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Health Insurance Victoria

Victoria is Australia’s most expensive state for health insurance, so it pays to compare. Victorians are also the less likely that average to have private health insurance in the first place!

What you need to know

  • 42.4% of Victorians have hospital cover. 50.2% have extras cover.
  • Victorians are quite a bit less likely to have hospital or extras cover than the average Aussie.
  • The price of health insurance in Victoria is higher than every other state.

The price of hospital insurance in Victoria

Victorian hospital premiums are the highest in the country, which sucks. However, premiums are standardised by state, so you'll pay the same whether you live in Melbourne, Morwell or Mildura. The table below lists the average monthly premiums for hospital policies from each of the 4 coverage tiers with a $750 excess. The prices are for a single person earning less than $93,000 a year living in Melbourne. The numbers are updated monthly.


VIC health insurance statistics

42.4% of Victorians have hospital cover, while 50.2% have extras cover. That's less than the national averages, especially for extras. See the table below for more details. These numbers come from APRA's quarterly health insurance statistics in August 2023.

Hospital CoverExtras cover

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Finder survey: What are the main reasons Australians in different states have hospital insurance?

Peace of mind38.68%34.81%32%35.53%34.5%
To avoid public surgery waiting lists24.53%22.22%26.67%24.37%23.32%
To get better health care as I get older20.75%10.74%12%8.63%14.38%
For tax reasons16.04%13.7%10.67%9.64%17.25%
To have a private hospital room13.21%9.26%13.33%10.15%9.9%
To get better health care for my family8.49%10.37%9.33%7.61%10.54%
To pick my own surgeon8.49%7.41%4%6.6%7.03%
To cover a specific issue (non-pregnancy)3.77%4.44%3.55%4.79%
For pregnancy cover2.83%2.22%1.33%2.03%3.19%
None of the above0.94%0.74%0.64%
Source: Finder survey by Pure Profile of 1006 Australians, December 2023
Data for ACT, NT, TAS not shown due to insufficient sample size. Some other states may also be excluded for this reason.

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