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BankSA credit card complimentary travel insurance

Got a BankSA credit card with travel insurance? Here’s what you need to know about what’s covered and how to make a claim.

BankSA offers complimentary travel insurance on its Amplify Platinum and Signature credit cards, with policies that cover domestic and international trips, including some cover related to COVID-19. Some BankSA cards also offer complimentary insurance for eligible items you buy.

These insurance policies are underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited (Allianz). Just like any insurance, there are conditions you need to meet to get cover and make a claim. That's why it's best to read the policy documents. But if you're after a quick look at what’s covered, we have pulled out some of the key details about BankSA’s complimentary credit card insurance options.

Have a question or need to make a claim right now? Call Allianz Global Assistance on 1800 091 710 (Australia) or +61 7 3305 7468 (overseas).

Which BankSA credit cards have complimentary travel insurance?

If you don't have a BankSA credit card yet, you can get complimentary travel insurance with a new Platinum or Signature credit card. The length of cover you get for international travel insurance depends on the card, as we’ve shown in the table.

CardInternational travel insurance for up to 6 months (Level 1 cards)International travel insurance for up to 3 months (Level 2 cards)Overseas transit accident insuranceDomestic interstate flight inconvenience insuranceRental vehicle excess in Australia insurancePurchase protection insuranceExtended warranty insurance
BankSA Amplify Platinum
BankSA Amplify Signature
BankSA Amplify Platinum - Qantas
BankSA Amplify Signature - Qantas

With the international travel insurance, the key difference between Level 1 and Level 2 is the length of cover: You get up to 6 months with an Amplify Signature card and up to 3 months with an Amplify Platinum card.

If you have a BankSA business credit card, check the complimentary insurance details here.

Have a BankSA credit card that’s not on this list? Check the terms and conditions available on the BankSA website to see if your card is eligible.

What’s covered by BankSA complimentary international travel insurance?

The cover you get is broken down into “benefits” based on what you can and can’t claim. Some claims also have an excess charge that you’ll need to pay before you can get any money back if your claim is approved.

To help you understand the cover that’s available, we’ve put the key options for different types of claims into tables, with basic examples of when you might use the cover. But remember: You should always read the insurance policy booklet for complete details of the cover.

Keep in mind: BankSA complimentary international insurance is split into 2 levels for different cards. With a Level 1 card (for example, Amplify Signature), you’ll get this cover for up to 6 consecutive months of overseas travel and with a level 2 card (for example, Amplify Platinum) you’ll get cover for trips of up to 3 consecutive months.

Remember to check your card level before booking a trip or making a claim – we’ve listed the levels for different cards in this guide. These details are also in the insurance policy booklet.

Medical, dental and emergencies cover with a BankSA credit card

BenefitOne example of when you'd use thisClaim limit for people under 81 years oldExcess payment (per claim)
Overseas emergency assistanceIf you get food poisoning overseas and have to see a doctor or change your travel plans.Unlimited$0
Overseas emergency medicalIf you become sick or injured overseas and have to pay for seeing a doctor or other medical professional.Unlimited$300
Evacuation and repatriationIf you become sick or injured overseas and need to be taken to a local hospital or one that's back in Australia.Unlimited$300
Overseas emergency dental expenses for spontaneous toothacheIf you’re overseas and have to see a dentist because of a toothache that’s not related to any other dental issues.Up to $2,000 per person$300
Hospital cash allowanceIf you’re treated as an in-patient at an overseas hospital for more than 1 full day (24 hours) because of a covered health issue, this allowance helps cover the extra costs.$100 per person per day, up to a maximum of $15,000 per
Assault requiring hospitalisationIf you’re attacked and need to be treated as an in-patient at a hospital. Note that you need a written police report and written advice from the doctor or medical adviser that treated you to make a claim.$500 per person$0
Loss of incomeIf you or your spouse is injured overseas, gets treatment and experiences disability for at least 30 days after you return to Australia, then have medical advice that means you can’t return to work because of it.Your verified income, up to $1,000 per person per week for a cardholder and spouse, limited to 12 consecutive weeks and a maximum of $12,000 for all claims combined.$0
Additional expensesIf you or a companion is injured to the point of incapacity, you could claim extra accommodation or travel.Unlimited$300

BankSA complimentary international travel insurance for cancellation, delays and transport

BenefitOne example of when you'd use thisClaim limit for people under 81 years oldExcess payment (per claim)
Cancellation (specific situations only)If your journey is cancelled, disrupted or rescheduled because of your death or the unforeseen death of a partner, parent, sibling, child or other specified relative that lives overseas.Unlimited (within reason), except for:

  • Travel agents cancellation fees up to a maximum of $500 or 15% of the value of the travel (whichever is worth less)
  • Claims relating to the accidental death of a specified relative overseas are capped at $2,500 per person, up to $5,000 total
Travel delayIf your flight was delayed by 6 hours or more and the airline didn’t offer compensation, you could claim food, accommodation or other eligible expenses.Up to $500 per person for meals and accommodation, with a maximum total of $1,100 when travelling with a spouse and/or dependants$300
Alternative transport expenses

Note: Acts of terrorism and the financial collapse of the transport company are not covered.

If your transport is unexpectedly delayed or cancelled and it means you wouldn’t make it to a conference, wedding or major event booked before you left Australia, this helps cover the cost of reasonable travel expenses to get you there.Up to $3,750$300
Domestic pets (additional boarding costs in Australia)If your return home is delayed for a covered reason and it means you have to pay extra boarding fees for your cat or dog that lives in Australia, you could make a claim under this benefit.Up to $50 per 24-hour period ($500 max)$0
Return home and resumption of journey following the death of a relativeIf a relative in Australia dies unexpectedly when you’re travelling, you could submit a claim to cover some of the costs involved in returning to Australia early. If there is still 14 days or 25% of your trip left and you want to return to it, you could also make a claim.Up to $5,750 per person, with a maximum total of $12,500 when travelling with a spouse and/or dependants$300
Rental vehicle excessIf your overseas rental car is stolen or involved in an accident and the hire company agreement includes an excess that you need to pay, this cover can help with the cost.Up to $5,500$300

Luggage and personal items cover offered with BankSA credit card complimentary insurance

BenefitOne example of when you'd use thisClaim limit for people under 81 years oldExcess payment (per claim)

Note: Different sub-limits apply depending on the items and where your luggage is held.

If you're travelling and your phone is stolen from your pocket or a handbag you have on you.Up to $20,000 per person, with a maximum of $30,000 when travelling with family. There are the following sub-limits:

Baggage, clothing, personal valuables, portable electrical equipment and binoculars: Up to $5,000 per item

Cameras and related equipment or accessories: Up to $5,500 per camera

Laptops and related equipment or accessories: Up to $5,500

Covered items left in a vehicle (not valuables): Up to $5,000

Valuables left in a vehicle or checked baggage: Up to $5,500 (Note: This sub-limit only applies to laptops, tablets and phones when an airline employee directs you to check them in or place them in the overhead locker for the whole flight, without any notice.)

Travel documents, transaction cards and traveller’s chequesIf your passport is lost or stolen and you have reported it to the local police within 24 hours, you could claim the fees for reissuing it.Up to $550 per person, with a maximum of $1,250 when travelling with a spouse and/or dependants$0
Luggage delayIf your luggage is delayed for more than 12 hours and the airline (or carrier) is at fault, you can get reimbursed for essential items you need to buy during that time.Up to $800 with a maximum of $1,600 when travelling with a spouse or dependants$0

Hijacking, kidnap and personal liability cover offered with BankSA complimentary credit card travel insurance

BenefitOne example of when you'd use thisClaim limit for people under 81 years oldExcess payment (per claim)

Note: This cover does not apply for hijacking that is classed as an act of terrorism.

If your flight or cruise was hijacked, this cover would apply for each day you are held captive (up to the limit listed).Up to $250 per person per 24 hours, with a maximum total of $20,000$0
Kidnap and ransom

Note: This cover does not apply for kidnapping in Mexico or any country or waters located in Central America or South America (south of the US), the Philippines or Somalia.

If you’re kidnapped while travelling and need to pay a ransom.Up to $100,000$0
Personal liabilityIf you’re involved in an accident and become legally liable to pay compensation for someone else’s injuries or damaged property (when the person doesn’t live with you), this helps cover the legal costs.Up to $2.5 million$0

BankSA credit card complimentary international travel insurance for death and funerals

BenefitOne example of when you'd use thisClaim limit for people under 81 years oldExcess payment (per claim)
Accidental deathIf you are injured overseas and die within 12 months because of that injury. Or if the plane or boat you’re travelling on disappears and you’re declared dead within 12 months.Up to $150,000 with the following sub-limits:

  • $50,000 per cardholder
  • $25,000 per spouse
  • $25,000 per dependant
Funeral expensesIf you die overseas and there is a funeral or your remains need to be brought back to Australia. Note that only some causes of death are covered.Unlimited (within reason)$0

Does BankSA complimentary international travel insurance cover COVID-19?

Yes, BankSA complimentary international travel insurance includes details of when you can make claims related to COVID-19 and other known pandemics and epidemics, effective from 30 June 2022. This includes for:

  • Overseas emergency assistance
  • Overseas emergency medical
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Cancellation
  • Additional expenses

To make a claim, you need to be positively diagnosed with COVID-19 (or another pandemic/epidemic disease) and meet all the other requirements for a claim. It also applies if a travel companion is positively diagnosed – but won’t apply if you’re travelling against government advice or if the mass media have published details of advice or warnings against travel.

As there are specific conditions to meet for this type of cover, make sure you read the amended policy booklet or call Allianz on 1800 091 790 before you travel.

What's not covered?

Every insurance policy has details of when you will and won’t get cover. These details can be very specific, which is why it is important to always check your insurance policy documents.

To give you an idea, here are some of the key things you won’t be covered for with BankSA credit card complimentary international travel insurance:

  • Any act of war
  • Issues that come up because of alcohol or non-prescription drugs
  • Travel that’s for the purpose of medical treatment
  • If you’re aged 81 or over, or if anyone relating to a claim is aged 81 or over
  • Changes to your plans due to regulations, prohibitions or intervention from a government or official body
  • If you or your partner gives birth during the trip (except if it’s due to injury or sickness)
  • Dangerous activities including rock climbing (with equipment), white water rafting, bungy jumping, off-piste snowboarding or skiing and quad or motorbike riding on a vehicle that has an engine capacity of 200cc or more

Keep in mind that countries and regions around the world currently have different restrictions and guidelines around the coronavirus pandemic. These can change, so it’s worth checking where you can travel before booking anything.

Want cover for a skiing trip, bungy jumping or other overseas adventures? Check out adventure sport travel insurance costs and conditions.

What do I need to do to use BankSA’s credit card international travel insurance?

To get international travel insurance cover through your BankSA Amplify Platinum or Signature credit card, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • Travel bookings. You need to use your eligible BankSA credit card to pay for at least $500 of your travel expenses before the start of the trip. You also need a return ticket. An easy way to meet these requirements is to use your card to pay for your overseas flights.
  • Australian residency. You must live in Australia and start and end your trip in Australia.
  • Age. You’ll be covered if you’re under 81 years of age. If you’re over 81 years of age and want overseas travel insurance, there are some policies you can buy that give you cover up to the age of 100.

Does BankSA credit card travel insurance cover family members?

Yes, if you meet the eligibility requirements for cover on an upcoming trip, your spouse and dependants (children) can get cover under this policy when they’re travelling with you for at least half of your trip and meet the following requirements:

  • They need to live in Australia and start and end their journey in Australia.
  • They need to have a return travel booking before they leave.
  • At least $500 of their travel costs need to be paid for with your BankSA credit card before the start of the trip.
  • They need to be under 81 years of age at the time they become eligible for the insurance.

They also need to meet the same requirements and other conditions of the insurance policy.

Pre-existing medical conditions

BankSA complimentary international travel insurance only covers a few pre-existing medical conditions, with very specific requirements. Here, we’ve summarised the key details for conditions that are covered.

Just remember to also look at the insurance document for full details or call Allianz on 1800 091 710 if you have any pre-existing conditions.

Pre-existing medical conditionConditions for cover
AcneIf you have not needed treatment by a medical adviser in the last 3 months.
AllergiesIf you have not needed treatment by a medical adviser in the last 9 months and you don’t have any known respiratory conditions, such as asthma.
AsthmaIf you have not had an asthma attack (exacerbation) that needed treatment from a medical adviser in the past 12 months.
Cataracts and glaucomaIf you have no ongoing complications, have not had an operation for it in the last 2 months and are not on a waiting list for an operation.
Coeliac diseaseIf your condition has not required treatment by a medical adviser in the last 6 months.
Diabetes/glucose intoleranceIf you were diagnosed more than 12 months ago and have not had any complications in the last 12 months.

You also need to have a blood sugar level reading between 4 and 12 or a
HbA1C score of 9% or less.

You must not currently be undergoing
treatment for kidney, eye or nerve complications.

Ear grommetsIf you have no current infection.
EpilepsyIf there are no underlying medical conditions (for example, previous head trauma, stroke) and you have not had a seizure that required treatment from a doctor or other medical adviser in the last 2 years.
Gastric refluxIf it does not relate to a gastric ulcer or other underlying diagnosis.
GoutIf it has remained stable for at least 9 months.
Hiatus herniaIf no surgery is planned.
Hip or knee replacementIf your surgery was performed more than 9 months ago and was within the last 10 years.
Hypertension (high blood pressure)If you have no known heart conditions and your current blood pressure reading is lower than 165/95.
Pregnancy up to 26 weeks (including IVF)

Note: The insurance policy document has different details for people who are pregnant before they get cover and who become pregnant after they get cover. You’ll be eligible either way (up to 26 weeks), but make sure you read the relevant details.

If there are no existing complications related to the pregnancy.

🔥 Hot tip: The easiest way to find details in the insurance policy booklet is to open your digital copy and use the find tool (Ctrl+F or Cmd+F) to search for the terms. For example, “Pre-existing medical conditions”.

What if I don’t meet the requirements or have a different pre-existing condition?

If you’re not sure whether your pre-existing medical condition will be covered, call Allianz on 1800 091 710 to check if you can get cover.

You can then apply to have an assessment of the condition over the phone or online at The assessment costs $75 over the phone and $45 online. If you’re successful, you’ll get written confirmation from Allianz that your condition is covered.

But if you have pre-existing conditions that aren’t covered, you won’t be able to make any claims related to that condition (or issues caused by it).

Need cover for a pre-existing health condition? Check out travel insurance policies that offer cover for conditions including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and physical disabilities.

How to make a claim through your BankSA credit card complimentary international travel insurance policy

As soon as you think you’ll need to make a claim, contact Allianz Global Assistance so that it can give you specific information.

You can do this overseas by calling the emergency assistance number on +61 7 3305 7468, or in Australia by calling 1800 091 710. You can also email but may have to wait longer for a response.

There are 2 main ways you can submit your claim:

OnlineOver the phone
  1. Go to
  2. Confirm you have read the agreement and click on “Create a new claim”.
  3. Fill in the details on the claim form and upload your supporting documents
  4. Use the “Save” button if you need to come back to the claim later.
  1. Call Allianz on +61 7 3305 7468 when you’re overseas or on 1800 091 710 when you’re in Australia.
  2. Tell them what’s happened and the type of claim or claims you want to make.
  3. Follow their instructions to complete the claim.

You will hear back about your claim within 10 business days, according to the Allianz online claims website.

What to include in your claim

When you fill in the online claim form, you’ll also be asked for some key personal details, including part of your BankSA credit card number (to confirm you’re eligible for cover).

You should also aim to include as much detail and supporting documentation as possible. It makes it easier for the insurer to look at the claim and your eligibility for a payout.

The supporting documentation can include both written and photo evidence, such as:

  • A referral or letter from a doctor or other professional you see in relation to a claim
  • Official medical reports
  • Police reports
  • Photos of damaged items
  • Emails or letters from airlines that relate to a claim
  • Receipts or other proof of purchase

Some types of claims also require specific documentation. For example, if you were claiming for assault requiring hospitalisation, you would need to include a police report.

You can check what’s required in the insurance policy document or call Allianz on +61 7 3305 7468 (overseas) or 1800 091 710 (in Australia).

Tip: Use a travel wallet or online folder to keep all your important documents together. This could include your passport, itinerary, printed tickets, a copy of the BankSA card insurance policy booklet – plus anything that could become supporting documentation for future claims.

Other types of BankSA complimentary credit card travel insurance

Overseas transit accident insurance

  • What is it? Cover for accidents that happen when you're travelling overseas on a plane, train, cruise ship, bus or other eligible vehicle. You also get cover for related accidents that happen when you're boarding or leaving the transport.
  • When can I use it? If you have paid for the entire trip with your eligible BankSA credit card before you leave. If your partner or dependants are travelling with you for the whole trip, they'll also get cover.
  • Is there an excess cost? No, you don't need to pay an excess for any claims but there are limits to how much you can get paid out. For example, the loss of one hand or foot has a maximum benefit of $250,000.

Interstate flight inconvenience insurance

  • What is it? Cover for specific issues that come up when you're travelling to a different state or territory in Australia. This can include costs relating to cancelled return flights, flight delays of 4 hours or more, delayed or lost luggage and funeral expenses.
  • When can I use it? You’ll get cover for up to 14 days in a row if you have paid for the entire trip with your eligible BankSA credit card. Your spouse and any dependants can also get cover when you have used your BankSA card to pay for their return travel and they will be with you for at least half the trip.
  • Is there an excess cost? There is a $300 excess for claims that relate to cancellation or luggage (except for delayed luggage). There are no excess costs for other claims but there are maximum claim amounts, which vary depending on the type of claim.

Rental vehicle excess in Australia insurance

  • What is it? Cover for damage or theft of a car or other vehicle you have hired in Australia, up to a maximum of $5,500 (or less if the amount specified in your rental vehicle agreement is lower).
  • When can I use it? If you have paid for the vehicle hire with your eligible BankSA credit card and the vehicle hire agreement lists an excess cost.
  • Is there an excess cost? There is a $300 excess for each claim you submit.

How to make a claim under one of these policies

Call Allianz on 1800 091 710. You can also get a claim form online at and email it to

BankSA credit card complimentary insurance for shopping

BankSA credit cards give you access to other types of insurance, which are also provided by Allianz. Below is a snapshot of the different types.

Purchase protection insurance

  • What is it? Cover for the cost of a new item that is stolen, accidentally damaged or lost. It covers most household and personal items such as laptops, shoes, jewellery and glasses. Exclusions include second-hand items, perishables, cash, computer software, vehicles and items you’ve accidentally left in a hotel after checking out.
  • When can I use it? If you use your eligible BankSA credit card to pay for covered items, this insurance will apply for the first 4 months from when you get them. This cover is available for personal items bought anywhere in the world, including gifts if the person they are given to is a permanent Australian resident.
  • How can I make a claim? You need to show proof that you own the item and report the loss, theft or damage to the local police or relevant authorities (such as the office of a transport company). Ideally, you should get written confirmation of this report. Then, call Allianz on 1800 091 710 or get a claim form through the online portal at and email it to Allianz.
  • Is there an excess cost? An excess of $300 per claim applies. There are also maximum claim amounts, which vary depending on the item, with a yearly maximum of $135,000 for all claims.

Extended warranty insurance

  • What is it? Cover that doubles the manufacturer's warranty for items bought in Australia, up to a maximum period of 2 years. For example, if you bought a laptop with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty and it stopped working for no reason after 12 months, you could make a claim under this cover.
  • When can I use it? If you used your eligible BankSA credit card to pay for an item worth up to $20,000 and it came with an Australian manufacturer’s warranty of between 6 months and 5 years. You can make a claim if something happens after the original warranty period has ended.
  • How can I make a claim? Call Allianz on 1800 091 710 or get a claim form through the online portal at and email it to Allianz.
  • Is there an excess cost? An excess of $300 per claim applies. There are also maximum claim amounts, which vary depending on the item.

Don’t have complimentary insurance on your credit card yet? Compare BankSA credit cards or check out other cards that offer insurance.

BankSA business credit card complimentary insurance options

The BankSA Amplify Business Credit Card offers complimentary transit accident insurance for eligible trips.

It also offers complimentary unauthorised transaction insurance to help protect you if an additional cardholder uses the account for something that's not allowed – and so does the BankSA Visa Business Credit Card. Currently, these are the only 2 BankSA business credit cards available.

Want a credit card for your business? Compare a wide range of cards that offer insurance, rewards and other perks.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get proof of my cover?

Yes. If you’re going on a cruise or tour that requires proof of insurance, you can get a letter of eligibility online at

Planning your next trip? Get started by comparing flights and hotels to find a great deal.

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6 Responses

    Default Gravatar
    HymanAugust 1, 2016

    Please note for overseas travel insurance, the cover is only available to persons up to and including 80 years of age.

      Default Gravatar
      ChesterAugust 2, 2016

      Hello Hyman,

      Thanks for your enquiry.

      To be eligible for BankSA credit card complimentary insurance, you must purchase at least $500 of your prepaid travel expenses – flights, accommodation, airport taxes, for example – on your eligible BankSA credit card, have a return travel ticket and be 80 or younger.

      I hope I was able to answer your question


    Default Gravatar
    ChristineFebruary 9, 2016

    I have purchased air tickets to Bali for myself and my two grandchildren aged 13 and 14. All airfares have been charged to my Bank SA Platinum Visa. I was of the understanding that both myself and my grandchildren would be automatically covered for travel insurance. I have recently been told that my grandchildren would not be covered. Is this so? If they are not, can I purchase additional insurance for the grandchildren and what would the cost be.

      JonathanFebruary 10, 2016Finder

      Hi Christine,

      Thanks for your inquiry!

      Only dependent children are covered under this policy. Please view the eligibility requirements to ensure you are covered under the BankSA complimentary insurance.

      You can also compare travel insurance policies for your grandchildren.

      Please make sure to read the eligibility criteria, features and details of the policy, as well as the relevant Product Disclosure Statement PDS/T&C’s of the policy before making a decision and consider whether the product is right for you. If necessary, speak to the insurance brand to verify any details.



    Default Gravatar
    HermanJanuary 5, 2015

    A delayed domestic flight caused us to miss a connecting flight with the same airline. They did not have another flight vacancy that day so were forced to fly with another airline resulting in paying premium rates

      ElizabethJanuary 5, 2015Finder

      Hi Herman,

      Thanks for your comment.

      If this occurred in Australia or overseas and the delay was six hours or longer (four hours if within Australia), then you may be eligible to have your meal costs reimbursed but not your flight costs.

      I hope this has helped.



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