Teleron mobile plans compared

Teleron's SIM-only mobile plans combine the coverage of the Optus 4G network with international credit for calling friends and family overseas.

Teleron began its life as an Internet-only telecommunications provider established to help Aussies make the leap to the NBN. However, its success in that market has seen it expand operations to offer mobile phone services, too.

Powered by the Optus 4G network, these SIM-only plans are relatively simple. Each includes unlimited standard national calls and text and is available only on 12-month contracts.

Teleron SIM-only mobile plans

Just two SIM-only plans are available through Teleron. Along with unlimited standard talk and text throughout Australia, they come with varying data caps and international credit as you can see below:

  • Mobile 5G which includes 5GB of data and $50 of international credit for $29.95 a month
  • Mobile 10G which includes 10GB of data and $300 of international credit for $39.95 a month

In addition to the monthly rate, Teleron's mobile plans require a one-off SIM card delivery fee of $15.

Excess data is charged at $15 per 1GB, which is slightly higher than the market average of $10 per 1GB.

As both plans require you to commit to a 12-month contract, you'll need to be aware of two key penalty fees. If you fail to make a payment on time, you'll be charged a $7.50 late fee. Should you want to cancel your plan before the full year is up you'll need to pay a $70 early termination fee.

How does Teleron compare?

While it's not the cheapest provider in the mobile market, Teleron offers decent value with its SIM-only plans. 5GB for $29.95 a month isn't too far behind the competition, although you will find better deals from providers like Kogan Mobile, Spintel, Moose Mobile and Catch Connect.

Teleron offers more bang for your buck with its 10GB plan, but it's not enough to keep it in the running against the many superior alternatives at this price point. Moose Mobile, amaysim, Kogan Mobile and a number of other providers serve up 15GB or more for the same monthly rate, and often allow you the freedom of a month-to-month contract instead of locking you in for a full year as Teleron does.

Why should you consider Teleron?

Teleron's mobile plans are a tough sell in the highly-competitive SIM-only space. Though Teleron packs reasonable value for the asking price, there are plenty of cheaper options out there that you'll want to consider first. Many of those options are also available on no-lock-in, month-to-month contracts, making them even more compelling than Teleron's strict 12-month plans.

The one advantage Teleron has over many of its rivals is its inclusion of international call credit. If you spend a lot of time chatting with people overseas, that credit could tip the scales in Teleron's favour. However, there are still quite a few competitors that offer similar international call options while also packing more data at lower prices. This makes it tough to recommend Teleron over the competition.

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