Life Insurance Brands In Australia

Want to understand what each life insurance brand offers? Compare Australian Life Insurance Brands.

Australia has a dynamic life insurance market with a lot of options to choose from, which means that finding a life insurance company can be as easy as going online for a list of insurance providers. It is worth noting that insurance companies are the actual underwriters who assess risk levels and create policies, while life insurance brands are the ones who sell them and serve customers directly.

For your life insurance needs, you will be working with the brands rather than the underwriters, so they are what you need to know about.

Life insurance, sometimes known as death cover, is a type of protection that pays out in the event of your death. However, it can also include income protection, disablement and trauma cover. Navigate through the life insurance brands below to find out about each brands background and key benefits. Alternatively, you compare quotes from over 12 brands with an adviser or directly with a brand.


AAMI takes pride in offering a high level of customer service with around-the-clock support. Their pledge is to offer live assistance, without push-button menus or voice recordings, around the clock so you can quickly speak to someone no matter when you call. They have the track record to back it up, and boast regular customer satisfaction rates of 90% at their call centre.

What does AAMI life insurance offer?

  • Up to $1 million cover paid as a lump sum to your beneficiaries
  • Early payout of the full benefit for terminal illness and up to $10,000 for funeral expenses
  • Change your cover by up to $100,000 without any further medical testing
  • Online application without medical or blood tests for applicants age 18-60
  • One month of free premiums for every 12 you pay
  • 10% discount if you have an immediate family member with an AAMI life insurance policy
  • 30-day cooling off period


AIA Australia Limited is an insurance company which has been providing different insurance products to Australians for 30 years. Previously known as AIG Life, AIA started to operate in Australia in 1970 and is the first insurance company in Australia to offer electronic application process to its clients. AIA is considered as considered as the largest independent insurance group in Pan-Asia which is publicly listed with an asset that totals to US$107.9 billion and offices spread in 15 countries all over the Pan-Asia continent. In Australia alone, AIA provides life insurance cover to more than 2 million Australians, a number which is 20% of the market share in the insurance industry on Australia. To date, AIA has 260,000 employees and 21,000 agents under its fold all over the Asia-Pacific region.

A multi-award winning company, AIA has received some of the most prestigious awards from various life insurance giving bodies which include the Group Insurer of the Year and Best Life Cover Plan in 2011.

With a support service called 'WeCare', AIA has continued to make innovative insurance products such as Life, Income Protection, TPD, Trauma, and other Business insurance solutions. Through their 'WeCare' project, it is easier and more convenient for clients to make a claim since they can do this over the phone or through email. Aside from making a claim, you can also seek legal advice and counselling, and get assistance for other insurance-related issues.

What does AIA life insurance offer?

  • Offers life insurance policies through many superannuation funds
  • Options to bundle life, TPD, trauma and income protection insurance
  • Flexible inclusion of children, partner and other cover


AMP is one of the oldest insurance companies in Australia. Established in 1849, the Australian Mutual Provident Society is considered as one of the largest financial advice networks in Australia and New Zealand with 4,100 financial advisers working in it. It has AU$159 billion in total assets and 945,000 shareholders employing 6,000 employees across the Asia-Pacific region.

Aside from life insurance products, AMP is also considered as the largest provider of superannuation products. Other products and services provided by AMP include financial planning, banking, and managed funds. Because of this diversity, the company is divided into three business units namely, AMP Financial Services, AMP Capital, and AMP SMSF.

AMP Financial services give financial and risk management advice, banking and insurance products, and other income products. AMP Capital, on the other hand, is the investment arm of the company; while AMP SMSF provides self-managed superannuation products and solutions.

In 2011, AMP continued to expand as it merged with another financial giant, AXA providing more competition in the wealth management business.  In 2015 AMP paid $944.7 million in claims across life insurance, trauma, disability and income protection plans.

What does AMP life insurance offer?

  • Covers you anywhere in the world, but may require you to return to Australia after three months of benefits paid
  • Plans offer a high degree of flexibility and can be tailored to your needs

Asteron Life

In 1833 Asteron wrote the first life insurance policy in Australia, and is now one of the oldest operational life insurance brands in the country. Underwritten by Suncorp, they paid more than $300 million in total claims to more than 3,500 policyholders in 2014. Asteron’s focus is on providing expert advice through financial advisors to help you find the right insurance cover.

As part of the Suncorp Group, Asteron shares in its AUD$93 billion worth of assets and has 15,000 employees under its folds. Despite being part of the Suncorp Group, Asteron is independently managed by a group of financial experts and leaders.

This expertise and dedication can be seen in the various awards the company has received over the years. For example, in 2011, Asteron emerged as the winner as the Life Company of the Year award, a title it has consistently held for 3 years now. Other awards include Best Risk Insurance provider and Trauma Insurance.

Asteron has been known to provide some of the most innovative life insurance products for all your family and business needs. With the motto, 'Life, Health, and Well-being', Asteron has introduced a wide range of insurance products which also include income protection, Trauma, and TPD. Aside from life insurance, it also provides superannuation products and solutions giving you more options for a more enjoyable retirement.

What does Asteron life insurance offer?

  • $10,000 cover for each of your children in the event of their sickness or injury
  • Discounts for customers who live healthy lifestyles
  • Advance funeral benefits as an extra
  • Extra grief counselling cover for your beneficiaries
  • Loyalty bonuses that increase with time


Operating all around Australia, Aussie is perhaps best known for their home loans. However, they also have a thriving life insurance sector which many Australians now depend on. They take pride in offering competitive prices and a variety of products to suit the needs of every Australian.

What does Aussie life insurance offer?

Depending on the product, Aussie life insurance can include:

  • Up to $1 million cover paid as a lump sum to beneficiaries
  • Premium freezes for the first three years of your policy, where prices will not change
  • Cover for other members of your family with the same policy
  • Up to $10,000 funeral advance
  • Up to $500,000 cover for accidents, critical injuries or total and permanent disablement


AustralianSuper is dedicated to helping Australians leverage their superannuation funds to achieve their goals. They only offer insurance products to customers that already hold a superannuation fund with them and therefore may be a cost-effective option for those who are eligible. Their premiums are automatically deducted from your account and 15% of your premium costs with AustralianSuper are tax deductible.

What does AustralianSuper life insurance offer?

  • Superannuation rollover rather than standard products
  • Death cover for people aged 15 to 70
  • Tax deductible premiums
  • Flexible cover options which you can change easily
  • Automatic basic cover for members with optional extras


Avant is a specialised financial services provider for medical professionals. Their life insurance service, known as Doctors Health Fund, is only available to Avant members who are registered medical practitioners between the ages of 20 and 45 at the time they purchase the policy.

What does the Avant life insurance Doctors Health Fund offer?

  • Varying levels of cover to suit different needs based on likely health risks in different age groups
  • Ambulance cover with all policies, including ambulance transfers between hospitals
  • Optional premium hospital cover
  • All private hospital accommodation costs after payment of the excess
  • No waiting period for accidents


Bankers Trust, or otherwise simply known as BT, is a financial service provider based in Sydney Australia. BT serves as the wealth management unit of Westpac, a banking and finance company as well as the second largest provider of wealth management products in Australia.

BT started its operation in Australia and was originally a part of Deutsche Bank and Financial Planning Group until it was acquired by Westpac in 2008 after the merger with St. George Bank. Because of this merger, BT has amassed a total of $95 billion worth of investments which include superannuation, retirement, and other types of investments.

In 2011 alone, BT has paid a total of $248.2 million to more than 1,400 customers to a variety of insurance claims such as life, income protection, sickness, and injuries. In 2012, it has further cemented its reputation as a major insurance provider as it bagged the Bronze Award as the Risk Company of the Year given by Money Magazine and DEXX&R.

Some of the insurance products offered by BT include Income Protection, Term Life Insurance, TPD, Trauma Insurance, and Business Overheads Insurance. Aside from that, it also has a variety of superannuation products which include BT Super for Life, BT Lifetime ñ Personal Super, BT Super Wrap, and BT Life Time Super Employment Plan.

Aside from its passion in giving different types of insurance solutions to people, BT also supports various non-profit organisations, such as Clean Up Australia, that advocate the environment.

What does BT life insurance offer?

  • Lump sum payments of sum insured on diagnosis of terminal illness or death
  • Flexible policies that can be adapted to fit changing circumstances
  • New life insurance product upgrades automatically applied to new policies will also be included in yours
  • Guaranteed continued cover. As long as you continue paying your premiums your cover is guaranteed to continue for the duration of the policy regardless of changing circumstances

Bank of Queensland

BoQ started as a Brisbane-based investment group but is now one of Australia’s leading financial institutions, offering a variety of insurance products. Their subsidiaries include Virgin Money, and they now provide services to Australians all around the country. Their point of pride is low premiums and they try to offer cost-effective options wherever possible.

What does BoQ life insurance offer?

  • Lump sum benefits of up to $500,000 in the event of death
  • No medical examinations required, just a health questionnaire
  • Advance benefits of up to $10,000
  • Interim accidental death cover
  • Worldwide cover at all times


Bankwest, formerly known as the Bank of Western Australia, is a division of Commonwealth Bank which offers its own financial services including advice, financing and life insurance. Although based in Perth, they have branches all around Australia and anyone in the country can take advantage of the services they offer.

What does Bankwest life insurance offer?

  • Sum insured options from $100,000 up to $1 million
  • Full benefits paid on diagnosis of terminal illness
  • No medical or specialist tests needed to take out a policy
  • Immediate cover as soon as the policy is purchased
  • $10,000 advance payment while the claim is assessed
  • 30-day cooling off period

Bendigo Bank

With their head office in Bendigo, Victoria, this institution has grown from a building society to a holistic financial services centre serving about 1.5 million customers around Australia. They focus on making things straightforward and easy, which is why they’ve bundled term life insurance, which pays out on death, with living insurance which covers things like income protection.

What does Bendigo Bank life insurance offer?

  • A single insurance policy to cover injury, illness and loss of income in life with benefit payments on death
  • Bundled cover for your children
  • Three simple levels of cover, top mid and basic, each of which has clear benefits and limitations

Budget Direct

Budget Direct is a dedicated insurance company focused on delivering great prices by carefully assessing risk levels and turning away some of the riskier customers. Their biggest area is car insurance, but they also offer life insurance and other types, always with the focus on getting low-risk customers who let them pay fewer claims and therefore offer better prices.

What does Budget Direct life insurance offer?

  • $10,000 advance funeral benefit
  • From $50,000 to $1 million cover depending on your age and circumstances
  • Monthly or fortnightly premium payments at no extra cost
  • Optional TPD, trauma and children’s cover
  • Payout on diagnosis of terminal illness
  • Over-the-phone applications without medical or blood tests


Bupa is an international healthcare group. They originated in the United Kingdom but now have branches and offer services all around the world, including in Australia. As a dedicated healthcare insurer they are narrowly focused on helping people live healthier and happier lives and will even offer bonuses to people who stay healthy or get in better shape.

What does Bupa life insurance offer?

  • A wide variety of plans, extras and options
  • Up to $1 million cover
  • $15,000 advance funeral payment, taken out of the death benefit
  • 24/7 worldwide cover
  • Additional discounts for customers covered for over $250,000
  • 10% discount for members
  • An extra 20% paid on top of the normal death benefit for accidents, up to a maximum of $50,000
  • Inflation protection of up to 5% per year
  • Guaranteed policy renewal until age 99 as long as premiums are paid


CGU distributes an enormous variety of financial products through a broad network of agents and partners. They are a leading provider of workers compensation insurance, and offer life insurance policies designed to be both affordable and effective.

What does CGU life insurance offer?

  • Payment on diagnosis of terminal illness
  • Lump sum payment of up to $1 million on death
  • $10,000 funeral advance
  • Inflation protection of up to 5% per annum, with increases of sum insured up to a maximum of $1.5 million
  • Available to Australian residents aged between 18 and 65
  • Tailored premiums based on your risk factors, but specifically designed to be competitive


A financial services giant that originated in the United States but now offering services all around the world, Citibank provides wide ranging financial services that encompass everything from mortgages to loans to life insurance. Their main life insurance product is Prime Life Cover, underwritten by AIA.

What does Citibank life insurance offer?

  • Cover from $100,000 to $1 million
  • Over-the-phone applications without medical or blood tests
  • Immediate cover on acceptance of application
  • Optional TPD, trauma and children’s cover
  • 30-day cooling off period


CommInsure burst into the insurance industry in 1999; however, its roots can be traced back to 1873 with the foundation of Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society. In 1995, Commonwealth Connect Insurance Limited (CCIL) was launched and in 1999, it changed its name to CommInsure, which has been adapted until this day. CommInsure is part of the Commonwealth Group which was established in 1912 by the same company.

CommInsure prides itself on being one of the leading insurance providers in Australia with straightforward insurance solutions for its clients. Some of the products it offers include general insurance, life risk insurance, and immediate annuities.

The General Insurance category has two product offerings - home and car insurance; while the Life Risk Insurance is sub-categorised into two as personal and group insurance. The Personal Risk Insurance sub-category includes Life, Income protection, TPD, and Trauma; while the Group Risk Insurance sub-category includes Life and Salary Continuance Insurance. For its Immediate Annuities products, it includes short-term cover, long-term cover, and lifetime retirement income.

In 2010, CommInsure paid a total of $609 million in claims, $261.7 million of which were Life Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance claims; while $231.3 million are TPD and Trauma Insurance claims. CommInsure is also a recipient of various life insurance awards over the years which include the 2011 Income Protection Award from the Association of Financial Advisers.

What does CommInsure life insurance offer?

  • Up to $30,000 advance payment for funeral costs and other expenses
  • Financial planning benefit of up to $5,000 for seeking financial advice
  • Accommodation benefits for immediate family members who need to be nearby if you’re confined to bed and receiving treatment away from home, payable after claims are finalised
  • A variety of flexible life insurance payment and cover options


An Australian insurer owned by Suncorp since 2001, GIO has been selling life insurance for decades. Reliability is their watchword and they’re constantly gearing up to make sure anyone can make claims or get in touch around the clock, anywhere in Australia. Their holistic life insurance product is called Life Protect, while they also offer more specialised products for things like accidental death only.

What does GIO life insurance offer?

  • Different products to cover specific needs, such as accidental death only
  • Sum insured of $100,000 to $1 million
  • Nominate up to five different beneficiaries
  • No medical tests required, only a basic questionnaire
  • Only available for those aged 18 to 60, with cover up to age 99 for existing policies
  • $10,000 advance payment within two business days for funeral expenses


Guardian tries to offer uncomplicated and straightforward insurance products wherever possible. Operating since 1999, they now have over 300,000 customers in Australia and endeavour to make sure everyone is able to easily purchase an insurance policy that fits their needs.

What does Guardian life insurance offer?

  • Available to Australian residents aged 18 to 64
  • Up to $1.5 million sum insured
  • No medical or blood tests needed for application
  • Over-the-phone purchase of insurance
  • Guaranteed renewability for life as long as premiums are paid
  • $15,000 advance funeral benefit
  • Complete sum insured paid on diagnosis of terminal illness
  • Free interim accidental death cover for up to 30 days while applications are processed
  • 30-day cooling off period


HSBC is a global financial services behemoth, with over 6,000 branches around the world serving millions of customers. In Australia alone their services include retail and commercial banking, financial planning, trade finance, cash management, securities custody and of course, life insurance.

What does HSBC life insurance offer?

  • Up to $1.5 million cover depending on your age
  • Inflation protection of up to 5% per year
  • Lump sum payments for serious accidental injuries such as blindness or the loss of a limb
  • Guaranteed benefit increases when you need to get extra cover on having a child, taking out a mortgage, etc


InsuranceLine is all about providing a no frills, straight-talking financial services experience. Their corporate philosophy was built on the idea that life insurance and the peace of mind it brings is a necessity, not a luxury, and should be available to all Australians without breaking the bank.

What does InsuranceLine life insurance offer?

  • Advance payment of up to $10,000 for funeral benefits, legal costs or anything else
  • 30-day cooling off period
  • Basic Life Cover policies with a maximum sum insured of $250,000 available to everyone, even those declined for lifestyle, health or occupation reasons
  • One month free for every 11 paid
  • 5% family discounts for the youngest policyholder in your immediate family


Macquarie Bank has grown into a big entity, but hasn’t forgotten its roots in community oriented financial services. Its life insurance products aim to bring flexibility and simplicity to an industry in dire need of these, and Macquarie strives to underpin everything it does with compassion and an eye for real solutions.

One distinguishing characteristic of Macquarie Insurance is offering simple and quick life insurance solutions that do not require a pre-medical check-up. Aside from this, the company also offers insurance packages which include income protection, TPD, and life insurance cover rolled into one - innovative products coming from a company that might be consider a very young player in the insurance industry.

Bursting into the insurance limelight scene in 1990, Macquarie Life Insurance is part of the Macquarie Bank Group, which was established in 1969; thus, despite the Life Insurance branch being young, it does not lack in people who have the experience and expertise to usher it to success and become a major player in the insurance industry at such a short time.

In terms of assets and scope, Macquarie has an estimated AUD$1.3 billion market capitalisation listed in the Australian Securities Exchange; while its operation extends across 28 countries with 14,200 people under it. Furthermore, Macquarie is divided into 6 groups which are independently run while working closely with each other to provide the best services for its clients.

Macquarie offers various insurance solutions but its feature product is the FutureWise insurance solutions which allows its clients to customise their insurance needs by choosing different insurance products and combining them into a single package. Furthermore, the FutureWise solution can be taken within your superannuation fund - a convenient and flexible way to get protection for you and your family.

What does Macquarie life insurance offer?

  • Simple claims processes, and a team that includes trained nurses
  • Policies that allow for multiple claims over the course of its lifetime
  • Online application
  • Impact-oriented claims that pay out based on the effects of an injury or illness rather than its type


Perhaps Australia’s best known name in health insurance, Medibank Private is an integrated healthcare and health insurance company with about 3.8 million customers. As an Australian health specialist, their focus has always been on trying to help their clients and the rest of the country live healthier and fuller lives, and preferably not have to make any claims.

What does Medibank life insurance offer?

  • Sum insured cover up to $1.5 million
  • Early payment for funeral expenses
  • Accidental injury cover
  • Simple application without medical or blood tests
  • Sum insured payable on diagnosis of terminal illness
  • 10% discount for Medibank members
  • Guaranteed renewal for life as long as policies are paid

MLC Life Insurance

MLC Life Insurance or MLC Limited is the asset and wealth management arm of the National Australian Bank (NAB). MLC offers superannuation, insurance, and investment solutions to Australians since 1886 under its original name, 'The Citizens'; Assurance Company Limited. In 1982, Lend Lease took over 50% of the company until it fully owned the company in 1985. In 2000, it was finally acquired by the National Australian Bank up to this day.

MLC is considered as taking the number one position in terms of personal insurance and annual in force premiums with an 18.4% market share as of 2011. It is also the second largest provider of superannuation products in Australia with a 20.9% market share of the same year. In terms of assets, MLC manages $123.5 billion worth of investments as of March 2012.

This success can be attributed to the unique leadership style used by MLC called the 'manager of managers'; approach where investors are given access to different expert advice across the globe. Aside from the experts, MLC has a total of 1,800 financial advisers - both self-employed and salaried & across Australia.

MLC, just like any other insurance providers, offer a variety of insurance products to Australians. Its featured insurance or flagship product, however, is divided into two ñ the MLC Insurance and MLC Insurance Super, the difference of which is one can be purchased outside your super fund; while the other can be purchased inside your superannuation fund.

If other insurance companies focus on their products, MLC upped the ante by continuously improving its customer service support. This kind of support includes advice and education on how to choose the right insurance product that complements your needs and your budget.

What does MLC life insurance offer?

  • Offers several life insurance through superannuation options
  • Provides options for the flexibility and tailoring of life insurance policies
  • Up to $20,000 advance death benefits
  • Options to freeze stepped premiums at age 30+


NAB is one of the biggest names in Australian banking, and has done a lot to shape the financial infrastructure of the country. They have always tried to recognise the impact of banks on the nation’s economy as a whole, and their life insurance is aimed at providing enough options to make sure anyone can find a policy that’s right for them.

What does NAB life insurance offer?

  • Up to $1 million of cover
  • No medical examination required for subscription
  • Up to $10,000 advance funeral benefit
  • Lump sum payment of sum insured
  • Access to a particularly wide variety of Australian doctors


nib is a dedicated Australian healthcare company with its origins in health and life insurance. Rapid growth has seen them accrue more than a million customers across Australia and New Zealand. nib’s business is built on a longstanding belief that everyone is entitled to the highest standard of medical care, and that the cost of it should not be an obstacle.

What does NIB life insurance offer?

  • Up to $1 million of cover
  • Simple application without medical tests
  • Payout on diagnosis of terminal illness
  • Additional benefits for nib members
  • Worldwide cover


OnePath, formerly known as ING Australia, is a wholly owned subsidiary of ANZ. They recognise that it’s their customers who make them great, and have built a corporate ethos of returning the favour by constantly looking to improve their services and products.

In 1878 Mercantile Mutual was established in Australia which later on became ING Australia in 1987. Then in 2009, ING Australia was acquired by the Australia and New Zealand Bank. It was not until later in 2010, however, that the company changed its name to OnePath, the company we know today which provides different types of insurance and wealth solutions to more than 8 million people in 32 countries with 48,000 employees helping fulfill its mission and vision of protecting the Australian quality of life.

This passion to help people protect and shape the paths they have taken in their lives is evident from the consistent recognitions it received from various award giving bodies, such as Money Management/DEXX&R. One Path has once again shown its leadership and dedication this year by bagging the Gold Risk Company of the Year Award, a position it holds two years in a row. It also received the 2012 Gold Winner Term Life, TPD and Trauma Award.

For 130 years, OnePath has been providing different types of superannuation and insurance products which are divided into five different categories namely, investments, personal super and retirement, employer super, life insurance, and general insurance. These products are offered by the businesses owned by OnePath which include RI Advice Group, Millenium3, Financial Services Partners, SuperConcepts, and Oasis.

Aside from its reputation of offering a wide range of life insurance solutions to people from all walks of life, OnePath has also a good claims history with an estimated $338 million worth of claims payment in 2011.

What does OnePath life insurance offer?

  • Lump sum payments to beneficiaries in the event of death
  • Up to three months of cover worldwide, regardless of purpose of travel
  • Benefits paid on diagnosis of terminal illness
  • Guaranteed renewable cover as long as premiums are paid and policy conditions are met
  • TPD and injury cover options for individuals and groups


A Queensland company that offers financial services, primarily through superannuation, to residents of the sunshine state, QSuper is now one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds. This lets them offer a variety of life insurance options at competitive prices. With their focus on holistic financial services, they offer a variety of possibilities for bundling insurance products at a competitive price.

What does QSuper life insurance offer?

  • Premium discounts for certain occupations
  • Separate options for TPD and death cover, letting you choose just one or both
  • Optional income protection
  • Flexible options to ensure that most Australians are able to find something to suit their needs

REST Industry Super

REST Industry Super is an Australian superannuation specialist who automatically offers life insurance to members that sign up. Getting life insurance through your superannuation fund is a good way to get cost-effective protection for your beneficiaries or dependents should the unthinkable happen, so many REST Industry Super members choose to take advantage of this.

What does REST Industry Super life insurance offer?

  • Pays out a lump sum benefit on death
  • Sum insured starts low and automatically increases as you get older
  • Simple and effective life insurance that is tied to superannuation and your occupation
  • Flexible options to help you find the most cost-effective cover for your price range
  • Optional inclusion of TPD and income protection cover

Real Insurance

Real Insurance prides itself on offering real insurance options to real Australians. To them, this means uncomplicated signups, straightforward policies and competitive prices. As they say, real service, real savings and real trust.

What does Real Insurance life insurance offer?

  • Separate family life cover and life insurance options
  • Guaranteed acceptance for Australians aged 18 to 69
  • Guaranteed renewal until the age of 75 provided premiums are paid and policy conditions are fulfilled
  • Options to pay fortnightly or monthly at no extra cost
  • 10% of premiums paid refunded after the first 12 continuous months
  • Advance funeral benefits
  • Accident coverage


Another insurance company that has a long history in providing life insurance solutions to Australians is TAL. Formed in 1869, TAL was formed by the New Zealand government and named Government Life Insurance Office. However, when it was launched in 1990 in Australia it became known as TOWER. Over the years, TAL has acquired other life insurance companies until it was demutualised in 1999. Then in 1996, the New Zealand and Australian chapters of TOWER separated which gave birth to TAL, a separate entity from the TAL Australia Group Limited. As TAL, the company has continued to grow gaining an 11% market share in the insurance industry and receiving awards and recognitions for its continuous efforts in providing life insurance solutions to the Australian public. In 2012 alone, TAL has gained the Silver Award for Risk Company of the Year, Term Life Insurance, and TPD Insurance given by Money Management/DEXX&R.

Compared to other life insurance companies, TAL solely focuses its assets and investments in insurance. As the company motto says, TAL lives and breathes insurance. These insurance products include the Life, TPD, Critical Illness, Funeral, and Income Protection. To date, TAL has been providing insurance to its 2.8 million clients across Australia with $1.1 billion worth of in-force premiums.

Over the years starting from its humble beginnings, TAL has never lost sight of its purpose of providing life insurance solutions that are both affordable and complementary with the unique needs of Australians. Just like its promise to help its clients to weather life's twists and turns, TAL has weathered its own share of trials and has emerged as one of the market leaders in the insurance industry.

Virgin Money

Virgin is now a household name around the world, and Virgin Money is the name of their financial services arm. Their brand ethos is built around enjoying life and giving their customers both freedom and peace of mind. As such, life insurance is an obvious step for Virgin Money to take.

What does Virgin Money life insurance offer?

  • Tailored and highly flexible life insurance policies
  • Up to $1.5 million cover after answering a health questionnaire
  • Up to $750,000 for “on the spot” policies without health questions
  • Partner discounts
  • Application over the phone or online without medical tests
  • 30-day cooling off period


If you’re in Australia, you probably know who Woolworths is. The supermarket has branched out from groceries to petrol to financial services, and is often regarded as a cost-effective option. Their intent is to make things easy, and make sure every Australian can get the insurance they need as easily as taking something off a shelf in a store.

What does Woolworths life insurance offer?

  • Up to $1.5 million cover for ages 18 to 45, $750,000 for ages 46 to 55 and $500,000 for ages 56 to 65.
  • Cover starting at $100,000
  • 30-day cooling off period
  • No medical or blood tests needed for application
  • Single or joint cover options available
  • Up to $15,000 advance funeral benefits
  • Full payment of sum insured on event of diagnosis of terminal illness

Zurich Life Insurance Company

An investment and all around insurance specialists, Zurich now employs more than a thousand people across Australia in risk management, analysis and protection.

Just like its name suggests, Zurich Life Insurance Company is a Swiss company that has been providing life insurance products in more than 170 countries all over the world. It was established in 1872 in Zurich, Switzerland but its presence in Australia was felt after it acquired the Australian insurance company, Commonwealth General Assurance Company (CGA) in 1961. After the acquisition, the company was renamed Zurich Financial Services Australia Limited.

Globally, Zurich has a total asset of more than $55 billion in shareholders' equity and employs 60,000 people, 1,000 of which are in Australia. Despite the different types of insurance products it provides to its client, Zurich's crowning moment can be seen as the first insurance company to offer flood insurance in 2008 as a feature in its Business Insurance solution. In 2010 and 2011, Zurich paid 99.2% in flood insurance claims - the biggest ever done by a company.

Zurich has dedicated itself to provide excellent service and solutions to its clients, work that has paid off with the Standard and Poor A+ ratings it received. Aside from the Life insurance products it offers, Zurich also offers superannuation and investment products which has $6.3 billion worth of managed funds in its various partnerships in strategic investment.

What does Zurich life insurance offer?

  • Up to $1.5 million lump sum life insurance cover
  • Has policies available without a medical exam
  • $15,000 advance death benefit
  • Get one free month of cover with new policies
  • Death benefits can be increased by up to $100,000 per year (up to age 54) without reassessment

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Real Family Life Insurance
Real Family Life Insurance
Get a refund of 10% of the premiums you've paid (in the first 12 months) with The Real Reward™ . $1,000,000 64 30 Get quoteMore info
Term Life Insurance
Term Life Insurance
A simple life insurance product that can offer up to $1,500,000 in a lump sum payment on death or diagnosis of terminal illness. $1,500,000 69 30 Get quoteMore info
Life Insurance
Life Insurance
Get flexible life insurance up to the sum of $2,000,000. $2,000,000 59 21 Get quoteMore info
NobleOak Term Life Insurance
NobleOak Term Life Insurance
Save 20% on NobleOak life insurance and pay no premium in the first month. $15,000,000 69 30 Get quoteMore info
Woolworths Life Insurance
Woolworths Life Insurance
Receive a discount of 10% on life insurance as a Woolworths Rewards Member. T's and C's apply. $1,500,000 65 30 Get quoteMore info

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Richard is the senior insurance writer at and is on a mission to make insurance easier to understand.

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