The best ways to spend 100,000 Velocity Points

Whether you’ve earned bonus points from a new credit card or saved them up, discover where you can fly with 100,000 Velocity Points.

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Virgin Australia plane.

The Velocity Frequent Flyer program offers a wide range of ways to earn and redeem points, including flights with Virgin Australia starting from 7,800 points. But not all rewards are created equal, with some offering much higher retail values than others.

So if you’ve jumped through hoops to collect 100,000 Velocity Points, here are the best ways to use them based on the value you can get for your points in five key rewards categories. See our Velocity Frequent Flyer guide for more information on how this airline loyalty program works.

What are some of the most rewarding ways to use 100,000 Velocity Points?

From flights and upgrades to gift cards and shopping sprees, compare some of the ways you can redeem your Velocity Points below.

Reward flights

With 100,000 Velocity Points, you have your pick of many domestic and international flight options, including first and business class options. While you can redeem points for flights with 14 different airlines, flights with Virgin Australia, Virgin Samoa, Virgin Atlantic, Air New Zealand (trans-Tasman services), Alitalia and Delta Airlines offer the most value.

Below, we’ve outlined some international and domestic flight options you could enjoy with 100,000 points. These are based on the Velocity websites points tables and arranged by lowest to highest point requirements.

International flights you could get with 100,000 Velocity Points

Flight Fare class One-way or return? Points
Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne to Auckland Business Return 71,000 points
Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne or Sydney to Singapore Premium Economy One-way 89,400 points
Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne or Sydney to Los Angeles Economy Return 89,600 points
Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney to Los Angeles Business One-way 95,000 points
Perth to Auckland Business Return 99,000 points

Information correct as of 14 January 2020

Domestic flights you can take with 100,000 Velocity Points

Flight Fare class Points per flight Number of flights for 100,000 points
Melbourne to Sydney Economy 7,800 points 12 flights (total 93,600 points)
Brisbane or Melbourne to Sydney Business 15,500 points 6 flights (total 93,000 points)
Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney to Perth Economy 17,800 points 5 flights (total 89,000 points)
Sydney to Adelaide Business 23,500 points 4 flights (total 92,000 points)
Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney to Perth Business 35,500 points 2 flights (total 71,000 points)

Information correct as of 14 January 2020

How can I book flights with Velocity Points?

Follow these steps to use your Velocity Points for a flight or flights:

  1. Log in to your Velocity account.
  2. Click on “Redeem”, “Flights” and then “Book a flight”. This will take you to a search page for reward seats.
  3. Make sure “Use Points + Pay” is selected, enter the flight details and click “Find flights”.
  4. Browse the available options and click on your chosen flight or flights, then follow the prompts to complete your booking.

Alternatively, you can make your booking by calling the Membership Contact Centre on 13 18 75. Note that if you don’t have enough points to pay for the entire flight, you can also buy points to make up the difference or use a combination of points and cash.

Flight upgrades

Using your points for flight upgrades gives you the opportunity to move into a higher cabin class without paying more in cash. Depending on the upgrade, this could give you access to benefits including:

  • Priority services (check-in, baggage,
    security screening and boarding)
  • Priority in-flight service
  • Larger seats
  • Additional baggage
  • In-flight a la carte dining
  • Velocity Lounge access
  • Flat-bed seats

With Velocity’s UpgradeMe Points service, your options for requesting a flight upgrade using points vary, depending on your flight routes and Velocity Membership status. The amount of points you need also depends on miles flown and your existing fare class, so we’ve outlined the different flight options below.

Domestic flights

If you’re booked on a Getaway, Elevate or Freedom fare, you can request an upgrade to business class on domestic flights operated by Virgin Australia with a VA flight number. With 100,000 Velocity Points to spend, you have a lot of options. But upgrades on longer flights will offer you the most value because they give you have more time in the air to enjoy the extra luxuries available in business class.

In particular, flights to and from Perth are a popular upgrade choice because, as well as being long, you’ll often be able to enjoy flat-bed seats when you fly business class on Virgin Australia’s newer Airbus A330s. Here are the Perth upgrades you’d be able to get with 100,000 points based on locations:

Sydney or Melbourne. If you have a Getaway or Elevate fare, you could get 2 upgrades for a total of 70,000 points, while on a Freedom fare you’d get 6 upgrades for 89,400 points.

With an existing Getaway or Elevate fare, you could get 3 upgrades for a total of 90,000 points. On a Freedom fare, you’d be able to get 10 upgrades for 99,000 points.

With the difference between economy and business class fares often worth hundreds of dollars, these upgrades could help you save a lot of money if you regularly travel between Perth and other capital cities.

International short-haul flights

You can request an upgrade to business class when you have a Go Plus, Getaway or Freedom fare on an eligible international short-haul flight operated by Virgin Australia or Virgin Samoa with a VA flight number. This covers flights leaving or arriving in countries within Southeast Asia and the Pacific, as well as those crossing the Tasman. Here are some examples of how far 100,000 Velocity Points could go:

Flight Existing fare class Points to upgrade to business class No. of upgrades with 100,000 Velocity Points
Sydney or Brisbane to Bali Go Plus or Getaway 24,000 points one-way 4 (totalling 96,000 points)
Perth to Auckland Go Plus or Getaway 24,000 points one-way 4 (totalling 96,000 points)
Brisbane to Fiji Go Plus or Getaway 24,000 points one-way 4 (totalling 96,000 points)
Sydney or Brisbane to Samoa (Apia) Go Plus or Getaway 24,000 points one-way 4 (totalling 96,000 points)
Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne to Auckland Go Plus or Getaway 16,000 points 6 (totalling 96,000 points)
Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne to Auckland Freedom 9,900 points 10 (totalling 99,000 points)

*Information correct as of 18 July 2017

International long-haul flights

If you’re a Gold or Platinum Velocity member, you can use UpgradeMe Points to request upgrades for international long-haul flights to or from Los Angeles and Hong Kong when they’re operated by Virgin Australia and have a VA flight number. Here’s how far 100,000 points could go:

Los Angeles. If you booked an eligible Freedom fare, you could get 5 upgrades from economy to premium economy or two upgrades to business, both with a total cost of 90,000 points. The same goes for Premium Saver fares. If you already have an eligible premium ticket, you could get 4 upgrades to business class for a total of 100,000 points.

Hong Kong. If you booked on an eligible Freedom fare, you could get 3 upgrades to business class for a total of 82,500 points (27,500 points one-way).

How can I use Velocity Points for flight upgrades?

If you have an eligible fare and the required membership status, you can use your points through UpgradeMe Points by contacting the Membership Contact Centre on 13 18 75.
hotel pool banner

Hotels and accommodation

As long as you have a minimum of 4,000 points, you can use your Velocity Points to pay for accommodation bookings with over 550,000 properties around the world via The number of points required varies depending on the hotel, the time of the booking and date/s you want to stay.

But to give you an idea of the potential options you’d have with 100,000 points, here are some examples of where you could stay for a one-night booking on Friday 20 October 2017. We’ve also included the cost if you booked your one-night stay with 4,000 points plus cash to show you the potential dollar value.

Location Hotel Cost in points Points plus pay cost
Gold Coast, AU Hilton Surfers Paradise Residences 98,900 points $617 plus 4,000 points
Melbourne, AU Grand Hyatt Melbourne 91,600 points $570 plus 4,000 points
Sydney, AU Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour 83,200 points $526 plus 4,000 points
Los Angeles, USA Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey 99,400 points $621 plus 4,000 points
London, UK Sofitel London St James 99,600 points $622 plus 4,000 points
Paris, FR InterContinental Paris (Avenue Marceau) 90,300 points $577 plus 4,000 points

*Points and costs based on search from 18 July 2017

Although there are some differences in the value of these rewards, each of your points would be worth between 0.65 cents to 0.66 cents per point (based on the “cost in cash” amounts). It’s also worth noting that we’ve selected some of the most expensive hotels. Depending on your travel plans and budget, you could get anywhere from 1-3 nights away by using your points for hotel bookings.

How to redeem Velocity Points for accommodation bookings

Here are the steps to make a booking through the Velocity Hotels service:

  1. Log in to your Velocity account.
  2. Go to “Redeem” then “Hotels” and then “Redeem with Kaligo”. You’ll then be taken to
  3. Enter your travel plans and search for accommodation. Note that you can sort the search results based on points, deals or ratings.
  4. Select your chosen accommodation and follow the prompts to complete the booking.

Earning more points for your Velocity hotel booking

If you pay with a combination of points and cash, you’ll also earn Velocity points on the cash part of the payment. You could also maximise your points by paying the cash portion with a Velocity credit card or with the Velocity Global Wallet prepaid debit card.

Holidays and other travel

Velocity allows you to redeem your points for holiday packages around the world via the Virgin Australia Holidays online booking service. You can also use points to get lounge entry or pay for car hire. With 100,000 Velocity Points to play with, here are some of your options:

Virgin Australia Holidays gift certificates worth $600 to $700. You could use your points to get $600 value in gift certificates (85,800 points) or spend a little more for $700 value (100,100 points). You can also redeem points directly through Virgin Australia Holidays website but you won’t see the value of your points until you’re mid-way through the booking process.

The Lounge annual membership fees. If you’re an existing Virgin Australia lounge member, you could use 60,000 points to renew your membership. If you’re a new member, you could spend a bit more to pay the joining fee and annual fee (105,000 points).

Cruisepilot $500 voucher. If cruises are your thing, you can enjoy a $500 voucher for Cruisepilot with 89,000 Velocity Points.

Brunel limousine voucher. For 98,000 points you could get a 10-trip airport to CBD voucher with Brunel Limousines.

How to use Velocity Points for travel rewards

Here are the steps for redeeming your Velocity Points for any of these travel options:

  1. Log in to your Velocity account and go to “Redeem” then “Holidays and Travel”.
  2. Click on the type of travel reward you want (eg Virgin Australia Holidays, Virgin Australia Lounge, Cruisepilot). For Virgin Australia Holidays, you’ll be taken to the service's website. For the lounge memberships, Cruisepilot and Brunel rewards, you’ll be taken to a relevant page on the Velocity Rewards Store.
  3. Enter the required details and follow the prompts to redeem your travel rewards.

Shopping and cashback options

If you’re not currently interested in travel and don’t want to save your points, you could also use them to buy items or gift cards from the Velocity Rewards Store. With everything from electronics to fashion, beauty products, homeware and movie vouchers, your 100,000 Velocity Points could help you pay for items already on your wishlist. Here are some examples of what’s available for up to 100,000 points:

Category Item Points
Cameras Olympus TG-5 99,900 points
Luggage American Tourister Cube Pop 3 piece set 97,000 points
Gift cards $500 David Jones or Myer gift card 90,000 points
Apple products 128gb iPod Touch ORSeries 2 Apple Watch (72mm) 82,800 points
Outdoors Coleman Instant Up six person tent 76,200 points
Cooking Cuisinart Precision Master Stand Mixer 76,000 points
Wine Moët and Chandon half dozen 64,500 points
Entertainment Nine sets of Village Gold Class movie tickets for two adults 93,600 points (10,400 points per set of 2 tickets)

*Points and items based on search from 18 July 2017

Note that products do vary depending on when you want to redeem your points. But the points pricing for items also includes delivery, so you won’t have to pay more if you already have enough points in your account.

How to use points on the Velocity Rewards Store

To redeem your points for items on the Velocity store, just log into your account and follow these steps:

  1. Select “Redeem” then “Velocity Rewards Store”.
  2. Browse the range of items available or search for your chosen reward.
  3. Select the reward and follow the prompts to complete your redemption.

Once you’ve completed the redemption process, you should receive your reward item/s in 14 business days.

What else do I need to know about using Velocity Points?

To make the most of your Velocity Points, keep these details in mind:

  • Availability. Flights, flight upgrades, hotel bookings and most other rewards are subject to availability. This means there could be times when you won’t be able to use points to get the rewards you want. Planning ahead and leaving some room for flexibility can help you get the most out of your points.
  • Taxes and airfare fees. There may be taxes and additional fees that add to the cost of your rewards flights bookings. These are not automatically factored into the points you need for a flight but you can usually use points to pay for them (if you have enough). Just bear this in mind so you’re not caught short when you’re booking.
  • Point value. The dollar value of your points can vary significantly depending on what you use them for. Flights and flight upgrades usually offer the greatest value, although this can also depend on availability and demand. Remember to consider this and choose rewards that offer value based on your goals and needs.
  • Points+Pay. For reward flights, hotels, holiday packages and many other rewards, you have the option of using a combination of points and cash. This could help you get rewards you want that may be worth more than 100,000 points.
  • Buying points. If you don’t have enough points for your reward, another option is to buy them. The cost starts from $18 for 500 points and you can buy up to 20% of the points you need for a reward. Velocity lets you use this option a maximum of two times per year.
  • Point expiry. Remember that Velocity Points stay valid as long as you earn or redeem them at least once every 24 months. So if there isn’t anything you need right now, you could save your 100,000 Velocity Points for future rewards.

In general, you’ll get the most financial value from Velocity Points when you use them for flights or flight upgrades. But there can also be value in using points to pay for other travel plans or items that you want, especially if you don’t quite have enough cash on hand. So when you’re thinking about how to use 100,000 Velocity Points, factoring in both the dollar value and the convenience of specific rewards will help you get the most out of them.

Compare Velocity Frequent Flyer credit cards

Updated January 29th, 2020
Name Product Bonus Points Rewards Program Rewards Points per $ spent Purchase rate (p.a.) Annual fee
American Express Velocity Platinum Card
100,000 bonus points
Velocity Frequent Flyer
20.74% p.a.
$375 p.a.
Get 100,000 bonus Velocity Points when you spend $3,000 for the first 3 months. Plus, 100 Status Credits and luxury travel perks.
Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card - 0% Interest Offer
Velocity Frequent Flyer
0% for 14 months, reverts to 20.74% p.a.
$64 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($129 p.a. thereafter)
Enjoy 0% p.a. interest on purchases for 14 months, a reduced first year annual fee and Velocity Points per $1 spent.
Westpac Altitude Black - Velocity
80,000 bonus points
Velocity Frequent Flyer
20.49% p.a.
$300 p.a.
Earn 80,000 bonus Velocity Points when you meet the spend requirement. Plus, complimentary seat upgrades and lounge passes.
American Express Explorer Credit Card
50,000 bonus points
Membership Rewards
20.74% p.a.
$395 p.a.
Get 50,000 bonus points when you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months, a yearly $400 Travel Credit and 2 entries per year to the Amex Lounge.
American Express Westpac Altitude Black Bundle - Velocity
100,000 bonus points
Velocity Frequent Flyer
20.24% p.a. (AMEX)

20.49% p.a. (Visa/MC)
$399 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($499 p.a. thereafter)
Up to 100,000 bonus Velocity Points with Mastercard (issued by Westpac) & Amex (issued & serviced by Amex). T&Cs apply.
American Express Velocity Escape Card
Velocity Frequent Flyer
20.74% p.a.
$0 p.a.
Earn uncapped Velocity Points on purchases and save with a $0 annual fee for life and a 0% p.a. for 12 months balance transfer offer.
American Express Westpac Altitude Platinum Bundle
110,000 bonus points
Westpac Altitude Rewards
20.24% p.a. (AMEX)

20.49% p.a. (Visa/MC)
$150 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($199 p.a. thereafter)
Collect up to 110,000 bonus Altitude Points when you meet T&Cs with Mastercard (issued by Westpac) & Amex (issued by Amex).

Compare up to 4 providers

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