Kogan Money credit card

The competitively priced, rewards credit card will be available in Australia in 2019.

Kogan.com has announced plans to launch a Kogan Money credit card in 2019. No specific card details have been released yet, but Kogan has said the card will be competitively priced and offer loyalty incentives for consumers who shop at Kogan.com and elsewhere with their card.

The card will be marketed by Kogan but issued by Citi, which will also provide the system infrastructure, regulatory and compliance oversights and branded digital platforms.

We will update this guide once more information regarding the new product has been confirmed.

Benefits of Kogan Money credit cards

Although the details haven't been released, here are some of the features we do know about the Kogan Money credit card.

Competitive cost

Kogan Money has confirmed that this credit card will be competitively priced. This could mean that the card could charge a low or $0 annual fee. It could also mean that it has a competitive purchase interest rate.

If you're in the market for a low interest rate or no annual fee credit card right now, you can start comparing your options on Finder.

Loyalty rewards

The Kogan Money credit card will offer loyalty incentives to reward cardholders when they shop. These loyalty incentives have yet to be confirmed but may come in the form of discounts, cashback or reward points.

You can also compare other credit cards with rewards programs and cashback deals on Finder.

How to apply for a Kogan Money credit card

This card isn't currently available on the market and won't be open for application until 2019. This guide will be updated with the relevant eligibility requirements and application details once they're available.

The news of Kogan Money's credit card follows the announcement that the online retailer is branching out into financial products such as superannuation and home loans. Check back on Finder for the latest details about these new products.

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