Latitude GO Mastercard Frequently Asked Questions

latitude go mastercardLearn how you can get a 0% interest payment plan, earn rewards, check your balance and more with these answers to common questions about the Latitude GO Mastercard.

The Latitude GO Mastercard offers specialised, long-term 0% payment plans at a range of participating retailers. Depending on the offer and plan, you could enjoy interest-free periods starting from 3 or even 6 months. You can also enjoy up to 62 days interest-free on everyday purchases. The GO Mastercard also includes a rewards program that offers you points for your everyday spending.

Use this guide to find answers to common questions about this Latitude credit card. We also explain the different features of the card and how to use them so that you can decide if the Latitude GO Mastercard is right for you.

Top FAQs for the Latitude GO Mastercard

These are the most common questions we're asked about the GO Mastercard. We also address FAQs based on specific categories in the sections below.

To take advantage of a 0% Interest Payment Plan in-store, just present your GO Mastercard and photo ID to a sales representative at any participating retailer.

For online purchases, reference your GO Mastercard number or the account number (listed on your statement or via the online service centre) with a participating online store.

Each 0% Interest Payment Plan has a minimum spending amount that you must reach to take advantage of the offer. This amount varies depending on the retailer, so it’s important to check the details for each deal you are considering to make sure you are eligible.

Interest-free promotions are available at more than 1,000 retailers including Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, Bob Jane and Michael Hill Jeweller. You can search and browse the participating stores on the GO Mastercard website.

Yes, you can have multiple interest-free payment plans up to your credit limit for the card.

The promotional period begins the day of your purchase or on the day it is delivered (where applicable).

The promotional period varies depending on the individual offer you choose. Details of each promotion are available on your statement or online account.

You can continue to use your card for regular purchases, cash advances, or other promotional purchases while you are paying back the bill, up to your spending limit.

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Latitude GO Mastercard interest rates and fees

What interest rate will I pay on the Go Mastercard?

Beyond the 0% interest payment plans, the Latitude GO Mastercard has three different interest rates that may be applied depending on the type of balance you have on the card. These are:

  • Purchase rate. This is the standard rate of interest applied to new purchases if you carry a balance from month to month. It’s currently 22.74% p.a. variable.
  • Cash rate. Withdrawing cash from an ATM, using the card for BPAY or making any other cash advance transactions will attract an interest rate of up to 29.49% p.a.
  • Expired promotional purchases. This interest rate is applied to 0% Interest Payment Plan purchases when the balance is not paid in full during the promotional period. This rate is currently 29.49% p.a.

Yes. The Latitude GO Mastercard offers up to 62 days interest-free on standard purchases if you have paid the balance off in full for both the statement before the purchases were made and for the statement on which the purchases are listed.

Yes. The standard interest-free days are available as long as you also pay them off before the end of their respective promotional periods.

Repayments to the card are allocated to the portion of the balance that attracts the highest rate of interest first. In this case, that means the purchase that is attracting interest will be paid off first, with any remaining money going toward the balance that is not being charged interest.

You can avoid paying interest by paying your bill in full each month if you have made regular purchases with your GO Mastercard. If you have only made promotional purchases you must pay them off before the end of that promotional period to avoid interest.

If you end up paying interest on the GO Mastercard, you could also compare low rate credit cards to find another card that might suit your spending habits and budget.

What fees will I pay with the GO Mastercard?

There is a range of other fees that could be charged when you have a Latitude GO Mastercard, including:

  • Establishment fee. There is a one-off fee of $25 that's charged for establishing your account
  • Account servicing fee. This card charges a fee of monthly account fee of $4.95 per month if your balance is over $10.
  • Paper statement fee. If you request a printed statement for your account, you will be charged per statement.
  • Late payment fee. A fee of $20 is applied if you don’t make a payment by the due date.
  • Cash advance fee. Withdrawing money and other cash advance transactions will cost $3 or 3% of the transaction (whichever is greater).
  • Direct credit advance fee. If you transfer funds from your GO Mastercard to a nominated bank account, you will be charged the greater of $3 or 3% of the total transaction (up to a maximum of $30 per transaction).
  • International cash advance fee. A cash advance transaction made in a foreign currency is charged at $4.00 in addition to cash advance fee.
  • International transaction fee. A 3% fee is applied for transactions made overseas or in a foreign currency.
  • Payment handling fee. Some account payments may attract a $2.50 fee in-person and a $0.95 fee online, for example, those made at Australia Post. You can avoid this fee by making your payments via mail, direct debit or via the Online Service Centre.
There are a couple of reasons you could be charged a fee even if you have paid the balance in full, such as receiving paper statements or making payments at Australia Post. If you have any other doubts about the fees, call Latitude Financial Services on 1300 721 394 to get a comprehensive answer for your individual circumstances.
Latitude Financial Services charges a fee for paper statements to cover the costs associated with printing and mailing them to customers. You can avoid this fee by registering for the Online Service Centre and requesting electronic statements.
This ultimately depends on the person. But if you check on your balance regularly you will see when you are getting close to your spending limit and can avoid paying an over limit fee by making an extra payment or choosing a different payment method for your purchases.
If you are worried about making payments by the due date each month, you can call Latitude Financial Services and request a monthly direct debit from a nominated account. Keep in mind this will usually be the minimum payment required, so you may want to make additional payments to avoid interest charges and other fees.
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Latitude GO Mastercard rewards

The GO Mastercard earns one GO Reward point for every dollar spent on everyday purchases. These points can be redeemed for a wide range of rewards including travel, gift cards, movie tickets, homewares and electronics through the GO Rewards Program website.

No, reward points are only available for everyday purchases.
The amount of points you’ve earned will be listed on your monthly statement. You can also find it by logging into your GO Mastercard Online Service Centre account.

Use the following steps to redeem your GO rewards.

  1. Log in to your Latitude GO Mastercard account via the Online Service Centre
  2. Select "Rewards" and follow the prompts to browse the rewards available
  3. Select your reward, then confirm the transaction

The required points will be taken from your account and you will receive confirmation of your reward and details of when it will arrive (where applicable).

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Managing your GO credit card account

Activating and using your GO Mastercard

If you have successfully applied for a Latitude GO Mastercard, you should receive it within 5-10 working days. Once you receive your card, follow these steps to activate it:

  1. Call 1300 462 273.
  2. Follow the prompts to verify your card.
  3. Select a PIN for the card.

After these steps your card will be ready for use.

Yes, this card requires a PIN (Personal Identification Number) for transactions. You can select your PIN when you activate the card.

Yes. This card comes with Mastercard PayPass technology, allowing you to pay for purchases under $100 by simply tapping your card on a compatible card reader.

Your credit limit is set based on your individual circumstances and may not always be the same as the cash limit (which is the amount of cash you can withdraw on any given day). You can find these amounts on your statement or through the Online Service Centre.

You can apply for a credit limit increase or decrease by calling the Customer Solutions team on 1300 721 394.

Yes, you can use your Mastercard to withdraw cash from any of the more than 900,000 ATMs around the world that display the Mastercard or Cirrus logo. You can also make withdrawals at any financial institutions that display these logos. Remember that cash withdrawals attract a cash advance fee and incur interest from the day of the withdrawal. They are also not eligible for interest-free days.

Yes, just like any other credit card you will get a monthly statement that lists your payment amount and due date. There will also be notations about any overdue payments or over-limit amounts.

There is no fee for paying off your bill before the end of the promotional period.

Your monthly payment is a calculation based on the amount of debt on your card. It is the greater of 3% of the balance or $25, plus any other fees that may be applied to your account.

You will be charged $4.95 for each month your 0% Payment Plan purchase balance is $10 or more. You can work out the total cost of this fee by multiplying $4.95 by the number of months the offer lasts. For example, if you have an interest-free offer for 24 months, your calculation would be: $4.95 x 24 = $118.80.

The Latitude GO Mastercard Online Service Centre

Latitude Financial Services has designed the Go Mastercard Online Service Centre to make managing your GO Mastercard easy. This service gives you access to your account details and balance, 0% Payment Plan offers and rewards. You can start using this online banking service by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the GO Mastercard Online Service Centre homepage
  2. Click on the "Register" button
  3. Enter your account details, including your card number and date of birth
  4. Follow the prompts to confirm your ID and complete your login set up

Once you are logged in, you can check your balance, make payments, set up new statement alerts, redeem rewards and more.

You can also find out about your account details by calling Latitude Financial Services on 1300 721 394, or by requesting printed statements for an additional $2.50 per month.

When you register for the Online Service Centre, you are asked to choose a username and password. These are your login details.

You can recover your login details by selecting the "Forgotten Username" or "Forgotten Password" option on the Login page.

You have three opportunities to enter the correct login details for your account. After that, your account will be suspended for five minutes. If you continue to enter the wrong details, the account will be locked and you will have to call Latitude Financial Services on 1300 721 394 to unlock it.

Latitude GO Mastercard App

The GO Mastercard App lets you manage your account from your smartphone. This app offers the same features as your online account, including account details, transaction history and the ability to update your details.

To download and use this app, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have a current Latitude GO Mastercard credit card
  • Be registered for the Latitude GO Mastercard Online Service Centre
  • Have a compatible device running Apple iOS 8 or later, as well as Android devices running v5.0 Lollipop or later

If you meet these requirements, you can download the app from the App Store on iTunes or Google Play.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can log in using your username for the Latitude GO Mastercard Online Service Centre and a 4-digit access code that you choose during the registration process. You can also change this access code at any time via the "Security" section of the account.

Yes, you can use this app on multiple devices.

If you're having trouble accessing the app, start by checking the following:

  • Do you have a stable Internet connection on your device?
  • Is a wireless connection enabled?
  • Are you entering the right access code?
  • Are you entering the right username?

If all of these details are in order and you still can't access the app, you can call the Customer Solutions Team on 1300 462 273 and explain the situation. Alternatively, you can access your account details via the Latitude GO Mastercard Online Service Centre.

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Latitude GO Mastercard security features

The GO Mastercard account comes with a number of security features, including:

  • Chip and PIN technology. The card is embedded with a secure microchip that encrypts the details stored on the card. It also requires a PIN to verify certain purchases.
  • 24/7 fraud monitoring. The GO Mastercard comes with Falcon fraud monitoring to protect you against unauthorised transactions.
  • Zero liability policy. This policy reimburses you for unauthorised transactions made on the card.
  • Mastercard SecureCode. This is a service you can choose to use for online purchases, which helps verify purchases by asking you a security question or sending you a unique code to enter at the checkout.

Yes. You can Contact Customer Solutions 1300 721 394 to request a new PIN.

In some places outside Australia you might still have the option of swiping and signing for purchases instead of using your PIN.

Tap-and-go technology like PayPass is as safe as any chip-enabled credit card. Features such as the fraud monitoring service and Zero Liability Policy also help protect you.

Contact the Latitude Financial Services lost and found team on 1300 462 273 or +61 3 9425 4886 (overseas) as soon as you discover your card is lost or stolen. This service is available 24/7 and a team member will be able to advise you on a solution based on your circumstances.

Latitude Financial Services has an active fraud protection system. If any transaction seems fraudulent, you will be contacted by SMS or phone. This provides instant verification and prevents any loss on the card. If you suspect fraud or your card is lost or stolen, call Customer Solutions on 1300 462 273 as soon as possible.

With a range interest-free payment options and a rewards program, the Latitude GO Mastercard is designed to offer affordability and convenience. Now that you understanding exactly how these features work, you can make an informed decision about whether or not this card suits your circumstances and goals.

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Comparison of Latitude Financial Services Credit Cards

Rates last updated November 20th, 2017
Name Product Purchase rate (p.a.) Balance transfer rate (p.a.) Annual fee Product Description
28 Degrees Platinum Mastercard
21.99% p.a.
4.99% p.a. for 6 months
$0 p.a.
Designed for travel, benefit from no international transaction fees on purchases and no currency conversion fees.
Gem Visa Credit Card
0% p.a. for 6 months (reverts to 24.99% p.a.)
$99 p.a.
Enjoy up to 55 days interest-free on purchases and 0% interest at a variety of retailers across Australia.
Latitude 'Go' Mastercard
22.74% p.a.
$25 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($59.40 p.a. thereafter)
Enjoy free access to the GO rewards program and earn 1.00 point per $1 spent to redeem at dozens of retailers.
Latitude Mastercard
24.50% p.a.
$69 p.a.
Offers the ability to apply for Shopper’s Protection insurance and request up to 9 additional cardholders at no extra cost.
Latitude Infinity
20.69% p.a.
$69 p.a.
Earn uncapped points with no expiry, plus get up to 55 days interest-free on purchases.

Compare up to 4 providers

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  1. Default Gravatar
    SophieOctober 20, 2017

    Hi i was just applying for the GO mastercard and it was asking for my total credit card limits and how much i have owing on them and didn’t give me any options. I dont have a credit card. Does that matter? Or do you have to have an existing credit card to be approved?

    • Staff
      AshOctober 20, 2017Staff

      Hello Sophie,

      Thank you for contacting finder.

      Please be advised that if you apply for the Latitude GO Mastercard, they will be looking into the details of your income, assets and liabilities. This is to ensure that this card will suitable for your needs and to avoid fraud. Here are the other requirements for the GO Mastercard:

      *At least 18 years of age
      *A permanent resident of Australia
      *Driver’s license, passport or proof of age card
      *Your employer’s name and contact number

      For more details regarding the Latitude GO Mastercard, you may refer to this page.

      I hope this helps.

      Let us know if you have any additional questions so we can assist you further.


  2. Default Gravatar
    lawrenceOctober 17, 2017

    I have changes address & email, how do I update GO card

    • Staff
      DanielleOctober 18, 2017Staff

      Hi Lawrence,

      Thank you for contacting finder. We are a comparison website and general information service, we’re more than happy to offer general advice.

      According to their website, you can change/update your details through the Online Service Centre. Once logged in, you can change your details under Manage My Details.

      I hope this helps.


  3. Default Gravatar
    VarunJuly 21, 2017

    How can I enable my GO Mastercard for MasterCard SecureCode?

    • Staff
      JhezelynJuly 22, 2017Staff

      Hi Varun,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Here are the steps to enroll and activate your Mastercard SecureCode:

      1. Enter your card number

      Click the “SIGN UP” button above, find your bank’s website and create your private code. Use it every time you shop online at a participating merchant.

      2. Verify your identity

      To enroll, you will be asked to confirm your identity by providing answers to security questions.

      3. Create your SecureCode

      Once you have answered the security questions, you will be asked to create your secure code.

      Registration is complete

      Once you have created your SecureCode, your enrollment is complete and you are ready to begin shopping online. When you make an online purchase at a participating merchant, a page may automatically appear asking for a unique security code or answers to security questions. Hope this helps.


    • Default Gravatar
      VarunJuly 22, 2017

      Hi Jhezelyn,

      Thank you for such a quick reply.
      Sorry, but I am unable to find the “SIGN UP” button.


    • Default Gravatar
      JonathanJuly 22, 2017

      Hello Varun,

      Thank you for sending your inquiry today.

      Please visit this page for the completion of your request.

      Hope this helps.


  4. Default Gravatar
    porkkropApril 17, 2017

    I have a Latitude GO Mastercard. I was wondering if it will let me do a 0% balance transfer to another credit card company? As I have seen on the monthly statements that it doesn’t accept payment from a credit card.


    • Staff
      AnndyApril 18, 2017Staff

      Hi Porkkrop,

      Thanks for your question.

      Latitude Go Mastercard may not accept payment from another credit card for the monthly billing. But generally, they allow customers to transfer their balance to another balance transfer credit card.

      Please do note that Balance transfers are not allowed between Latitude accounts or its associated entities (28 Degrees, Coles credit cards, Myer credit cards).

      You can compare your balance transfer options through this page.


  5. Default Gravatar
    MammaFebruary 17, 2017

    Can I use go Mastercard on ebay, wish and other online shopping sites

    • Staff
      MayFebruary 17, 2017Staff

      Hi Mamma,

      Thank you for your question and for contacting – we are a financial comparison website and general information service designed to help consumers make better decisions. Please note that we are not affiliated with any company we feature on our site.

      Yes, you can use your Go Mastercard for your online purchases like on eBay and other shopping sites.


  6. Default Gravatar
    AdamOctober 28, 2016

    Hi, I got a $3000 credit from Harvey Norman over 6 months ago and am wondering if it is possible to extend that now to make another purchase of a similar amount?


    • Staff
      MayOctober 28, 2016Staff

      Hi Adam,

      Thanks for your question.

      That depends if your card has the available credit limit that could cover enough for the cost of your new purchases at Harvey Norman. You may have to check your credit limit balance first before you make purchases.


  7. Default Gravatar
    elleySeptember 28, 2016

    Can you have two separate GO Master Cards at the same time?

    • Staff
      MaySeptember 30, 2016Staff

      Hi Elley,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      Unfortunately, you can only have one Go MasterCard under your name at a time.


  8. Default Gravatar
    September 18, 2016

    Where do I make payments?

    • Staff
      JonathanSeptember 20, 2016Staff

      Hi Ardy, thanks for your inquiry!

      To make payments you can use BPAY by logging in online to your Latitude GO MasterCard account.



  9. Default Gravatar
    helenJune 8, 2016

    Does signing a sales voucher mean you are committing to purchase the goods?

    • Staff
      MayJune 10, 2016Staff

      Hi Helen,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      Just to confirm, is a financial comparison website and does not represent Latitude Financial Services – the issuer of GO MasterCard.

      You’d be best if you can directly verify with GO MasterCard customer service if signing a sales voucher would mean you are committing to purchase the goods. Please see your email for the contact details of GO MasterCard.


  10. Default Gravatar
    JessMarch 7, 2016

    I purchased some items in January under 60 months interest free with minimum monthly repayments, then I purchased a computer in February under 24 months interest free no monthly payments.

    If I make a payment which one is this going to? Is there a way I can make sure I’m paying off the 60 month with minimum payments so that I don’t accrue interest even though the 24 months finishes first?

    • Staff
      JonathanMarch 8, 2016Staff

      Hi Jess, thanks for your inquiry!

      The payments should contribute to the 60 months interest-free purchase since it was made before the 24-month promotion. Otherwise according to credit card terms and conditions, repayments will go towards the payment with the highest default interest rate first.



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