Accord broadband plans compared January 2019

Officeworks is taking on the broadband industry with its Accord-branded NBN plans.

Launched at the tail end of 2018, Accord is the broadband offshoot of the retail chain Officeworks. It deals exclusively in NBN services, offering a simple selection of plans that all come with unlimited data and operate on a 12-month contract.

Accord NBN plans

Simplicity is what Accord aims for with its NBN plans, offering just three options that each include unlimited monthly data and differ only in speed. You can choose between a Standard NBN connection, a Standard Plus connection or a Premium connection, with pricing as follows:

  • Unlimited NBN Standard: $69 per month
  • Unlimited NBN Fast: $79 per month
  • Unlimited NBN Ultra-Fast: $89 per month

All three plans operate on a 12-month contract. Accord charges no set-up fees, but you will have to pay a $110 early termination charge if you want to cancel your plan before the full year is up.

While NBN plans from different providers share the same speed tiers, the actual download speeds they deliver can vary dramatically from provider to provider. For Accord, customers can expect the average speeds listed below during the busy peak hours of 7pm to 11pm:

  • Unlimited NBN Standard: 20.91 Mbps
  • Unlimited NBN Fast: 43.60 Mbps
  • Unlimited NBN Ultra-Fast: 80.00 Mbps

Along with the basic broadband Internet service, Accord offers a Voice over IP (VoIP) phone service that you can add to any of its core NBN plans. For $10 extra a month, you get unlimited local and national calls, while $20 a month gets you that plus 400 minutes to Australian mobile numbers. $30 a month, meanwhile, scores you unlimited local, national and mobile calls.

Accord also offers a range of business NBN plans for those who require more features than the core NBN service provides. These features include a static IP address, priority technical support and the ability to filter Internet traffic to limit potential security issues within your business. Accord's Business NBN plans clock in at $20 more expensive per month than the Personal plans.

How does Accord compare?

While the simplicity of Accord's NBN plans is a welcome change, it doesn't quite justify the premium Accord charges over the competition. Having to commit to a 12-month contract is a big ask, too, especially when so many competitors offer commitment-free, no-lock-in contracts at similar or cheaper rates.

Why should you consider Accord?

Accord's selling point is simplicity and its three basic NBN plans do indeed strip away some of the complexity inherent in other telcos' NBN offerings. Unlimited data and no set-up fees make it easy to see just how much Accord's plans will cost you, no matter how much downloading you engage in.

Unfortunately, Accord's plan pricing errs on the more-expensive side, with many competing providers offering comparable services at a considerably cheaper rate. It's only at the Premium tier of NBN plans that Accord stands tall among the best in the industry and even then you'll have to be willing to commit to 12 months of service rather than go with a no-lock-in contract from one of its rivals.

How to contact Accord

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Technical support1300 017 150
Customer service1300 017 150
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