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NBN: 5.6 million Aussies don’t care

  • 2.4 million Aussies are yet to check if their home is NBN-ready
  • 1 in 10 Aussies live in an NBN-ready home, but haven’t activated their service
  • launches broadband plan comparison tool that shows available NBN plans

15 November 2016 Sydney, Australia – It’s the largest infrastructure project the nation has undertaken, but Australians are largely indifferent about connecting to the National Broadband Network, according to new research from, Australia’s most visited financial comparison website. surveyed 2,005 Australians on whether they know if their home is NBN-ready, and almost one third (31%) of Australians who don’t have NBN aren’t fussed about accessing speedy internet.

In fact, 13% haven’t even bothered to check if their home is connected, while 7% don’t know how to check when their home will be connected. Furthermore, 10% of Australians live in an NBN-ready home but haven’t activated their service.

Aussies are consuming data like never before and our appetite for broadband is growing, explains Alex Kidman, telco expert at

“From the get-go the NBN has been intertwined in political plays. It’s been hyped, hyped some more, pushed back, redesigned and redeployed, so it’s no surprise that a third of us -- equivalent to 5.6 million Australians -- are either confused by it or tired of hearing about it,” says Mr Kidman.

To help Aussies understand what options are available to them, has launched a broadband plan comparison tool which shows available NBN plans for NBN-ready premises.

“The key difference for consumers is that is the only service that shows NBN plans from providers which are specifically available at the user’s location,” says Mr Kidman.

By visiting and entering your home or work address, pending NBN availability on the premises, the site will show available plans. If the premises are not NBN-ready, ADSL and Cable plans will show up. See below for screenshots.

State by state

While the rollout is national, the research shows Victorians are the most likely to have not bothered to connect up even when an NBN service is available, while West Australians are the least likely to know how to check service availability or NBN future plans.

Tasmanians lead the pack when it comes to activating their service, which is unsurprising as it was the first state to be connected.

Generational Breakdown
Surprisingly, Gen Y -- often referred to as the generation who can’t tear themselves away from social media or the internet -- is the most clueless when it comes to checking their NBN status.

Gen Y is also the most reluctant to activating their NBN connection, with 14% living in NBN-ready homes and not activating their service. Baby Boomers, on the other hand, are speedier in connecting to the NBN: only 6% in areas where it is available have unactivated connections.

Search result for premise not NBN-ready:

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 4.03.06 PM

Search result for NBN-ready premise:

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 4.26.38 PM


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