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Multi-policy discounts with car insurance

If you have more than one type of insurance (car, home, health) you could save money. We've put together a list of providers offering car and home insurance bundles, multi-car discounts and money off your car insurance if you also have private health insurance.

What multi-policy discounts are available?

Insurers currently offering multi-policy discounts for those who have a comprehensive car insurance policy with them include:

FundMulti-policy discount
APIACombine two or more eligible policies to get 10% off each.
Bupa15% off for Bupa Ultimate Health Insurance members; 10% off for other Bupa Health Insurance members.
GIOCombine 3 or more eligible policies with GIO to get 10% off.
NRMAVarious discounts depending on the number of policies you hold and how long you have been a member.
RAAHold 3 or more eligible policies with RAA for a 10% discount on each policy.
RACQCombine two or more eligible policies to earn up to 5% off.
RACTA premium discount may apply if you combine comprehensive car insurance with home and contents insurance.
ShannonsPolicyholders may get a discount of up to 10% for their home and contents insurance.
SuncorpIf you hold three eligible Suncorp policies, a discount of 15% on each may apply. For more information about discounts you may be eligible for, visit Suncorp.

How do multi-policy discounts work?

Competition is hot in Australia's insurance industry. This is good news for you as it means insurers are trying harder to get you to join them.

Multi-policy discounts are one example of insurers trying to get you to join their squad.

Basically, if you insurer many different policies with them (like car insurance, home, travel, life or pet) then you can benefit from a discount. You save cash in your pocket, and the insurer benefits from you not switching providers. Sometimes it does help to be loyal!

What can I group together?

The most typical multi-policy discount offered is for car insurance paired with home insurance. As home insurance costs more than car insurance, you benefit from the saving you make on a more expensive premium and the insurer benefits from selling you a more expensive product.

Other multi-policy discounts typically offered with car insurance include vehicle-related policies such as caravan insurance, trailer, motorcycle insurance and boat insurance. Discounts are also often available for multiple cars which are garaged at the same address.

And because these are all insurance products you would probably have to purchase anyway, being able to group them together in this way means you benefit from cheaper overall cover.

How do I get a multi-policy discount?

The easiest way to get a multi-policy discount is to approach your existing insurer, or if they do not offer such discounts, to shop around and switch to an insurer that does.

Look for one that offers discounts for all the types of insurance you need and is offering a higher discount than its competitors. But make sure you are getting the same level of cover before you switch by comparing the product disclosure statements of your current and new policies.

Is it always better value?

How much you save with multi-policy discounts will depend on your insurer and on the types of policies you bundle together.

As a general rule, you will save more with a discount on a more costly product such as home insurance than you will with the same discount on a cheaper policy such as trailer insurance. Many insurers also offer larger discounts on more expensive products to encourage you to buy (i.e. 15% on home insurance compared with 10% on trailer insurance).

But as with all insurance purchases, it pays to shop around because if one insurer charges more for the same product than another, then any multi-policy discount they offer will only bring the cost down to the same price as its competitor. So look for value for money first and then factor in your multi-policy discount.

Car and home insurance

A common way to bundle your policies for a discount is purchasing a policy for your home, contents and car insurance combined – the essentials to ensure you're protected in an emergency.

Take a look at the insurers that provide home and car insurance bundles.

CompanyCar Insurance Product
Apia Logo Image: Supplied


Save 20% on each eligible policy you hold with APIA. Includes car, home, motorcycle and caravan insurances.
GIO Logo Image: Supplied


Get a 10% discount if you hold 3 or more eligible policies, including comprehensive car insurance and home insurance.
NRMA logo


NRMA Insurance gives a discount for Comprehensive car insurance in NSW, ACT, TAS, QLD, ACT, SA and WA and Home and Contents insurance based on the number of years you've been a customer with NRMA. Visit their website to calculate your savings.
RAA Logo Image: Supplied


Receive a 10% discount off each policy when you have three or more in the same name with RAA, including Comprehensive car insurance and Home and Contents insurance.
RACQ Logo Image: Supplied


Score 5% off each policy when you hold 3 or more eligible policies, including comprehensive car insurance and Home and Contents cover.
Picture not described: RACT_Logo_Supplied_111x111.png Image: Getty


RACT gives Tasmanians premium discounts when combining Motor Vehicle insurance with Home & Contents insurance. Visit the RACT website for full details.
RACV Logo Image: Supplied


Save 10% if you have at least one other insurance policy under the same name with RACV, including Comprehensive, Complete Care care insurance and Home insurance.
Shannons Logo Image: Supplied


Get 10% off your home and contents insurance by holding an eligible car insurance policy.
Suncorp Logo Image: Supplied


Receive a 15% discount when you combine 3 or more policies – the saving applies to each plan.

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