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nib extras only Health Insurance

Choose between four different types of extras cover with nib, and get up to 100% back on optical and dental.

With four kinds of extras cover on offer, nib allows you to only pay for what you need. With almost a million subscribers in New Zealand and Australia, nib can help you pay for those everyday things you need to keep you going.

Top 3 features
  1. Good for 100% back on optical and dental check-ups at nib eye care or dental care centres.
  2. Good for people who may require speech processors. nib's top level of extras cover provides benefits for speech processors in addition to hearing aids, which many extras policies omit.
  3. Good for dental cover. Even nib's most basic extras package includes cover for major dental work, which is usually only provided in higher tiers on other policies.

What extras only plans are available?

nib offers four different extras only plans:

  • Core Extras/Core Extras Boost. Provides a 60% benefit on a basic range of extras. The Boost plan provides the same benefits, but with a higher annual limit.
  • Core and Wellbeing Extras. Provides a 60% benefit on the same range as Core Extras, with things like natural therapies and chiropractic included.
  • Top Extras. Provides a 75% benefit on a full range of services. nib's top-level extras plan.

Other benefits of nib Extras Cover

In addition to the benefits outlined above, nib members have access to the following:

  • 100% optical and dental back. If you visit an nib eye care or dental care centre, you can receive up to 100% back in benefits, up to your annual limit.
  • nib Rewards. Members have access to discounts and offers at 150+ retailers, including savings on things like groceries and gym memberships.
  • nib First Choice Network. By using an nib First Choice Network provider, you'll be able to lower your out-of-pocket costs and likely receive more affordable healthcare.

How do the costs work?

The way that extras operate with nib is simple. When claiming on a service, you'll receive back 60% of the cost from nib (75% with Top Extras), up to your annual limit. When you hit your annual limit for a particular service, you won't be able to claim any more benefits for that service until the following calendar year.

Keep in mind that certain groups of treatments may have sub-limits included, meaning you can only claim that total between the group of services per year, regardless of their individual limits.

Waiting periods and limitations

The waiting periods imposed upon extras claims are as follows:

  • 1 day: For ambulance services.
  • 2 months: For all services, except those in one of the other categories.
  • 6 months: For optical appliances and repairs and healthier lifestyle benefits.
  • 12 months: For specialty dental, removal of wisdom teeth, some dental surgeries by non-specialist doctors, dentures, orthodontics, and artificial aids (excluding orthotics).
  • 36 months: For hearing aids.

How to make a claim

Generally, you'll be able to make a claim on the spot at a provider, simply by swiping your membership card. Otherwise, you can make claims online, using the nib App, or, if necessary, mailing in a claim form.

How much does health insurance cost?

We ask hundreds of Australians what they're paying for health insurance every month. Here's what they told us in May 2024.
  • Basic: $110
  • Bronze: $143
  • Silver: $162
  • Gold: $197
Price based on 1,000+ responses for single hospital insurance.

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