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nib is one of Australia’s fastest growing health funds. nib Health Insurance provide health and medical cover to over one million Australian and New Zealand residents. Private health insurance provides more health care options than Medicare, and is an investment in peace of mind. Keep reading to review nib Health Insurance and find out if it's right for you.

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October update: 4% discount for direct debits from an account only. Not applicable to credit card or other payment methods.

*Receive $100 off your policy

Join NIB on any combined hospital and extras policy before 31 December 2016 and get a $100 discount.

*Terms and conditions

    • These Terms and Conditions apply to the nib “$100 off your Policy” offer (Offer). By participating, claimants agree to be bound by these conditions. Claims must comply with these conditions to be valid.
    • The Promoter is nib health funds limited ABN 83 000 124 381 of 22 Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle NSW 2300. Phone: 13 16 42 (“Promoter” or “nib”).
    • The Offer commences at 12:00 am (AEST) on 1 December 2016 and closes at 11.59pm (AEST) on 31 December 2016 (“Offer Period”). Policies purchased after 11.59pm (AEST) on 31 December 2016 will not be eligible for the Offer.
    • This Offer is open only to permanent residents of Australia who are 18 years or over as at the date of joining (being the date of completion of join) (“Eligible Customers”).
    • The Offer is only available in conjunction with the purchase of a nib combined Hospital and Extras Australian resident’s health insurance product during the Offer Period (“Eligible Product”), and does not apply to the purchase of a nib overseas students health insurance, international workers health insurance, corporate private health insurance, travel insurance product or dependants moving from family/parents cover to their own Policy.
    • The offer consists of $100 off the premium of the Eligible Product purchased by an Eligible Customer where the entry requirements in paragraph 7 are met. The $100 off will be applied on 1 April, 2017. Note: the Offer is unable to be applied and will be forfeited if the Eligible Customer does not hold the Eligible Product on 1 April 2017.
    • Eligible Customers must meet the following entry requirements (“Entry Requirements”):
      • the Eligible Customer must successfully purchase an Eligible Product during the Offer Period with nib Health Funds;
      • the Eligible Product must have a Policy Start Date between 1 December 2016 and 31 December 2016;
      • the Eligible Product must be current and paid up to date on 28 February 2017;
      • the Eligible Customer must not be a current policyholder, or have joined and cancelled an Eligible Product 2 months before or during the Offer Period;
      • the Eligible Customer must have a valid email address applied to their policy; and
      • the Eligible Customer must not be an employee of the Promoter or its agencies.
    • Limit of one (1) $100 off amount will be applied per new Eligible Product purchased. Where the policy is a couples or family policy, the $100 off amount will be applied only once.
    • The Offer cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion, corporate policy rate, APIA or Qantas Assure policy.
    • Eligible Customers who meet the Entry Requirements will be entitled to receive the gift unless they notify the Promoter that they do not wish to participate in the Offer.
    • The Offer cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion, corporate policy rate, APIA or Qantas Assure policy.
    • Eligible Customers who meet the Entry Requirements will be entitled to receive the gift unless they notify the Promoter that they do not wish to participate in the Offer.
    • After the Entry Requirements are met, an email will be sent to the registered email address of the Eligible Customer during the second week of March 2017 advising of the policy qualifying for the Offer. The $100 off amount will be applied to the policy on 1 April 2017, with further correspondence sent to confirm the new policy Date Paid To date.
    • This Offer is not transferable, exchangeable or able to be combined with any other offer or discount from nib.
    • The goods and/or services provided by the Promoter through this promotion come with consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law ("ACL") that cannot be limited or excluded by these Terms and Conditions. Except for this liability under the ACL and any other liability that cannot be excluded by law, the Promoter (including its officers, employees and agents) excludes all liability (including negligence), for any personal injury; or any loss or damage (including loss of opportunity); whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, arising in any way out of the promotion. Nothing in these conditions of entry restricts, excludes, modifies or purports to restrict, exclude or modify any statutory consumer rights under any applicable law including the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).
    • The Promoter reserves the right to withdraw or substitute all or part of this Offer with another offer of equal or greater value at the Promoter’s sole discretion. Eligible Customers will not be entitled to any additional compensation in the event that the gift or element of a gift has been substituted at equal or greater value.
    • Proof of identity, residency and eligibility is at the discretion of the Promoter. In the event that a policyholder cannot provide suitable proof, they may forfeit the Offer in whole and no substitute will be offered.
    • The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any persons that provides false information or who seeks to gain an unfair advantage or to manipulate this promotion.
    • The Promoter (subject to State and Territory legislation) reserves the right to amend, cancel or suspend this Offer if an event beyond the control of the Promoter corrupts or affect the administration security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this Offer.
    • Personal information is being collected by the Promoter in order to facilitate the conduct of this promotion. For this purpose, personal information may be disclosed to selected third parties, including but not limited to agents, related entities, contractors, service providers, prize suppliers and, as required, to Australian regulatory authorities. Participation is conditional on providing this personal information. The Promoter will use and handle personal information collected as set out in its Privacy Policy, which can be viewed at Each Privacy Policy also contains information about how individuals may opt out, access, update or correct their information, how individuals may complain about the treatment of their information, and how those complaints will be dealt with.

nib Health Insurance options

nib offers Hospital and Extras cover for singles, couples and families, with four levels of Hospital cover including Basic, Standard, Advantage and Top. nib also offers two levels of Extras cover: Top Extras and Core Extras (which can be tailored to your needs).

Hospital cover

Basic Hospital
      • Basic Hospital includes treatment for accidental injury, ambulance, appendix, tonsils and adenoid removal, colonoscopies, dental surgery, gastroscopies, treatment for ear infections, gynaecological services, hernia repair and joint investigations and reconstructions.
      • Excludes back surgery, brain surgery, obesity surgery, heart procedures, stroke treatment, cancer treatment, eye treatments, joint replacements, renal dialysis, IVF, infertility investigations, pregnancy and birth services and cosmetic surgery.
Standard Hospital
      • Standard Hospital includes everything offered in Basic Hospital cover plus brain surgery, cancer treatment, heart procedures and stroke treatment.
      • Excludes back surgery, obesity surgery, eye treatments, joint replacements, renal dialysis, IVF, infertility investigations, pregnancy and birth services and cosmetic surgery.
Advantage Hospital
      • Advantage Hospital includes everything covered in Standard Hospital cover plus back surgery, eye treatments, joint replacements and renal dialysis.
      • Excludes obesity surgery, IVF, infertility investigations, pregnancy and birth services and cosmetic surgery.
Top Hospital
      • Top Hospital includes everything covered in Advantage Hospital plus IVF, infertility investigations, obesity surgery, pregnancy and birth services.
      • Excludes cosmetic surgery.

Extras cover

nib also offers two levels of Extras cover; Core Extras and Top Extras. Core Extras is basic extras cover (dental, optical, physio and ambulance) which you can add bundles to in order to create the best package for your needs. You can add up to two extra bundles to your Core Extras from three different categories including Family, Wellbeing and Young at Heart.

      • Family Extras – this bundle adds extras that would be useful to a typical family and includes orthodontia, speech pathology, podiatry, orthotics, occupational therapy, antenatal and postnatal services, family health aids and preventative tests.
      • Wellbeing Extras – this bundle adds extras suitable for those seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They include chiro, osteo, natural therapies, dietary advice, psychology, wellbeing health aids, preventative tests and a healthier lifestyle benefit.
      • Young at Heart Extras – this bundle contains extras most useful for those wanting to maintain their health in later life. They include podiatry, orthotics, dietary advice, pharmaceutical prescriptions, hearing aids, preventative tests and young at heart health aids.

For those wanting premium extras, nib’s Top Extras provides the ultimate cover. It includes an extensive range of extras with higher annual limits including ambulance, dental, optical, physio, antenatal and postnatal services, chiro, osteo, dietary advice, exercise physiology, eye therapy, top health aids, a healthier lifestyle benefit, hearing aids and speech processors, home nursing, natural therapies, occupational therapy, orthodontia, pharmaceutical prescriptions, podiatry, orthotics, preventative tests, psychology and speech pathology.

What exclusions apply to nib cover?

With any policy there will be exclusions involved but it is always good to make sure that your health insurance doesn’t exclude something you need. Some of the exclusions from nib’s health cover are:

      • Any service listed as Excluded on a Customer’s Policy
      • Any Hospital Excess
      • Pharmaceuticals available under the PBS
      • Services rendered in a nursing home
      • Respite care
      • Special nursing.

How much does it cost?

The cost of nib’s Health Insurance depends on a number of factors such as:

      • The cover option you select. The amount of money you pay depends on what cover option you select. If you select singles health insurance then you will pay less because you are paying to cover one person. Couples is almost doubled because you are paying for two people and family health insurance is the most expensive because you are paying for your whole family.
      • What level of cover you select. The level of cover you select will impact the amount you pay. nib’s basic hospital cover is the cheapest form of cover because it covers the smallest amount of in-hospital treatments. The higher level of cover the more you pay and the more you are covered for.
      • What Extras you select. The additional extras you select will also add to the cost of insurance. The cost will go up depending on how many you choose.
      • Hospital Excess. nib has two different levels of hospital excess, $250 or $500. The amount of excess you pay will reduce the amount that you pay for your insurance per week.

What excesses apply to cover?

An excess charge is the amount that you pay towards the cost of your stay in hospital before any benefits are payable by nib. With nib there are two levels of excess you can choose, $250 or $500 per person. The number of times that you pay excess per calendar year is determined by your policy. The less excess you pay the more your premium will be. Most hospitals expect that you pay your excess before admission into the hospital. Something to be aware of is that nib doesn’t cover hospital excess and neither does Medicare

How to save on your policy

      • Choosing the right cover for you. Tailor your policy to your specific health requirements, then you are less likely to be paying for cover that you don’t need.
      • Medicare Levy Surcharge. Rather than paying the Medicare Levy, people earning over the threshold can spend it on their private health care.
      • Having Health Insurance saves you money. While paying a weekly fee may seem costly at the time, if you actually do get sick, health insurance will help reduce the cost of hospital fees and may save you money in the long run.

Making a Claim

To make a claim with nib, you will need to fill out a claim form that is available on v’s website or in one of nib’s Retail Centres. After the form has been filled out and any necessary documents have been attached you are required to mail the form to nib or you can take it into one of their retail outlets. Alternatively if you sign up to an online account with nib then you can quickly and easily make your claim online. nib has also recently released an nib iPhone, iPad & Android app that allows you to submit your claim via your phone. All you have to do is take a photo of your medical receipts and submit them to nib through the app.

Get the nib claims app


Is there an option for overseas visitors?

nib offers a health insurance option for overseas students and working visitors through a wholly owned subsidiary company called IMAN Australian Health Plans. IMAN offers a range of different covers for working visitors, these include: Budget, Value, Basic, Mid and Top Visitor Cover. There are a number of different benefits that their cover offers:

      • It meets the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) working visa requirements
      • You won’t pay any hospital Excess
      • It covers ambulance and medical repatriation cover
      • They will provide you with a confirmation of health cover letter
      • It covers 100% of the cost of private and public hospitals.

Are there any additional benefits?

nib offers a 30-day guarantee to all of their new customers. This means that if you aren’t happy with your cover they will refund your premiums as long as you contact them within the first 30 days of signing up and you haven’t already made a claim. Not to mention nib is a well-known health fund with a good reputation, which will give you confidence knowing that your health is in good hands.

Compare nib product with the help of an adviser

There are many benefits to having health insurance, and choosing the right cover for you is very important. nib’s health insurance has a range of options that have been well crafted to provide their customers with cover for the things they need and not the things they don’t. With nib your dollar will go further and by tailoring your policy to your needs you will get a lot out of their policies.

Speak with an adviser about nib products

How does nib scale its claim payments on treatments?

The benefit members receive from nib will vary depending on the medical service they claim for, with the amount paid increasing with the severity of the condition or complexity of the procedure.

Below you can see how nib scales its payments on 22 commonly claimed for medical services, and includes Medicare's (MBS) benefits for comparison:

Basal Cell Carcinoma or Squamous Cell Carcinoma removal from nose, eyelid, lip, ear, digit or genitalia$221.35$296.90
Breast, benign lesion surgical biopsy of excision$260.05$348.80
Carpal Tunnel Release$276.80$417.55
Cataract Surgery$760.55$1,144.90
Complicated Delivery (of baby)$1,629.35$2,280.10
Coronary Artery Bypass$2,200.00$3,064.80
Cytotoxic Chemotherapy$97.95$111.00
Femoral on Inguinal Hernia$464.50$623.05
Hip Replacement$1,317.80$2,013.85
Knee Replacement$2,047.60$2,013.85
Overnight investigation for sleep apnoea$588.00$709.40
Tonsils or Tonsils and Adenoid$295.70$442.65
Uncomplicated Delivery (of baby)$693.95$1,550.60
Vaginal Hysterectomy$674.70$1,012.05
Varicose Veins$109.80$148.35


I recognise most of these funds except for the AHSA, what is that?

The Australian Health Service Alliance is a management services organisation that represents a number of small to medium sized health insurance funds, allowing them to combine resources to deliver a higher quality of service to their members.

The funds represented by the ASHA are:

      • ACA Health Benefits Fund
      • Australian Unity Health Limited
      • CBHS Health Fund Limited
      • CUA Health Limited
      • Defence Health
      • GMF Health
      • GMHBA
      • Budget Direct Health Insurance
      • Frank Health Insurance
      • GU Health
      • HBF Health Ltd
      • Health Care Insurance Limited
      • Health Insurance Fund of Australia Limited
      • Health Partners
      • Navy Health
      • onemedifund
      • Peoplecare Health Insurance
      • Phoenix Health Fund
      • Police Health Limited
      • Queensland Country Health Fund Limited
      • Reserve Bank Health Society Ltd
      • rt health fund
      • Teachers Health Fund > UniHealth Insurance
      • Teachers Union Health
      • The Doctors' Health Fund Pty Ltd
      • Transport Health
      • Westfund

Speak with an adviser about nib products

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  1. Default Gravatar
    Sue | September 28, 2016

    I have a couples plus policy can you please tell me what hospital cover that is as this site has basic, standard, advantage and top. The hospital cover described on your info sheet is very general and contains no details. Also why am i paying for labour ward when it is not relevant to my situation. Thank you.

    • Staff
      Richard | September 28, 2016

      Hi Sue,

      Thanks for getting in touch. is a comparison service and not nib. To discuss your policy, you will need to get in contact with nib directly to discuss your policy details. You can do this by calling 13 16 42 or heading to the nib contact us page.

      All the best,

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