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Maurice Thach is the publisher for life insurance and business insurance at Finder and has been writing about insurance for 3+ years. His is favourite question is "Am I covered for _____?". Maurice has completed a Tier 1 Life Insurance Certification and a Tier 2 General Insurance Certification under ASIC's Regulatory Guide 146. This means he can confidently provide general advice for life insurance and non-life insurance products to Aussie readers everywhere. Outside of work, you'll probably find Maurice hitting up the nearest basketball court.

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Hi Fred, I couldn't find anything that refers to whether someone can study and receive a benefit. However, generally while receive an income protection benefit you must be unable to work in your normal occupation. If you can in some capacity, this affect your benefit. I hope this helps, Maurice

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Hi Sharmane, Thanks for your question. Life insurance policies usually allow you to pause premiums during financial hardship. Your case sounds a little different - so you may need to get in touch with your insurer to find out what your options are. I hope this helps, Maurice

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Hi Helen Quotes will depend on various factors - To get a quote simply click on the green 'Get quotes online' button. This will take you to an engine where you can compare prices from a few insurers. I hope this helps, Maurice

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Hi Catherine, Unfortunately the brands on our panel only cover funeral insurance up to the age of 80. Maurice

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Hi Colleen, When it comes to workers compensation insurance (insurance that compensates you for injuries on the job) that will depend on your industry, what state you reside and other factors. You can learn more here. If talking about group insurance e.g. income protection, total and permanent disability insurance or death cover through your employer you will need to check with them. I hope this helps, Maurice

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Hi Lorraine, Thank you for your comment. You can buy both types of cover in a package. Simply hit the 'Get quotes online' button at the top of the page to choose cover options. I hope this helps, Maurice

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Generally, an insurer will inform the beneficiaries of those who have passed away. However, if you believe there is money that is unclaimed you can use this tool. I hope this helps, Maurice

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Hi Greg, Thanks for your question. Although I can't speak for your specific situation, generally, if you are to use an agent to manage your insurance there is potential for ongoing premiums to be paid as percentage of premium. So if a premium is to increase, there's a chance the commission increases as well. Get in touch with your adviser or agent who may be able to disclose their commission structure with you. I hope this helps, Maurice

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Hi Gavin, Thanks for your question - this might vary based on a few factors like you're lifestyle and nature of occupation. To get an estimate however, try this page. Simply click on the 'Get prices online' button. I hope this helps, Maurice

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Hi Paul, Thanks for your question. When it comes to a TPD insurance policy inside super, generally you'll only be able to receive a payout if you are considered unable to work in 'any job suited to your training, education or experience'. Whether or not you meet this criteria will depend on your superfund and the insurer. I'd recommend getting in touch with Australian Super to make a claim and find out what you are covered for as soon as possible. You may also find this page useful I hope this helps, Maurice

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Hi Robert, This will depend on the insurer themselves and the specific circumstances around your condition. You might be find this page useful. Best, Maurice

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Hi Kevin, Thanks for your question. By the sound of it you have a TPD insurance policy inside super. Typically, this means a TPD benefit is not paid out to people who the insurer feels can still get gainful employment for which they are reasonably qualified by education, training or experience. If you feel like you're situation was not fairly assessed then it could be worth seeking legal representation - which is what you have done. Some things you can also do include:

  1. Checking the policy wording
  2. Get medical evidence that's consistent with your policies TPD definition
  3. Get your work history together
In terms of claiming on two insurance policies that will depend on your arrangement with the superfund. I hope this helps, Maurice

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Hi Joanne, Thanks for your question. There could be a variety of factors as to why you won't get all your premiums back e.g. the specific terms between your insurer and you (the policyholder). Generally however, it seems as though Surrender Value won't pay out the full value of what's been invested. I found a clause in an Australian whole of life policy which states: "The full value of your sum insured and bonuses are only payable in full when the sum insured becomes payable, usually on death or maturity. Therefore, the surrender value of a policy will generally be less than the amount you would receive upon death of the insured or when the policy matures." Similarly, in Westpac's PDS they state: "This is not a savings plan. But the policy may have a surrender or cash value if it has been in force for at least 3 years. In this event you are entitled to a payment if you end the policy; but you are not entitled to share in any profit or surplus." For more clarity, continue getting in touch with your insurer or even speak to a financial adviser. I hope this helps, Maurice

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Hi Kris, TPD insurance inside super generally covers disabilities where you can't return to any occupation suited to your training or education - so there could be some limitations on returning to employment if it's in the same field. To be sure - clarify with Hostplus. I hope this helps, Maurice

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Hi Geoff, Thanks for getting in touch. I had a quick look and there doesn't seem to be any brokers who specifically do Drone insurance in Victoria. You can get in touch with an Australian-wide broker over the phone using the form on this page. Alternatively checkout this page - it's a general directory of insurance brokers in Victoria but nothing drone specific. I hope this helps, Maurice

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