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Flip Insurance review

Flip insurance is an on-demand product that could be good if you’re an active person that does a lot of sports or activities.

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Flip Insurance


  • It’s unlike any other product on the market – you only need to pay for cover when you feel at risk of injury.
  • It’s flexible. There’s no-lock-in contracts and you take out cover for as long as you want (e.g. a day, week or a month).
  • It’s cheap, starting from $7 per day.


  • It’s not necessarily a substitute for health or travel insurance – you may still want this.
  • It’s a relatively new product that’s probably only ideal if you’re an active person and are worried about getting injured.

Review by our insurance and innovations editor Gary Ross Hunter.

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BrandBenefit AmountBenefit PeriodWaiting PeriodAgePrice
Picture not described

Accidental injury insurance

Flip Active

Up to $50,000Differs based on level of coverNone18-65$25 per week

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Picture not described

Accidental injury insurance

Flip Kids

Up to $50,000Differs based on level of coverNone5-17$25 per week

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Who might Flip insurance be good for?

Flip insurance isn’t a traditional insurance product. You can take out cover whenever you feel like you might need it. You can keep it for a day, a week, a month – there’s no obligation to stay.

It could be good if you plan to do lots of activities on a holiday. You could take out cover for the time you’re away or even just the days you’re doing certain activities.

They also have a kids product. So for example if your child is competing in a sports event and you want to protect them, them this could be a good option.

It’s probably not that helpful if you don’t do any sports or other activities – in which case, a traditional travel or health insurance product is probably more suitable.

How does Flip insurance work?

  1. Take out cover.
  2. Get injured. You’ll only be covered for injuries that occurred while your insurance was active.
  3. Gather evidence. Make sure you see a health professional within 14 days to provide evidence of your injury.
  4. Submit a claim. Upload your evidence.
  5. Get cash. This is also where it differs from traditional insurance. It will pay cash straight to your bank account. You can spend the money however you like. It doesn’t necessarily need to go towards the injury.

Congratulations, Flip!

Flip won the award for 'Insurance Innovation' in the 2023 Innovation Awards.

Full list of 2023 winners

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