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Occupation ratings for Life, TPD and Income Protection insurance

Search our interactive database to find out how insurers classify your occupation.

Your occupation could have a big impact on life insurance. If you work in a risky occupation you might find that certain exclusions are added to your policy at the time of underwriting or you could end up paying slightly higher premiums.

You can check your occupation on our interactive list to get an idea of how your job might affect life insurance.

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Abattoir – supervisorHeavy manual worker
Abattoir – worker or slaughtererNon-insurable
AccountantHigh earning white collar
Accounts clerk or bookkeeperWhite collar
Actor or actressNon-insurable
ActuaryHigh earning white collar
Acupuncturist (qualified Aust registered)High earning white collar
Advertising executive (degree qualified)High earning white collar
3 years) "}">Agricultural contractor
(established > 3 years)
High risk
AgronomistHigh earning white collar
Air conditioning installerManual worker
Alarm installerManual worker
Ambulance officer or driverHeavy manual worker
Amusement parlour or centreManual worker
Amway salesperson – full timeWhite collar
Amway salesperson – part timeHigh risk
AnaesthetistHigh earning white collar
Animal breederHeavy manual worker
Animal groomerHeavy manual worker
Animal shooterNon-insurable
Animal trainerHigh risk
Announcer – radio or televisionNon-insurable
Antenna erectorHigh risk
Antique dealer – deliveryHeavy manual worker
Antique dealer – restorationManual worker
Antique dealer – sales and officeWhite collar
Apiarist or beekeeperHeavy manual worker
Aquarium shop workerManual worker
Archaeologist – field workManual worker
Archaeologist – office onlyHigh earning white collar
Architect (qualified)High earning white collar
Armed Services – All ranks
(no special hazards)
Armed Services – Navy divers
(no special hazards
Armed Services – Navy submarinersNon-insurable
Armoured van driverHigh risk
Art dealerWhite collar
Artist – commercial onlyArtist – commercial only
Artist – painter or sculptorNon-insurable
Artist supplies shop workerWhite collar
Asbestos workerNon-insurable
Asphalt layersHigh risk
Assessor – insuranceWhite collar
AstronomerHigh earning white collar
AuctioneerWhite collar
Audiologist, AudiometristHigh earning white collar
Auditor (tertiary qualified)High earning white collar
Auto electricianManual worker
Aviation industry air traffic controllerNon-insurable
Aviation industry aircraft maintenance –
refueller, security, unskilled worker
High risk
Aviation industry aircraft maintenance –
qualified, skilled worker
Manual worker
Aviation industry ground staff – baggage
handler or porter
High risk
Aviation industry ground staff – cleanerHeavy manual worker
Aviation industry ground staff –
management and clerical
White collar
Aviation, agriculture or cattle musteringNon-insurable
Aviation or balloonists – professionalsNon-insurable
Aviation or charter (professional pilot)Non-insurable
Aviation instructorNon-insurable
Aviation military pilots and crewNon-insurable
Aviation parachutists – instructorsNon-insurable
Aviation parachutists – military
(not special air services)
Aviation regular public transport
(pilots and crew)
Aviation test pilotsNon-insurable
Avon sales personIndividual consideration
Backhoe, bobcat, bulldozer – othersHigh risk
Backhoe, bobcat, bulldozer –
owner or operator est. 3 years
Heavy manual worker
BailiffManual worker
BakerManual worker
Bakery - supervisorLight manual worker
Bank, building society, credit union –
security staff
High risk
Bank, building society, credit union –
manager, clerk, teller
White collar
BarberLight manual worker
BarristerWhite collar
White collarHigh risk
Battery fittingHeavy manual worker
Beach inspectorHeavy manual worker
Beautician – salon onlyManual worker
Beautician – working from home or mobileNon-insurable
Bedding store workerWhite collar
Beekeeper or apiaristHeavy manual worker
Bicycle store workerManual worker
BiochemistHigh earning white collar
Biologist (no field work)High earning white collar
Biologist, Marine (field work, no diving)Light manual worker
Blacksmith or farrierHigh risk
Blaster or explosives handlerNon-insurable
Blind, awning, screen –
manufacturer or installer
Manual worker
Blind, awning, screen – supervising, quoting
(up to 20% light manual only)
Light manual worker
Boarding house ownerHigh risk
Boat builderHeavy manual worker
Boating equipment supply or chandlerWhite collar
Bobcat, backhoe or bulldozer – otherHigh risk
Bobcat, backhoe or bulldozer –
owner operator established 3 yrs
Heavy manual worker
BoilermakerManual worker
Book shop workerWhite collar
BookbinderManual worker
BookkeeperWhite collar
Bookmaker (licensed)High risk
BootmakerManual worker
BotanistHigh earning white collar
Bottle dealerHigh risk
Brassware shop workerWhite collar
Bread or cake shop workerManual worker
Brewing industry – chemistHigh earning white collar
Brewery – labourerHigh risk
Brewery – supervisorManual worker
BricklayerHigh risk
Bricklayer’s labourerHigh risk
Brickworks employee – unskilledHigh risk
Builder (qualified)Manual worker
Builder’s labourerHigh risk
Building industry – air conditioning
Manual worker
Building industry – antenna erectorHigh risk
Building industry – architectWhite collar
Building industry – backhoe, bobcat,
bulldozer others
High risk
3 yrs "}">Building industry – backhoe, bobcat,
bulldozer owner, operator est >3 yrs
Heavy manual worker
Building industry – bricklayerHigh risk
Building industry – bricklayer’s labourerHigh risk
Building industry – builder’s labourerHigh risk
Building industry – cabinet maker –
Manual worker
Building industry – carpenter – qualifiedManual worker
Building industry – ceiling fixerHeavy manual worker
Building industry – cement rendererHigh risk
Building industry – concrete cutterHigh risk
Building industry – concrete workerHigh risk
Building industry – construction supervisorManual worker
Building industry – crane operatorHigh risk
Building industry – decoratorHeavy manual worker
Building industry – demolition worker
(no explosives)
High risk
Building industry – draftsperson (qualified)White collar
Building industry – drainerHeavy manual worker
Building industry – earthmovers – othersHigh risk
Building industry – earthmovers –
owner operator est. 3 yrs
Heavy manual worker
Building industry – electricianManual worker
Building industry – elevator mechanicHeavy manual worker
Building industry – foreman, supervisor
(no manual work)
Light manual worker
Building industry – glazierHeavy manual worker
Building industry – handymanHigh risk
Building industry – house stumperHigh risk
Building industry – joiner – qualifiedManual worker
Building industry – labourerHigh risk
Building industry – lift erector or mechanicHeavy manual worker
Building industry – painterHeavy manual worker
Building industry – paverHigh risk
Building industry – plastererHigh risk
Building industry – plumber – otherManual worker
Building industry – plumber – roofHigh risk
Building industry – riggersHigh risk
Building industry – roof worker-tiler,
plumber, repairer
High risk
Building industry – steel erector or fixerHigh risk
Building industry – tiler-floors and wallsHigh risk
Building industry – tiler-roofHigh risk
Bus driver or conductor – interstateHigh risk
Bus driver or conductor – localHeavy manual worker
Business executive (degree qualified,
earning net min. $100,000)
High earning white collar
Butcher – qualified (no slaughtering)Manual worker
ButlerManual worker
Cabinet maker – qualifiedManual worker
Cafe – owner or workerHeavy manual worker
Cameraman – aviationIndividual consideration
Cameraman – otherManual worker
Cameraman – studioWhite collar
Cane shop workerWhite collar
Canvas goods manufacturerHeavy manual worker
Caravan park ownerHigh risk
Card shop workerWhite collar
CardiologistHigh earning white collar
CaretakerHigh risk
Carnival – owner or employeeNon-insurable
Carpenter – qualifiedManual worker
Carpenter – not qualified, less than 5 yearsHeavy manual worker
Carpet layerHigh risk
Carpet, floor coverings store – sales onlyWhite collar
CartographerWhite collar
Cashier – financial institutionWhite collar
Cashier – supermarketManual worker
Casino (government licensed) –
senior management, clerical, cashier
White collar
Casino (government licensed) – bar staff,
security staff
High risk
Casino (government licensed) – croupierManual worker
Casino (government licensed) – waiterHeavy manual worker
CatererManual worker
Ceiling fixerHeavy manual worker
ChauffeurManual worker
Chemist – industrial, non hazardousHigh earning white collar
Chemist – otherIndividual consideration
Chemist – pharmacyWhite collar
Chemist shop – pharmacist, shop assistantWhite collar
Child or day care centre – not working at
home – qualified
White collar
Child or day care centre – otherIndividual consideration
China and glassware shopWhite collar
ChiropodistWhite collar
Chiropractor – government registeredWhite collar
Chiropractor – otherIndividual consideration
Circus worker or performerNon-insurable
Cleaner – brick, street, window –
city or industrial
High risk
Cleaner – cleaner, office, factory or school –
carpet suburban home, window –
suburban home only
Heavy manual worker
ClergymanWhite collar
ClerkWhite collar
Clothing industry – fashion designer (not working at home), management (no manual work), salesperson (no deliveries)White collar
Clothing industry – patternmaker, tailor or dressmaker (shop department store)Heavy manual worker
Clothing industry – process worker or machinist, tailor or dressmaker working at homeHigh risk
Club employees – bar staff, security staffHigh risk
Club employees – clerical and senior managementWhite collar
Club employees – waiterHeavy manual worker
Coffee loungeHeavy manual worker
Commercial artistWhite collar
Commercial travellerWhite collar
Commodity brokerWhite collar
CompositorWhite collar
Computer industry – analyst, consultant, programmer (degree qualified)High earning white collar
Computer industry - keyboard operator, sales, systems operator/administrator, technicianWhite collar
Computer shopWhite collar
Concrete workerHigh risk
Confectionery shopWhite collar
CookHeavy manual worker
ConveyancerWhite collar
Conveyancer (degree qualified)High earning white collar
CoronerHigh earning white collar
Correctional OfficerHigh risk
Courier – driver – otherHigh risk
Courier – driver-owner establish 2 yearsHeavy manual worker
Courier – motorcycle or bicycleNon-insurable
Crane operatorHigh risk
Curator (museum, art gallery, library)White collar
Customs agent – clericalWhite collar
Customs agent (other than clerical)Light manual worker
Customs officerWhite collar
Customs officer (field work)Light manual worker
Dance instructorHeavy manual worker
Debt collector – not repossessionsManual worker
Debt collector – repossessionsHigh risk
DelicatessenManual worker
Demolition worker (no explosives)High risk
Dental hygienist or therapistWhite collar
Dental nurseWhite collar
Dental or orthodontic technicianWhite collar
DentistWhite collar
Department store – cleanerHeavy manual worker
Department store – clerical, sales, senior managementWhite collar
Department store – deliveries, storemanHigh risk
DermatologistHigh earning white collar
Diamond cutter, polisher, setterManual worker
Die makerManual worker
Dietician (qualified and registered)High earning white collar
Disposal store – salesWhite collar
Diving – construction, bridge, dams, dock, pierNon-insurable
Diving – instructor (professional)Non-insurable
Diving – professional deep sea explorationNon-insurable
Diving – professional – abaloneNon-insurable
Diving – professional, military (no bomb disposal) or policeNon-insurable
Dock worker or stevedoreHigh risk
DoctorHigh earning white collar
Draftperson – qualifiedWhite collar
DrainerHeavy manual worker
Drillers (water and mineral sample, not offshore)High risk
Driver – ambulanceHeavy manual worker
Driver – armoured carHigh risk
Driver – bus – localHeavy manual worker
Driver – bus – long distance or interstateHigh risk
Driver – chauffeurManual worker
Driver – courier – car, van otherHigh risk
Driver – courier – car, van owner established 2 yearsHeavy manual worker
Driver – courier – motorcycle or bicycleNon-insurable
Driver – crane driverHigh risk
Driver – dairy deliveryman or milkmanHeavy manual worker
Driver – driving instructorsManual worker
Driver – explosiveNon-insurable
Driver – forkliftHeavy manual worker
Driver – garbage collectionsHigh risk
Driver – hire car owner or driverHeavy manual worker
Driver – loggingHigh risk
Driver – petrol or petroleum productsHigh risk
Driver – removalistsHigh risk
Driver – taxi otherHigh risk
Driver – taxi owner driver establish 2 yearsHeavy manual worker
Driver – tow truckHigh risk
Driver – truck and van – local establish 2 yearsHeavy manual worker
Driver – truck and van – local otherHigh risk
Driver – truck and van – long distance or interstateNon-insurable
Dry cleaningManual worker
Duty free shop workerWhite collar
Earthmovers – othersHigh risk
Earthmovers – owner operator established 3 yearsHeavy manual worker
EconomistHigh earning white collar
Editor – films, newspapers (etc)White collar
Electrical goods retailer – deliveryHigh risk
Electrical goods retailer – light manualManual worker
Electrical goods retailer – salesWhite collar
ElectricianManual worker
Electronic supply store – salesWhite collar
ElectroplaterManual worker
Elevator mechanicHeavy manual worker
EmbalmerManual worker
EndocrinologistHigh earning white collar
Engineer (qualified) – offshore or underground inspectionsManual worker
Engineer (qualified) – consulting, office duties minimal site work, no manual workHigh earning white collar
EngraverManual worker
ENT SurgeonHigh earning white collar
Equipment and plant hireHeavy manual worker
Estate agentWhite collar
Explosives workerNon-insurable
Factory hand or workerHigh risk
Farm employee or labourerHigh risk
Farm managerIndividual consideration
Farm owner (established 2 years) – beef cattle, dairy, grape grower, mixed farming, oyster, poultry, sheep, sugar cane, wheatHeavy manual worker
Farm owner (established 2 years) – fruit grower, orchardist, market gardenerHeavy manual worker
Farm owner (established 2 years) – harvesting contractorNon-insurable
Farrier or blacksmithHigh risk
Fast food or take awayHeavy manual worker
Fencing contractorHigh risk
Fibre glass moulderHeavy manual worker
Film and TV industry – actor or actressNon-insurable
Film and TV industry – cameraman – aviationNon-insurable
Film and TV industry – cameraman – mainly studioWhite collar
Film and TV industry – cameraman – otherManual worker
Film and TV industry – producer, director, editorWhite collar
Financial consultant or adviserWhite collar
Financial planner, adviser, agent (tertiary qualified minimum earnings $100,000 net per annum)High earning white collar
Firemen – airport, city, forestryHigh risk
Firemen – fire chiefs and senior officersWhite collar
Firemen – oil and natural gasNon-insurable
Fish and chip shop workerHeavy manual worker
FishmongerHeavy manual worker
FitterManual worker
Floor covering fixerHigh risk
Floor sanderHigh risk
Florist – deliveryHeavy manual worker
Florist – shopkeeperWhite collar
FoundryHigh risk
French polisherManual worker
Fruit grower or orchardistHeavy manual worker
Fruit pickerNon-insurable
Funeral directorWhite collar
Furnishings retailer (cushions, fabrics, not furniture)White collar
Furniture removalistHigh risk
Furniture retailer – new – deliveriesHigh risk
Furniture retailer – new – light manualManual worker
Furniture retailer – new – sales onlyWhite collar
Furniture retailer – usedHigh risk
FurrierManual worker
Garbage contractorHigh risk
Garden shop workerHeavy manual worker
Gardener – domestic or landscape otherHigh risk
Gas industry – fitterManual worker
Gas industry – inspector, meter reader or testerWhite collar
Gas industry – pipe layingHigh risk
GastroenterologistHigh earning white collar
General surgeonHigh earning white collar
Geologist – (consultant and office only)High earning white collar
Geologist – mainly field work, including underground or offshoreManual worker
Gift shop workerWhite collar
GlazierHeavy manual worker
Goldsmith, silversmithManual worker
Golf instructor (not professional player)Manual worker
Grape growerHeavy manual worker
Graphic designerWhite collar
GreengrocerHeavy manual worker
GreenkeeperHeavy manual worker
GrocerHeavy manual worker
GunsmithManual worker
Gymnasium instructorHeavy manual worker
Gynaecologist, obstetricianHigh earning white collar
HaberdasherWhite collar
HairdresserLight manual worker
HandymanHeavy manual worker
Hardware retailerManual worker
Health food store workerWhite collar
Home maintenance contractorHigh risk
HomemakerWhite collar
Horse breederHeavy manual worker
Horse riding – jockey – flat or harnessNon-insurable
Horse riding – jockey – steeple or rodeo (professional)Non-insurable
Horse riding instructorHigh risk
Horse strapperNon-insurable
Horse trainerIndividual consideration
Hospital staff – doctor or laboratory technicianWhite collar
Hospital staff – nurse’s aideHeavy manual worker
Hospital staff – nurse or nursing sisterManual worker
Hospital staff – porter or wardsmanHeavy manual worker
Hotel or motel industry – bar staffHigh risk
Hotel or motel industry – head waitersManual worker
Hotel or motel industry – housekeepers or chambermaidsHeavy manual worker
Hotel or motel industry – security staffHigh risk
Hotel or motel industry – waiters or waitressesHeavy manual worker
Hotel or motel industry – managers – admin onlyWhite collar
Hotel or motel industry – managers – otherManual worker
House restumperHigh risk
Hypnotherapist – well establishedWhite collar
Ice cream parlourManual worker
Importer or exporter – clericalWhite collar
Inspector (health, buildings etc)White collar
Instrument makerManual worker
Insulation installerHigh risk
Insurance consultantWhite collar
Interior decorator – consulting onlyWhite collar
Interior decorator – otherHeavy manual worker
InterpreterWhite collar
JanitorHigh risk
Jeweller – manufactureManual worker
Jeweller – retailWhite collar
Jockey – flat or harnessNon-insurable
Jockey – steepleNon-insurable
Joiner – otherHigh risk
Joiner – qualifiedManual worker
Journalist (no unusual hazards)White collar
Judge, MagistrateHigh earning white collar
Kennel proprietorHeavy manual worker
Lab technician – non hazardousWhite collar
Labourer – farm labourersNon-insurable
Labourer – others in regular employmentHigh risk
LandbrokerWhite collar
Landscape architect (degree qualified, no manual work)High earning white collar
Landscape gardener – otherHigh risk
Lawnmower – sales or sales and serviceHeavy manual worker
Lawnmowing contractorHigh risk
LawyerWhite collar
Lecturer, Professor, Tutor - full time in universityHigh earning white collar
LibrarianWhite collar
Lift erector or mechanicHeavy manual worker
Light fittings store workerWhite collar
Linesman – telephone or electricalHigh risk
Liquor store workerManual worker
Livestock broker, buyer, dealerManual worker
LocksmithManual worker
Logging – in mill (permanent mill only)High risk
Logging – mobile millNon-insurable
Logging – tree fellerNon-insurable
Logging – tree surgeonHigh risk
Loss adjusterWhite collar
Lumber (yard work)High risk
Machinery or equipment hireHeavy manual worker
Machinist – metal or wood – qualifiedManual worker
Machinist – supervisor (no manual work)Light manual worker
Mail contractorHeavy manual worker
Management consultantWhite collar
Manicurist – not working at homeManual worker
Marina ownerHeavy manual worker
Marine engineer (seaman)Non-insurable
Market gardenerHeavy manual worker
Martial arts instructorHeavy manual worker
Masseur – otherNon-insurable
Masseur – salon onlyHeavy manual worker
Meat industry – inspectorLight manual worker
Meat industry – supervisor (up to 10% manual work)Light manual worker
Meat packerHigh risk
MechanicManual worker
Medical practitionerWhite collar
Merchant banker (degree qualified)High earning white collar
Merchant marineNon-insurable
Metal dealer (scrap)High risk
Metallurgist (office duties only)High earning white collar
MeteorologistHigh earning white collar
Meter reader (gas or electricity)White collar
Milk barHeavy manual worker
Milk vendorHeavy manual worker
Mining – clerical or executive managerWhite collar
Mining – explosives handler (surface and underground workers)Non-insurable
Mining – surface or underground worker – other (no explosives)High risk
Mining – surface worker – qualified (no explosives)Rated according to usual occupation
Motor cycle – mechanicManual worker
Motor cycle – salesmanManual worker
Motor vehicle – accessories and spare parts salesManual worker
Motor vehicle – assembly workerHigh risk
Motor vehicle – detailerHeavy manual worker
Motor vehicle – mechanicManual worker
Motor vehicle – salesmanWhite collar
Motor vehicle – trimmerManual worker
Motor vehicle – wreckerHigh risk
MoulderHigh risk
Museum or gallery proprietorWhite collar
Music teacher – in school, university or collegeWhite collar
Musical instrument sales – lifting or deliveriesHeavy manual worker
Musical instrument sales – sales onlyWhite collar
NannyHigh risk
NaturopathWhite collar
NeurologistHigh earning white collar
NeurosurgeonHigh earning white collar
NewsagentWhite collar
Newspaper staff – editor, journalist or reporter (no unusual hazards), office workerWhite collar
Newspaper staff – photographer or printerManual worker
Nurse – enrolled nurse or nurse’s aideHeavy manual worker
Nurse – intellectual disabilityHeavy manual worker
Nurse – mothercraftHeavy manual worker
Nurse – registered or nursing sisterManual worker
Nurse – registeredManual worker
NurserymanHeavy manual worker
Occupational health and safety inspectorWhite collar
Occupational therapistHigh earning white collar
Office equipment – salesmanWhite collar
Office equipment – servicemanManual worker
Office supplies or stationerWhite collar
Office workerWhite collar
Oil or gas – onshore or offshore worker – otherHigh risk
Oil or gas – onshore or offshore workers – geologists, engineers or lab technicianRated according to usual occupation
OncologistHigh earning white collar
Opthalmic surgeonHigh earning white collar
OphthalmologistHigh earning white collar
Optical dispenser or mechanicWhite collar
Optician, optometristHigh earning white collar
Orchardist or fruit growerHeavy manual worker
OrthodontistHigh earning white collar
Orthopaedic surgeonHigh earning white collar
Osteopath (well established)White collar
Outdoor supplies retailer (tents, BBQ)White collar
PaediatricianHigh earning white collar
Paint or wallpaper storeManual worker
PainterHeavy manual worker
Panel beaterHeavy manual worker
Park rangerHeavy manual worker
Parking station attendantHeavy manual worker
Parking wardenHeavy manual worker
Pastry cookManual worker
PathologistHigh earning white collar
Patternmaker (industrial eg foundry)Manual worker
PaverHigh risk
PawnbrokerManual worker
Payroll guardHigh risk
PeriodontistHigh earning white collar
Personnel consultantWhite collar
Pest exterminatorHeavy manual worker
Pet shop workerManual worker
PharmacistWhite collar
PhotoengraverManual worker
Photographer – aviationIndividual consideration
Photographer – mainly studioWhite collar
Photographer – otherManual worker
Photographic store workerWhite collar
PhysicianWhite collar
PhysicistHigh earning white collar
PhysiotherapistWhite collar
Piano tunerManual worker
Picture framerManual worker
Pilot – harbourHeavy manual worker
PlastererHigh risk
Plumber – otherManual worker
Plumber – roofHigh risk
PodiatristWhite collar
Police – airwing or bomb disposalNon-insurable
Police – other – officers including motorcycle police or special operations groupNon-insurable
Police – special operations groupNon-insurable
Police – dog squadHigh risk
Police – superintendentsWhite collar
Post office – counter clerk or managerWhite collar
Post office – postman or sorterHeavy manual worker
PotterIndividual consideration
Poultry farmerHeavy manual worker
PrinterManual worker
Prison warderHigh risk
Private investigatorHigh risk
Process worker – clothing industry, hazardous industries (eg munitions, acids)Non-insurable
Produce merchantHeavy manual worker
Professional sportsmanNon-insurable
Professor (university)White collar
PsychiatristWhite collar
PsychologistWhite collar
Pulp and paper mill employees (in mill or yard only)High risk
Quantity surveyorWhite collar
Quarry worker (no explosives)High risk
Radio and television announcerNon-insurable
RadiographerWhite collar
RadiologistHigh earning white collar
Railway worker – driver or guard, signalman, station assistant or station masterHeavy manual worker
Railway worker – railway police, shunter, track laying or maintenanceHigh risk
Railway worker – labourerNon-insurable
Real estateWhite collar
ReceptionistWhite collar
Record shop workerWhite collar
Refrigeration mechanicManual worker
Rehabilitation consultant (medically qualified)High earning white collar
RemovalistHigh risk
Renal physicianHigh earning white collar
Repairman – office equipment or household appliancesManual worker
Reporter (no unusual hazards)White collar
Restaurant employees – chefManual worker
Restaurant employees – cook or waiterHeavy manual worker
Restaurant owner – administration only, no cooking or waitingWhite collar
Restaurant owner – otherManual worker
RiggerHigh risk
Roof worker – tiler, fixer or repairerHigh risk
Rubbish collectorHigh risk
SaddlemakerHeavy manual worker
SailmakerHeavy manual worker
Sales representative, deliveriesLight manual worker
SandblasterHigh risk
Sawmill worker (permanently located mill only)High risk
Scaffold erectorHigh risk
School principal, Headmaster, Head TeacherHigh earning white collar
Scrap dealer (metal)High risk
Seaman – navyNon-insurable
Second hand dealerHigh risk
SecretaryWhite collar
Security guardHigh risk
Service station – cashier or console operator, mechanic or proprietorManual worker
Sheet metal workerHeavy manual worker
ShipwrightHeavy manual worker
Shoe shop (retail sales or not repair)White collar
Shoemaker or repairerManual worker
ShopfitterHeavy manual worker
Shopkeeper – adult books and merchandiseManual worker
Shopkeeper – antique dealer – deliveryHeavy manual worker
Shopkeeper – antique dealer – restorationManual worker
Shopkeeper – antique dealer – sales and officeWhite collar
Shopkeeper – aquarium shopManual worker
Shopkeeper – artist suppliesWhite collar
Shopkeeper – baby shopWhite collar
Shopkeeper – bedding storeWhite collar
Shopkeeper – bicycle storeManual worker
Shopkeeper – boating equipment supply or chandlerWhite collar
Shopkeeper – bookshopWhite collar
Shopkeeper – bootmakerManual worker
Shopkeeper – brassware shopWhite collar
Shopkeeper – bread or cake shopManual worker
Shopkeeper – butcher – no slaughteringManual worker
Shopkeeper – butcher – slaughteringHigh risk
Shopkeeper – cafeHeavy manual worker
Shopkeeper – cane shopWhite collar
Shopkeeper – card shopWhite collar
Shopkeeper – carpet, floor coverings store – sales onlyWhite collar
Shopkeeper – chemist shop – pharmacistWhite collar
Shopkeeper – chemist shop – shop assistantWhite collar
Shopkeeper – china and glassware shopWhite collar
Shopkeeper – clothing storeWhite collar
Shopkeeper – coffee loungeHeavy manual worker
Shopkeeper – computer shopWhite collar
Shopkeeper – confectionery shopWhite collar
Shopkeeper – delicatessenManual worker
Shopkeeper – department store – cleanerHeavy manual worker
Shopkeeper – department store – clerical sales onlyWhite collar
Shopkeeper – department store – deliveries, storemanHigh risk
Shopkeeper – department store – senior managementWhite collar
Shopkeeper – disposal storeWhite collar
Shopkeeper – duty free shopWhite collar
Shopkeeper – electrical goods retailer – deliveriesHigh risk
Shopkeeper – electrical goods retailer – light manualManual worker
Shopkeeper – electrical goods retailer – sales onlyWhite collar
Shopkeeper – electronic supply store – salesWhite collar
Shopkeeper – fast food or take awayHeavy manual worker
Shopkeeper – fish and chip shopHeavy manual worker
Shopkeeper – floristWhite collar
Shopkeeper – florist – deliveryHeavy manual worker
Shopkeeper – furnishings retailer (cushions or fabric not furniture)White collar
Shopkeeper – furniture retailer – new – deliveriesHigh risk
Shopkeeper – furniture retailer – new – light manualManual worker
Shopkeeper – furniture retailer – new – sales onlyWhite collar
Shopkeeper – furniture retailer – usedHigh risk
Shopkeeper – garden shopHeavy manual worker
Shopkeeper – gift shopWhite collar
Shopkeeper – greengrocerHeavy manual worker
Shopkeeper – grocerHeavy manual worker
Shopkeeper – gunsmithManual worker
Shopkeeper – haberdasher White collarWhite collar
Shopkeeper – hardware retailerManual worker
Shopkeeper – health food storeWhite collar
Shopkeeper – ice cream parlourManual worker
Shopkeeper – jewellery storeWhite collar
Shopkeeper – light fittings storeWhite collar
Shopkeeper – liquor storeManual worker
Shopkeeper – locksmithManual worker
Shopkeeper – milk barHeavy manual worker
Shopkeeper – motor vehicle accessories and spare partsManual worker
Shopkeeper – musical instruments – sales onlyWhite collar
Shopkeeper – musical instruments sales – lifting or deliveriesHeavy manual worker
Shopkeeper – newsagentWhite collar
Shopkeeper – nursery or garden shopHeavy manual worker
Shopkeeper – office supplies or stationerWhite collar
Shopkeeper – outdoor supplies retailer (tents, BBQ)White collar
Shopkeeper – paint or wallpaper storeManual worker
Shopkeeper – pawnbrokerManual worker
Shopkeeper – pet shopManual worker
Shopkeeper – photographic storeWhite collar
Shopkeeper – produce merchantHeavy manual worker
Shopkeeper – record shopWhite collar
Shopkeeper – second hand goodsHigh risk
Shopkeeper – shoe shop (retail sales not repair)White collar
Shopkeeper – shoemaker or repairerManual worker
Shopkeeper – sporting goods storeWhite collar
Shopkeeper – stationerWhite collar
Shopkeeper – supermarket – administration onlyWhite collar
Shopkeeper – supermarket – cashierManual worker
Shopkeeper – supermarket – otherHeavy manual worker
Shopkeeper – swimming pool suppliesManual worker
Shopkeeper – take away foodHeavy manual worker
Shopkeeper – tobacconistWhite collar
Shopkeeper – toy shopWhite collar
Shopkeeper – video shop proprietorWhite collar
SignwriterHeavy manual worker
Skiing – professionalNon-insurable
Skylight fitterHigh risk
Social workerWhite collar
SolicitorWhite collar
Speech therapist, pathologistHigh earning white collar
Sporting goods storeWhite collar
Sports person – professionalNon-insurable
Spray painterHeavy manual worker
Squash court proprietorWhite collar
StationerWhite collar
StatisticianHigh earning white collar
Steel erector or fixerHigh risk
StevedoreHigh risk
Steward (airline)Non-insurable
Stock and station agent – no manual dutiesWhite collar
Stockbroker (degree qualified)High earning white collar
StonemasonHeavy manual worker
StoremanHeavy manual worker
Sugar cane farmer owner established 2 yearsHeavy manual worker
Supermarket – administration onlyWhite collar
Supermarket – cashierManual worker
Supermarket - manager (manual dutiesLight manual worker
Supermarket – otherHeavy manual worker
Surfboard shaperHigh risk
Surveyor – field or office only, quantityWhite collar
Surveyor – marine or minesHeavy manual worker
Swimming instructorManual worker
Swimming pool builderHeavy manual worker
Swimming pool supplies workerManual worker
TAB agentWhite collar
Take away food shop workerHeavy manual worker
TannerHeavy manual worker
Tax consultant (tertiary qualified)High earning white collar
Taxi – otherHigh risk
Taxi – owner driver established 2 yearsHeavy manual worker
TaxidermistManual worker
Teacher’s aideWhite collar
Teacher (school, university or college)White collar
Telephone technicianManual worker
TelephonistWhite collar
Tennis coach (not professional player)Manual worker
Theatre or cinema – confectionery seller, manager, ticket seller, usher or projectionistWhite collar
Tiler – floors and wallsHigh risk
Tiler – roofHigh risk
Timber merchantHeavy manual worker
TobacconistWhite collar
ToolmakerManual worker
Tour guideHeavy manual worker
Tow truck driverHigh risk
Town plannerWhite collar
Toy shop workerWhite collar
Train driver or guardHeavy manual worker
Travel agent or consultantWhite collar
Tree feller or tree lopperNon-insurable
Tree surgeonHigh risk
Tugboat crew (not deep sea)High risk
Tupperware salespersonIndividual consideration
TV technicianManual worker
TypesetterWhite collar
TypistWhite collar
Tyre fitter and repairsHigh risk
Tyre sales workerWhite collar
UndertakerWhite collar
UpholstererManual worker
UrologistHigh earning white collar
ValuerWhite collar
Vending machine servicemanHeavy manual worker
Veterinary nurseManual worker
Veterinary surgeonWhite collar
Video shop proprietorWhite collar
VigneronHeavy manual worker
Waiter, waitress (restaurant)Heavy manual worker
Wallpaper hangerHeavy manual worker
WatchmakerWhite collar
Water prooferHigh risk
WelderManual worker
Welfare officerWhite collar
Wharf labourerHigh risk
Window cleaner – city or industrialHigh risk
Window cleaner – suburban home onlyHeavy manual worker
Window dresserWhite collar
Window tinter – motor vehicle, home or officeHeavy manual worker
Wine merchant – wholesale and retailManual worker
Wine maker – qualified (no manual labour)White collar
Wine maker – unqualified (no manual labour)Manual worker
Wine maker – otherHeavy manual worker
Wool broker or buyerWhite collar
Wool classerManual worker
Wrecker or demolisher (no explosives)High risk
X-ray machine operator or technicianWhite collar
Zoo workerHeavy manual worker
ZoologistHigh earning white collar

*The occupations and risk ratings mentioned on this are a general guide and are not indicative of all insurance policies nor do they take into any account of your actual circumstances. Occupations and ratings are based off MLC's occupation ratings guide.

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Types of occupation ratings (classes)

There are a number of categories insurers use to classify employees and employers seeking on-the-job insurance. Although the exact names of ratings and definitions will differ between policies, here’s a general guide of the categories used to rate the risk of your employment. You can also search for your specific occupation below.

RatingWhat does this include?Risk levelHow does this rating impact my policy?
White-collarWorkers who don’t participate in manual or even light skilled manual duties. An emphasis on mental rather than physical work, with no exposure to physical hazards e.g. office staff or salespeople.LowLittle to no impact
High-earning white-collarRefers to white-collar workers who earn a high level of income e.g. $100,000 a year.LowA larger income may be insured
Manual workersTradespeople or skilled labourers who work in a manual and physical capacity.MediumMay have premium loading
Heavy manual workersEmployees who work in a (non-hazardous) heavy manual environment.Medium to highMay have premium loading
Light manual workersJobs that require minimal light manual work (usually under 20%), often involving direct supervision of manual worker e.g. a project manager on site.Low to mediumA larger income may be insured
High riskEmployees or employers who work in a hazardous environment.HighLikely to have loading or exclusions
Non-insurableA job that is extremely hazardous.Very highYou won't be insured
Individual considerationSpecific jobs that are not listed by an insurer.VariesFurther assessment of job required

Before taking out insurance for your profession or employment, double-check what insurers are likely to cover you for. This is important because stipulations and guidelines vary between insurers. You can do this by speaking with an adviser about what category you would fall into.

How does occupation rating affect my premium?

Your rating which is based on your occupational risk and income has an impact on your premium:

Income**RatingAverage monthly premium*
Retail Supervisor$4,000White collar$92.51
Doctor$12,000High earning white collar$185.10
Specialist Medical Practitioner$15,000High earning white collar$220.54
Registered Nurse$4,000Manual worker$138.34
Machinist (Metal or Wood)$4,000Heavy manual worker$154.57
Building Industry, Supervisor$4,000Light manual worker$115.73

*Average monthly premium is based on the average premium of all policies available in finder's quote engine for both males and females. Quotes are based on non-smoking 35 year old in NSW. Income levels are for illustrative purposes and not as a definitive guide.

How much income protection can I get?

Most policies cover up to 75% of your monthly income with a specific maximum sum. Generally speaking, a job that isn't considered dangerous by these providers have the following maximums:

BrandMaximum monthly cover*How long can the cover last?
AIAMaximum of $60,000Up to 5 years to the age of 70
AMPMaximum of $60,000Up to 5 years to the age of 70
ANZMaximum of $10,000Up to 5 years
AsteronMaximum of $60,000Up to 5 years to the age of 70
BTMaximum of $60,000Up to 5 years to the age of 80
ClearViewMaximum of $40,000Up to 5 years to the age of 70
ComminsureMaximum of $30,000Up to 5 years to the age of 70
MLCMaximum of $60,000Up to 5 years to the age of 70
NobleOak$30,000Up to 2 years to the age of 65
OnePathMaximum of $10,000Up to 2 years to the age of 70
TALMaximum of $10,000Up to 5 years
ZurichMaximum of $30,000Up to 5 years to the age of 70

*Disclaimer: The figures outlined above were accurate for May 25th 2017. Maximum cover relates to the maximum amount of cover that is equal to up to a percentage of your monthly income. The percentage of income covered can vary between brands. Additionally, the amounts and benefit periods listed above may change depending on your personal circumstances and occupation.

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