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Couples travel insurance

Getting travel insurance for couples could save you as much as 10%.

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What you need to know

  • Couples travel insurance can be cheaper than 2 single policies
  • It can cover you for medical expenses, cancellations, lost luggage and more.
  • Lots of brands will cover you for the same limits as a single travel insurance policy.

What does couples travel insurance cover?


Medical expenses

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Delays and cancellations


COVID-19 expenses

Lost luggage

Luggage and personal belongings

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You don't have to be a couple to get couples cover
A couples policy is essentially just a discount for having two people covered on one policy. Most insurers will allow you to book a couples policy with any other adult you are travelling with.

Is joint travel insurance worth it?

Joint travel insurance is convenient and it can sometimes be cheaper – a handful of insurers will offer you a discount when you purchase two plans together. For some, it's as little as 5%, but you can save as much as 10%.

BrandCost for SingleCost for CoupleSavingsApply
Zoom logo$84.86$161.235.00%
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Fast Cover Logo$89.89$161.9910.00%
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Finder AwardBonus
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*This table was updated on 2 April 2024 for a 30-year-old travelling to Bali for 7 days.

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