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AIA Life Insurance Review

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AIA Life Insurance customers are also eligible for its Vitality Rewards program – a program that rewards efforts to improve your health with discounts on premiums and travel vouchers.

This means extra value to its life insurance customers.

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AIA Life Insurance is designed for Australian citizens or permanent residents who are residing in Australia at the time of their application.

Maximum cover amountNo set maximum sum insured. Your sum insured will be determined when you apply.
Age of entry15 - 75
How do I apply?With an adviser over the phone

Based on AIA Life Cover Plan. Age of entry will vary based on any additional benefits you add to your policy.

  • Best Term & TPD Insurance 2015, Money Magazine Best of The Best
  • 2015 Life Insurer of the Year - ANZIIF
  • 2012 Life Insurance Company of the Year – ANZIIF Awards
  • 2011 Best Overall Value – Canstar Cannex
  • 2011 Best Income Protection – Canstar Cannex
  • 2011 Winner for Outstanding value – Income Protection Insurance - Canstar Cannex
  • 2011 Winner for Outstanding value – Life Insurance Australia - Canstar Cannex
  • 2011 Best Term Life & TPD – Money Magazine
  • 2011 Best Life Cover Plan – Asset Innovation
  • 2011 Group Insurer of the Year – Super Review
  • 2011 Best Business Overheads product – Money Management’s Adviser Choice Risk Awards

About AIA Australia

AIA Australia Limited, as it is now known, previously traded as AIG Life. AIG Life had been providing life cover in Australia for more than 30 years and it will now be continuing this involvement with the Australian people as AIA Australia which is a subsidiary of the American International Assurance Company Limited, a global specialist provider of risk management products designed to protect the financial interests as well as the welfare of the Australian people.

AIA Group Limited, along with its subsidiaries, of which AIA Australia is one, is collectively known as the "AIA Group" or more simply "the Group". The Group is made up of the largest publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group on the planet. It is spread over 15 markets in the Asia-Pacific area where it is able to track its beginnings back over 90 years, in that time having built up assets totalling US$107.9 billion.

The AIA Group has one of the more extensive network of any life insurer in the region, its highly diversified presence reduces country and market risks and as a result policy holders receive greater financial stability of the developed markets as well as the benefits deriving from the growth potential of the emerging markets.

What are some of the features are offered by AIA’s policies?

AIA Priority Protection offers a long list of features to policyholders, including:

  • Death benefit. AIA Priority Protection pays a lump sum benefit if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness. This benefit can be used to provide financial support for your family, helping them pay the bills, maintain their standard of living and cope with the financial impact of your death.
  • Financial planning reimbursement. If your claim for death or terminal illness is accepted, AIA Priority Protection provides up to $3,000 cover for financial planning advice.
  • Premium freeze. You can lock in your premium at the same level each year by reducing your sum insured.
  • Complimentary family final expenses. You will receive a lump sum benefit of up to $20,000 if one of your dependant children passes away or is diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Guaranteed future insurability. When you experience a significant personal or business event, you can apply for an increase in cover without having to provide further medical evidence.
  • Final expenses. If you pass away, an advance benefit payment of $25,000 or 10% of your sum insured will help your loved ones cover any immediate financial expenses.
  • Additional options. A range of additional options can be included with your AIA Priority Protection policy for an extra cost, including TPD cover, a crisis recovery benefit and forward underwriting.

What policies does AIA offer and what are the benefits?

AIA Priority Protection Life Cover

AIA’s premiere life cover policy, providing a lump sum benefit for death or terminal illness. This policy offers five- or ten-year terms and a range of flexible payment options to choose from

AIA Life Cover benefits

  • Premium Freeze
  • Benefit Indexation
  • Guaranteed Future Insurability
  • Complimentary Final Expenses Cover
  • Interim Life Cover
  • Terminal Illness Cover
  • Funeral Expenses Cover
  • Financial Planning Reimbursement

AIA Priority Protection TPD Insurance

AIA’s total and permanent disability insurance policy available as a standalone policy or bundled with Life Cover. Cover can be taken out as either;

  • Any Occupation: Benefit provided if policyholder is no longer able to perform duties of a task they are suited to due to illness or injury.
  • Own occupation: Benefit paid if policyholder is unlikely to be able to perform the duties of their own occupation again.
  • Home Duties: Benefit paid if policyholder is unable to perform all normal domestic duties.
  • Partial and permanent disablement: 25% of benefit paid for the permanent loss of use of:
    • One arm
    • One leg
    • Sight in one eye

Key benefits:

  • Premium freeze
  • Benefit indexation
  • Guaranteed future insurability
  • Financial planning reimbursement

AIA Priority Protection Income Protection Insurance

Receive up to 75% of your income paid monthly if you are unable to work due to serious injury or illness.

Key benefits

  • Carers allowance
  • Retirement optimiser
  • Complimentary interim accidental death and income protection cover
  • Benefit indexation
  • Agreed value
  • Indemnity value
  • HIV/AIDs cover
  • Waiver of premium
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Recurrent disablement
  • Severity benefit
  • Death benefit
  • Worldwide protection
  • Needlestick injury benefit
  • Crisis recovery benefit
  • Guaranteed future insurability
  • Cosmetic or elective surgery benefit
  • Terminal illness benefit

AIA Crisis Recover Insurance

AIA offers crisis (trauma) recovery insurance as a standalone product or as an added benefit of life insurance. Crisis Recovery pays out a lump sum in the event where you suffer a listed critical event

Benefits of AIA Crisis Recovery

  • Cover for various critical conditions
  • Death benefit
  • Premium freeze benefit
  • Complimentary accidental death cover

AIA Business Expenses Insurance

Provides business owners with cover for the fixed expenses of their business in the event that they are forced to take time out of work due to injury or illness. The benefit will provide cover for all expenses less any amounts that may be reimbursed from other forms of cover.

Key benefits

  • TPD Benefit
  • Waiver of premium
  • Benefit indexation
  • Cosmetic or elective surgery benefit

AIA Superannuation Life Cover

Provides life cover through a Super Account - either a SMSF or AIA owned Super Fund. Benefit paid to the fund trustee in the event of death or terminal illness

Key benefits

  • Complimentary interim accidental death cover
  • Premium freeze
  • Benefit indexation
  • Guaranteed future insurability
  • Terminal illness benefit

Am I eligible for these policies?

PlanEntry age*
Life CoverBetween 10 and 74
Income ProtectionBetween 15 and 59
TPDBetween 15 and 63
Crisis RecoveryBetween 15 and 63
Superannuation life coverBetween 15 and 73

*Varies with the category of your occupation and the benefits you wish to add. It's a good idea to speak to an adviser to ensure you are eligible for cover.

Does AIA have any rewards programs included with its cover?

AIA offers its Vitality rewards program to people who hold an eligible AIA life insurance policy. Designed to help you change your overall health and wellbeing for the better, AIA Vitality offers a wealth of online resources to help you understand your health and improve it, and enjoy a range of rewards for your hard work.

What types of resources are available?

Vitality members can earn reward points (known as Vitality Points) by undergoing a number of health checks and assessments. Some of these can be completed online and others are conducted in the real world by health professionals. Assessments available include:

  • Health reviews
  • Mental wellbeing assessments
  • Health checks
  • Vaccinations
  • Dental assessments
  • AIA Vitality Health Checks
  • Fitness and nutrition assessments

You can earn further reward points by taking steps to improve your health, such as joining a partner gym, quitting smoking or purchasing fitness devices and apps. Your Vitality Points can then be redeemed for a wide range of rewards with AIA and partner retailers, including premium discounts, spa discounts, cheap movie tickets, shopping rewards and discounted travel packages.

To join AIA Vitality, speak to your financial adviser.

What discounts are available?

  • Initial selection discount. You will receive a discount for the first two years of your policy if you purchase cover with stepped premiums.
  • Large sum insured discount. If your life cover sum insured is $250,000 or more, you may be eligible for a premium discount.
  • Bundled discount. You may receive a premium discount for bundling your AIA life insurance together with another AIA policy.

How are my premiums paid?

AIA life insurance premiums can be paid monthly, half-yearly or yearly. The cheapest option is to pay your premiums yearly, as an extra 5% charge applies if you pay half-yearly or 8% if you pay monthly.

You can pay your premiums using a Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club or American Express credit card, or via direct debit from your nominated bank account. BPAY and Post Billpay are also acceptable if you pay your premiums on a half-yearly or yearly basis.

AIA life insurance benefits are indexed so that the sum insured increases in line with changes to the Consumer Price Index. As a result, your premium will be adjusted to reflect the higher sum insured.

Factors that affect the cost of your premium

Several other factors may also affect your premium amount, including:

  • Your gender
  • Your age
  • Your smoking status
  • Your occupation
  • Your overall health
  • Whether you choose stepped, level or hybrid premiums
  • Any discounts that may apply to your policy

What other charges are there?

At the time of writing, a policy fee of $80.99 per year per life insured applied to all AIA Priority Protection policies. This fee is charged in addition to your policy premiums and increases each year in line with the change to the Consumer Price Index.

Other factors that may affect the total cost of cover include:

  • Lost policy document fee. You may be charged a fee of up to $100 for reissuing a lost policy document.

What if I need to make a claim with AIA?

If you need to make a claim on your AIA Priority Protection policy, follow these three simple steps:

  • Contact AIA. Your financial adviser can contact the AIA's claims team by phone or email.
  • Provide details. Provide your policy number, details of your claim and your contact details.
  • Fill out forms. Your adviser will be sent claim forms by email, mail or fax within 24 hours. These forms need to be filled out and returned to AIA, along with any requested supporting documentation, as soon as possible.

What are some of the key exclusions of AIA life insurance?

Your AIA life insurance claim will not be paid if:

  • It occurs as a result of death from suicide in the first 13 months after cover commences or is reinstated
  • It occurs due to any intentional self-inflicted injury

Exclusions for specific benefits

There are also several other exclusions that apply to specific policy benefits. For example, no Family Protection benefit or Complimentary Family Final Expenses benefit will be paid if the claim arises due to an intentional self-inflicted injury by the insured child, or due to an event intentionally caused by the insured child’s parent, guardian or relative.

A full list of exclusions and the benefits they affect is available in the PDS.

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