online.

Alternately, your child or partner can apply for their own personal card if they are over 18 years of age.

Yes, as long as you have a current Australian address. Just include your previous overseas address in the proper field on the application form.

The program for Jetstar Dollars

Any eligible purchases made using the Jetstar credit card will give you one Jetstar Dollar per hundred dollars spent. For the Jetstar Platinum Mastercard you will receive two Jetstar Dollars per hundred dollars spent on eligible purchases. These dollars will not be given for:

  • Credit card protection insurance payments
  • Cash Advances
  • Purchases of gambling chips
  • Government charges
  • Purchases using Foreign exchange
  • Bank fees and charges and interest(including GST payable on these)
  • Reversed transactions (refunds)
  • Balance transfers or any other special promotions
  • Balance transfers or any other special promotions
  • Transactions that are business-related or connected with any type of business expenditure

In accordance with the conditions of use you can update your e-mail address by calling 1300 150 100, or in writing. Your e-mail address must be valid in order to redeem your Jetstar Dollars.

Once you have collected 100 Jetstar Dollars you will be qualified for a $100 Jetstar Flight Voucher. As a Jetstar Platinum Mastercard cardholder you will get a $200 Jetstar Flight Voucher once you have collected 200 Jetstar Dollars. They will automatically be e-mailed to you using the last valid e-mail on your account. It is important to keep your e-mail address updated at all times.

You can also request earlier reductions of your Jetstar Dollars by calling 1300 150 100. Your Jetstar Dollar balance must be at least twenty-five dollars in order for one to be sent because the minimum amount for a Voucher can only be twenty-five dollars. It may take up to five days for processing, and these Vouchers cannot be deferred for use at a later date.

How can Jetstar Flight Voucher's be used?

You can visit Jetstar.com in order to find your flights. You can redeem your Vouchers by clicking on the Voucher tab and filling in the necessary details. If the cost of the flight is greater than the value of the Voucher you will have to pay the difference. You may have to pay an extra credit card fee if you use another credit card other than your Jetstar Mastercard or Jetstar Platinum Mastercard. All of the Voucher must be used up at once and if the value of the Voucher surpasses the cost of the flight then you will have to forfeit the remaining value of the Voucher. You can also call to book your travel arrangements by calling 131 538.

Flight reservations are subject to availability at booking time, fares that are quoted at the booking time and Jetstar's Conditions of Carriage. At the time of booking the standard JetFlex, JetSaver Light, StarClass and JetSaver, fare rules apply. Name changes are not allowed and airfares are not refundable unless otherwise stated.

You can use these Vouchers to book a Flight with Jetstar Flights only. This will also include fees, taxes, fares and other charges that occur when booking through Jetstar, either by phone or on the Internet. The Vouchers may not be used for any other type of booking such as car hire, accommodations or activities.

Only you are able to book the Flights, but you can book them for other relatives if you want, and you do not have to be one of the passengers. You will have to be able to prove to us that you are related. Examples of allowable relatives are:

  • Husband and Wife
  • Parent and Step-parent
  • Children, including Foster and Step-children
  • Brother/Sister
  • Domestic Partner and De Facto
  • Half Brother or Half Sister
  • Uncle or Aunt
  • Grandparent
  • Son or Daughter-in-law
  • Grandchild
  • Father or Mother-in-law
  • Nephew or Niece
  • Uncle/Aunt
  • First Cousin
  • You cannot transfer your right of use to these Vouchers to anyone else or to any additional cardholders.

Your Jetstar Dollar balance is available for viewing at MyCards.

If we have made any errors and you have not been credited or debited improbably we might make an adjustment, backdating if necessary.

As long as your account is still open your Jetstar Dollars will not expire. If your account is closed or you pass away, your Jetstar Dollars participation is automatically cancelled and all of your Jetstar Dollars forfeited.

Jetstar Dollars may not be transferred for any reason. This program can be discontinued at any time. You will be given 30 days from the time of termination to make a Jetstar Dollars redemption.

If your account gets canceled or suspended or you have breached any of the conditions of use then your Jetstar Dollars balance will appear as zero. You will continue, to collect Jetstar Dollars during this period, however we do reserve the right to exclude or suspend you from obtaining more Jetstar Dollars at any time.

You can earn Jetstar Dollars based on a maximum spending limit of $50,000 yearly on the Jetstar credit card and $100,000 yearly on the Jetstar Platinum Mastercard.

An issue date is shown on the upper right hand side of your Flight Voucher. Any travel has to be booked within three months of this issue date, and your travel has to be completed within a six-month period from the issue date.

You can call Card Services at 1300 150 100. Any missing Jetstar Dollars that were supposed to be awarded more than three months after the relevant transaction took place cannot be disputed.

If you have any further questions you can call 1300 150 100 and speak to a friendly representative.

What is the connection between Macquarie Bank and Jetstar?

Macquarie Bank Limited ABN 46 008 583 542 owns Card Services, which is a division of the company. It issues
both of the Jetstar credit card's and administers and provides the credit. Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd ABN 33 069 720 243 receives the redemptions of the two cards.

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41 Responses

  1. Default Gravatar
    ErinMarch 19, 2017

    Can you please tell how exchange rates are calculated and charged for international purchases.

    • Staff
      MayMarch 20, 2017Staff

      Hi Erin,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      When you use your Jetstar MasterCard overseas, your transactions are converted from the currency of the “transaction” to the Australian dollar equivalent as at the date they are processed at rates determined by the MasterCard International card scheme. The currency conversion will either use a government-mandated exchange rate or a wholesale exchange rate, as selected by MasterCard. Please note that all transactions are listed on your statement in the currency of the “transaction” and then converted to an Australian dollar equivalent.

      As for the fees, Jetstar charges 3% of transaction value for the Foreign Currency Conversion.


  2. Default Gravatar
    BarryAugust 7, 2016

    Hi, I want to pay some new bills using BPAY VIEW ,i.e. clicking on BPAY for delivery of notices. The info that I have says to look for the BPAY View or View bills section, does Jetstar have this option for the card payment?

    Regards Barry

    • Staff
      MayAugust 7, 2016Staff

      Hi Barry,

      Thanks for your inquiry. Just to confirm, you’ve come through to finder.com.au we are an Australian financial comparison website and general information service, not actually Jetstar.

      I’m not quite sure if Jetstar has that option when paying via BPay. Basically, you can use Internet banking or the phone to pay through BPay. Your reference number will be the same as your account number found on your statement and your 16-digit card number (which are the same). The biller code will be 423343.


  3. Default Gravatar
    MELMay 26, 2016


    • Staff
      SharonMay 26, 2016Staff

      Hi Mel, thanks for your inquiry.

      Applications with Jetstar can take up to 10 working days. You can also enquire about your application status either through a local branch, their website or call them on 1300 150 100.

      I hope this helps,


  4. Default Gravatar
    davidSeptember 6, 2015

    going to Hawaii do I use my pin no. or signature

    • Staff
      JonathanSeptember 7, 2015Staff

      Hi David, thanks for you inquiry!

      Many merchants overseas will only accept PINs when making payments. This can be an advantage as using the security chip and PIN instead of signature gives you increased fraud protection. Generally, a signature or PIN will be required if the transaction value is over $35. If below this amount, you can use MasterCard PayPass technology that removes the need for a signature, PIN or loose change when you make a payment.

      For more information on how to use your credit card when travelling overseas please refer to this page.

      I hope this has helped.



  5. Default Gravatar
    CBAugust 24, 2015

    I have purchased a product using my Jetstar MasterCard. I wish to dispute the payment as the product is not what was described. Who do I need to contact?

    • Staff
      SallyAugust 25, 2015Staff

      Hi CB,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      Before filing a dispute, make sure to have all of the relevant details on hand to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. As Jetstar credit cards are provided through Macquarie Bank, you can notify Macquarie Bank of the issue. You have the option to speak to your provider by heading into the bank branch, contacting them via email, or calling the customer service line.

      However, if you haven’t received any results from the head office, you may wish to contact Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), for a free dispute resolution service.
      Please refer to the link I have sent to your email for the contact details of the Macquarie Bank and FOS.

      I hope this has helped.



  6. Default Gravatar
    AnneJune 10, 2015

    How do I go about investigating a charge on my card that may be fraudulent , or just a case of my poor memory ?

    • Staff
      sally.mcmullen@hiveempire.comJune 10, 2015Staff

      Hi Anne,

      Thank you for your question.

      I would suggest contacting the Jetstar MasterCard customer service team. I will send you an email with the contact number so you can follow up your enquiry with Jetstar directly.

      I hope this has helped.



  7. Default Gravatar
    IvyApril 15, 2015

    Cannot get into my account even though I tried with my current access code

    • Staff
      ElizabethApril 15, 2015Staff

      Hi Ivy,

      Thanks for your question.

      If you’re having trouble accessing your account you’ll need to contact Jetstar directly on 1300 150 100.



  8. Default Gravatar
    MandyMarch 4, 2015

    Where can i find my access code number please

    • Staff
      JonathanMarch 5, 2015Staff

      Hi Mandy, thanks for your inquiry!

      Access codes can be requested by calling 1300 150 100.



  9. Default Gravatar
    careyJanuary 4, 2015

    Can I reduce my Credit limit on my Jetstar Master Card online by logging onto my account? Many banks offer this but I cant seem to find it on Jetstar when I log in. I can see increase my limit but no reduce my limit. How is it done

    • Staff
      ElizabethJanuary 5, 2015Staff

      Hi Carey,

      Thanks for your question.

      You’ll need to contact Jetstar directly in order to decrease your credit limit. You can call them on 1300 150 100.

      I hope this has helped.



  10. Default Gravatar
    MarkDecember 21, 2014

    how do I stop a transaction ??
    I ordered some weight loss pills on line I didn’t receive them and they have still charged my credit card I will not be paying that amount how do I go about getting Jetstar to stop the payment??

    • Staff
      ElizabethDecember 22, 2014Staff

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your question.

      You’ll need to get in touch with Jetstar in order to discuss the reversal of the credit card transaction. You can call Jetstar on 1300 150 100 and you can find out more information on reversing credit card transactions on this page.

      I hope this has helped.



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