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Design your own credit card

Learn how you can create an individual ANZ credit card by choosing your own image as a background.

Find out what sort of image will be acceptable, and which may be rejected. Make an application for a new ANZ credit card by first designing how you would like it to look.

Anyone who currently has, or wants to apply for the following ANZ cards can have their own design printed on their card.

  1. ANZ Low Rate
  2. ANZ First Visa Credit Card
  3. ANZ Access Advantage debit card

This is a simple matter of visiting ANZ's and either uploading their favourite photo or design, or choosing an image from ANZ's own image library.

The ANZ DesignMyCard in a nutshell

If you are a new customer of ANZ, or you don't have an ANZ account at the moment

  • Choose from the ANZ Access Advantage, the ANZ Low Rate, or the ANZ First
  • Design your card to your personal taste
  • Complete an application online

If you are an existing customer of ANZ:

  • Select the card that you currently have: the ANZ Access Advantage, the ANZ Low Rate, or the ANZ First
  • Design your card to your personal taste
  • Complete your details online and your new card will be sent to you

Compare Credit Cards with Personalised Design

Rates last updated December 13th, 2018
Name Product Purchase rate (p.a.) Balance transfer rate (p.a.) Annual fee Product Description
ANZ Low Rate
12.49% p.a.
0% p.a. for 15 months
$58 p.a.
Save with a 0% p.a. introductory rate on balance transfers for 15 months with no BT fee. Plus a low 12.49% p.a. interest rate on purchases.
ANZ First Visa Credit Card
19.74% p.a.
0% p.a. for 18 months with 2% balance transfer fee
$30 p.a.
Get up to 18 months interest-free on balance transfers and save with a low $30 annual fee. Plus, up to 44 days interest-free on purchases.
Bendigo Bank Low Rate Platinum Mastercard
11.99% p.a.
$89 p.a.
Offers premium features such as mobile phone and tablet insurance and purchase protections, plus, up to 55 days interest-free on purchases.
Bendigo Bank Low Rate Mastercard
11.99% p.a.
$0 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($45 p.a. thereafter)
A no-frills card with a low variable purchase interest rate of 11.99% p.a. and a $0 first year annual fee.
Bendigo Bank Platinum Rewards Mastercard
19.99% p.a.
$89 p.a.
Get 75,000 bonus points when you spend $2,500 within 90 days. Plus, access to complimentary insurance covers and Mastercard Priceless Cities.

Compare up to 4 providers

Rates last updated December 13th, 2018
Debit Card Access ATM Withdrawal Fee Fee Free Deposit p.m. Details Monthly Account Fee
ANZ Access Advantage
Pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay. $5 waivable monthly account fee. Monthly account fee waived if you deposit at least $2,000 a month, are under 25 or if you meet other eligibility criteria.
Visa $0 $2,000 $0 account keeping fees if you deposit at least $2,000 per month. Otherwise, a $5 monthly fee applies. Unlimited free withdrawals at ANZ ATMs. More

The DesignMyCard service offers the customer a fun, personalised card, providing it is one of the cards already mentioned. With certain understandable exceptions, which will be listed at the end, you can choose any image you like and know that you are carrying a unique piece of plastic around with you.

Any additional cardholders or joint account holders will also be able to create their own ANZ card, and are not required to have the image you have chosen. Whatever you choose will last for three years with the ANZ Low Rate or the ANZ First, and for 34 months with the ANZ Access Advantage card.

Provided your chosen image is accepted, your new ANZ card will be sent to you within ten working days. However, if you are a making an application for a new ANZ credit card, this will obviously be subject to the normal credit card application approval process.

Anyone applying for the ANZ Low Rate, or ANZ First, whose application is rejected for any reason, can still open an ANZ Access Advantage account and design their own ANZ Access card, because this is not a credit card and therefore, does not require the same kind of credit approval.

Applying for an ANZ DesignMyCard

If you are not an existing ANZ customer, this is what you must do if you would like to apply for an ANZ DesignMyCard for a ANZ Low Rate, or ANZ First:

  1. Go to the DesignMyCard home page, which is
  2. Choose the credit card that you want to apply for
  3. Click on the "Start Designing" button
  4. Either upload an appropriate image of your own from your computer, or choose an image from ANZ's image library
  5. Complete the design of your chosen card
  6. Make an application for the ANZ card you have chosen and designed
  7. Wait for the confirmation email that your image is acceptable. This should arrive within two business days
  8. If your card application is approved, you should receive your new credit card within 10 business days
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Selecting images for an ANZ designmycard

No matter whether you are designing for an ANZ Access Advantage, ANZ Low Rate, or ANZ First, you must follow certain rules to ensure that your chosen image is acceptable if you are uploading one from your own collection.

Any image that has been saved in an electronic format should be suitable, as long as its dimensions are at least 480 x 480 pixels. This ensures that the image is large enough to create a decent print on your card. You can check that the image has suitable dimensions in the following way: Right click on the image on your computer, then choose "Properties". When the Properties window opens, you can locate the dimensions of your image under the "General" tab.

ANZ suggests that your image file is somewhere between 300Kb and 3MB in size, although you can use files up to 8MB. If it is less than 300kb, the resulting image may appear too grainy when it is enlarged to fit the card. Upload times will vary depending on the size.

Suitable image sources for your new ANZ card include:

  • Those taken with a digital camera
  • Those taken with a mobile phone
  • Those scanned or received via email
  • Those stored on your computer

For your image to be legal, you must be the copyright owner of the image, or you must have the express permission of the copyright owner of the image to use it on your card.

Black and white, one-colour or full-colour images are acceptable, and your image must be in one of the following formats: JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg), Bitmap (.bmp), GIF (.gif), or TIFF (.tiff).

You also have the facility to edit your image to your requirements. DesignMyCard incorporates design tools that allow you to scale, rotate, flip and move your image until you have exactly what you want. Specifically:

  • The "scale" bar allows you to alter the size of your image
  • The "rotate" tool allows you to turn your image 90-degrees at a time
  • The "flip" tool allows you to reverse your image left to right, as though looking in a mirror

For these editing tools to work, you will need to have Flash player 6.0 or above installed on your computer. This can be downloaded for free.

Once you have finished designing your card, you will be shown an online preview so you can make sure you like it. If you are happy with it, you can submit your order; if not, you can create another design.

Image restrictions

Understandably, not all images can be accepted on the ANZ DesignMyCard website. Any that clearly breach a third party's copyright will be rejected, likewise any that fall into the following areas:

  • Company names, trademarks, logos, slogans, or brands of any third party
  • Promotional material or branded products
  • Celebrities, actors, musicians, sportspeople, public figures or cartoons
  • Works of art
  • Addresses, phone numbers, URL addresses, account numbers or PIN numbers
  • Sexual or otherwise provocative material
  • Offensive, violent, obscene or indecent material, including nudity or semi-nudity
  • Profanity or obscenities, including portrayals of bigotry, racism, or hatred
  • Illegal or anti-social behaviour
  • Alcohol, tobacco, firearms, gambling, or pharmaceutical items
  • Culturally or socially insensitive
  • Portrayal of the beliefs of political groups, religious groups, or socially unacceptable groups
  • Libellous or defamatory content
  • Violating any of the rules, regulations or laws to which the images are subject
  • Unacceptable for persons under 18 years of age

If ANZ does reject an image you have submitted, you will be advised and you will be able to redesign your card at no extra cost.

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ANZ DesignMyCard Security

The ANZ DesignMyCard website and application form use 128-bit encryption. Any accepted images will be stored for the purposes of replacement cards for up to three years for credit cards and 34 months for Access Advantage cards. After that time, the image will be deleted from the ANZ system, although a small copy may be retained for audit purposes. When an image is rejected, it is immediately deleted, along with all the other related data you have used in making your request.

Although you will receive an email from ANZ confirming that your image has been either accepted or rejected, you should never receive any email from ANZ that asks for any account information such as passwords, customer numbers, or any other personal details. Nor will any ANZ email contain links to sites where this information should be input. If you receive any emails of this sort, they will be phishing scams with the aim of gaining illegal access to your account.

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