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Mildura Health Fund

Seeking health insurance? Mildura Health Fund members receive benefits and competitive premiums.

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The Mildura District Hospital Fund, or Mildura Health Fund, offers basic and comprehensive hospital cover at 435 hospitals Australia-wide. If you're able to be treated at the Mildura Health Private Hospital, you'll be able to receive no-gap treatment and high levels of cover for a wide range of health services.

What you need to know

  • Mildura health fund is great if you are able to access health care at Mildura Health Private Hospital
  • This health fund is good for young people 25 and under, who can save up to 10% on their premiums until they are 41
  • Beware of the extras plans. Many benefits are quite small on the lower tiers

Who is the Mildura Health Fund?

The Mildura Health Fund (MHF), is a not-for-profit regional fund which has been operating since 1929. They serve 34,000 members and offer no gap medical benefits to anyone who is treated at the Mildura Health Private Hospital.

What health insurance options are available?

Hospital cover

  • Basic Plus Benefits. MHF's most basic level of cover, this will allow you shared room accommodation as a private patient in a public hospital, and allow you to choose what doctor or specialist treats you. If you end up being treated in a private hospital, you will only be given restricted benefits, potentially leaving you with substantial out-of-pocket costs.
  • Five Star Gold Benefits. This is MHF's premium cover option, allowing you 100% cover for shared or private accommodation, theatre costs and intensive care procedures. It has a flexible excess with five options between $0 - $750 allowing you to adjust your premium as desired.

Extras cover

  • Dental. This option provides gap-free preventative dental cover, and also some cover for general dental, orthodontics and major dental work.
  • Base extras. This is an entry-level extras plan, offering small benefits for physiotherapy, podiatry, chiropractic, optical, eye therapy, some health aids and appliances, and more.
  • Mid extras. This mid-level extras package offers larger benefits for the same treatments as Base extras, but adds some cover for natural therapies, clinical psychology, home nursing, pharmacy, and more.
  • Five star. MHF's most comprehensive extras cover, this provides even larger benefits on services than Mid extras, and Health Management Benefits, with some cover for fitness programs like swimming lessons, weight loss programs and so forth. It also has significantly increased dental benefits.

Information on tiers

Last year, the government introduced four new tiers of health care: Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold. This system is designed to standardise what is offered in each tier, so customers can be more sure of what they're getting with basic requirements laid down. Consumers should have access to greater choice and more flexibility on what they're looking for.

Mildura Health Fund youth discount

Mildura Health Fund offers a discount to young people aged 18-29 to encourage them to take out cover early and maintain it. It's a 10% discount for anyone aged 18-25 who takes out their Five Star Gold hospital cover, with the discount reducing by 2% for each year older than 25 you are.

So long as you remain on eligible hospital cover, you will retain whatever discount you were initially given until you are 41 years old. At that point, your discount will reduce by 2% per year until it reaches zero.

Member offers

There are a few benefits that Mildura Health Fund offers to its members. These include:

  • Member's discount. Members who pay their premiums by direct debit receive a 2.5% discount on their premiums.
  • No-gap providers. Mildura Health Fund has a list of no-gap providers who operate at the Mildura Health Private Hospital. If you are treated by them, you'll be completely covered by MHF for your treatment.
  • Dependants cover. Children will be covered on a family membership until they turn 21 years old, and full-time students can receive cover until they turn 24.

How to make a claim

Making a claim with Mildura Health Fund is designed to be easy:

  • For extras claims. Simply swipe your membership card at recognised health providers and receive your benefit immediately.
  • For other claims. If you can't process a claim by card, you also have the option of lodging via the MHF mobile app, or by filling out a claim form, attaching the proper supporting documentation, and emailing or mailing the form to MHF.

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