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Woolworths Team Bank Credit Cards

Find out about the features you can get with Woolworths Team Bank credit card, including low rates, low fees and mobile payments.

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Woolworths Team Bank just offer a low-cost Visa credit card that you can apply for if you work for Woolworths or another Woolworths Group Limited company. You can also apply if someone in your family is a member of the bank. If you're a member of the bank or are thinking of joining, here you'll find details about the Woolworths Team Bank Visa credit card, including different features and how to apply.

Woolworths Team Bank credit cards

Types of Woolworths Team Bank credit cards

  • Low rate credit cards

The Woolworths Team Bank Visa credit card has an interest rate of 13.45% p.a. for purchases and cash advances, which is competitive with other low rate credit cards. You can use this card to make payments anywhere Visa is accepted, and get the security of a zero liability policy for fraudulent transactions. While the features on this card are simple, it has a low $0 annual fee that could help you keep your credit card costs down compared to some other options.

The benefits of a Woolworths Team Bank credit card

Some of the key features you'll get with a Woolworths Team Bank credit card include:

  • Mobile payments

If you have Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, on your mobile phone, tablet or smartwatch, you can add your Woolworths Team Bank credit card and make payments straight from your device.

  • Visa benefits

As a Visa card, you'll be able to pay in-store, online or over the phone with businesses all around the world. Online, you get the added protection of Visa Secure when you're shopping online with participating retailers. Plus, you can enjoy exclusive deals on your shopping, dining, entertainment and travel through Visa Offers + Perks.

  • Banking options

You can check your account balance, make payments and manage your account at any time through Woolworths Team Bank's Internet banking, mobile banking or phone banking service.

How to apply for a Woolworths Team Bank credit card

You can apply for a Woolworths Team Bank credit card by filling in a secure application form online. You also have the option of completing a PDF application form and emailing it to loans@woolworthsteambank.com.au. To get started, make sure you meet the following eligibility criteria and have all the documents and details you'll need on hand.

Eligibility criteria

  • Membership. You need to be a member of Woolworths Team Bank to get a credit card. You can apply for membership as part of your credit card application, as long as you work for a Woolworths Group Limited company or are related to someone who is already a member of the bank.
  • Age. You must be at least 18 years of age.

Required documents

  • Personal details. You'll need to provide your full name, date of birth, residential address, phone number and number of dependents. You also need to show a valid form of ID, such as your driver's licence or passport.
  • Employment details. Unless you're applying as a family member, you'll need to include details of which Woolworths Group Limited team you're a part of, as well as details of your current job, including your salary, length of employment and your employer's contact details. You may also be asked to submit recent payslips, bank statements or other documents that help verify these details.
  • Financial details. This covers any other forms of income, savings and other assets, as well as existing credit cards, loans and other debts. You also need to share details of your regular household expenses such as rent, mortgage payments, utility bills and grocery shopping.

If you have any questions before you apply, or if you want to follow up once you have submitted an application, call Woolworths Team Bank on 1300 665 553.

Frequently asked questions

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