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Queensland Country Health Fund Review

Queensland Country Health Insurance offers some discounts for young people on its bronze plus and silver plus policies. But keep in mind this fund doesn't offer a gold-level or equivalent hospital policy.

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  • A strong option for regional-based people who may have to travel long distances for healthcare - $50/night accommodation allowance on hospital covers and concessional rates on furnished apartments near hospitals in Townsville and Brisbane.
  • Decent for families with children – children are automatically included on their parent's policy until the age of 21 at no extra cost, and in some situations can be covered until 25.


  • Beware if you're looking for the highest-tier health-care. Queensland Country Health Fund does not offer a gold-level or equivalent hospital policy.

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Queensland Country health fund: Our verdict

The Queensland Country Health Fund has operated since 1977, serves almost 60,000 members, and is primarily located in rural and regional Queensland but it offers healthcare nationwide at recognised hospitals.

Queensland Country is good if:

You're living in Australia from overseas and you want hospital cover.

  • You are regionally-based.
  • You don't want to be overwhelmed with lots of options.

Queensland Country is not great if:

  • You want a gold-level policy.

Review by our insurance and innovations editor Gary Ross Hunter

What types of health insurance does Queensland Country offer?

Hospital icon

Hospital Coverage


  • Vital Hospital (Bronze+). Designed for people who are young and healthy, this covers many more common standard hospital procedures. Has a flexible excess between $250 - $750 and allows you to choose your own doctor and hospital. Includes one emergency ambulance ride per year and a $50/night accommodation benefit if you have to travel more than 300 kilometres round-trip for treatment.
  • Better Hospital (Silver+). Provides everything that Vital Hospital does as well as other treatments like insulin pumps, hearing aids, and more. Also offers a $1,000 a year nursing service benefit and a hospital boarder cover for people who may have to stay at the hospital for the wellbeing of the patient. High benefits for mechanical aids and appliances, plus a flexible excess of $250 or $500.

Extras icon

Extras coverage


Young and Select extras can be purchased separately or combined with Hospital cover, but Essential and Premium extras must be combined with one of the two Hospital plans above.

  • Young extras. Suitable for young, healthy individuals. Offers basic dental cover, as well as optical, chiropractic, some natural therapies, osteopathy, physiotherapy, podiatry, healthy living benefits and pharmaceuticals.
  • Select extras. This plan has higher yearly limits on the services included in Young extras, but excludes osteopathy, dietitian, acupuncture and Chinese medicine.
  • Essential extras. Covers a wider range of dental services compared to Young extras, but includes cover for audiology, orthoptic and occupational therapy, foot orthoses, exercise physiology, psychology and speech therapy. Also provides benefits for childbirth education and school accidents.
  • Premium extras. Queensland Country's most extensive extras policy. Identical to Essential extras, but with higher yearly limits on what you can claim for each service.

Ambulance icon

Ambulance coverage

You're covered for one emergency ambulance transport service or one on-the-spot emergency treatment per person per year. Cover is available Australia-wide. Queensland following providers are recognised by us:

  • ACT Ambulance Service
  • Ambulance Service of NSW
  • Ambulance Victoria
  • Queensland Ambulance Service
  • South Australia Ambulance Service
  • St John Ambulance Service NT
  • St John Ambulance Service WA
  • Tasmanian Ambulance Service

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