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RT Health Fund Review

RT Health Fund is a not-for-profit fund that focuses on rail, transport and energy workers, so all money goes back to members.

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  • It's not-for-profit, which means any money it makes goes back towards its members. Most health funds in Australia are for profit.
  • It comes with a few great perks, from health management and chronic disease prevention programs to hospital at home.


  • RT is a restricted fund, meaning it's good if you're a rail, transport or energy worker or family member but not for anyone else.

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RT health insurance: Our verdict

RT is good if:

RT is not great if:

  • You're happy with a bare bones policy and don't mind that it's a not-for-profit health fund.

Review by our insurance and innovations editor Gary Rose Hunter

What types of health insurance does RT offer?

Hospital icon

Hospital Coverage


  • Gold Premium Hospital. No exclusions or restrictions; this policy covers up to 100% of the cost of treatment in the private or public hospital of your choice, and covers you for all 38 clinical categories.
  • Silver Plus Smart Hospital No Pregnancy. Comprehensive cover that suits most people's needs. It doesn't cover you for procedures such as joint replacement, pregnancy, or kidney dialysis so it's more affordable than Gold Premium.
  • Bronze Plus Step Up Hospital. Suited to the young and healthy, exclusions include joint replacement procedures and their revisions, kidney dialysis, spinal surgery and major eye surgery.
  • Bronze Plus First Start Hospital. For those without any specific health issues or concerns. Available with a $350 or $700 excess, First Start covers you for some treatments of a public hospital or partnered private hospital and lets you choose your doctor.

Extras coverage


There are three levels of extras cover, that can be purchased alongside hospital or as standalone products.

  • Premium Extras. This is RT Health's top-level extras cover option and it provides cover for general and major dental, orthodontics, optical, physiotherapy, chiropractic, occupational therapy, orthoptics, dietetics, audiology, podiatry, speech therapy, psychology, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, alternative therapies, home nursing, hearing aids, health aids and more.
  • Smart Extras. This mid-level policy option covers the same general treatments as a Premium Extras policy but does not provide as generous benefit limits. It also excludes orthodontics cover, creating a combination between a broad range of cover and affordability.
  • Value Extras. This entry-level extras cover option excludes a number of treatment types and features lower benefit limits. However, it still provides cover for general dental, optical, physio, chiropractic, occupational therapy, orthoptics, dietetics, alternative therapies, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, health aids and hearing aids.

Ambulance icon

Ambulance coverage


All RT hospital policies can cover ambulance attendance and transportation depending on where you live. Residents of VIC, SA, WA, TAS, NT can get up to $5,000 per person per year for emergency ambulance attendance or transportation. RT Ambulance cover only applies where the state government scheme does not.

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