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Brodie Fogg was the publisher for Finder's streaming and entertainment comparisons until April 2019. Brodie has a background in education and is passionate about breaking down complicated topics and tech garble to make it more palatable for a wider audience.

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Hi William, I can't find any such movie with "Reo" in the title. However, there is a recent ABC/Netflix TV series called "Pine Gap" about a secret American/Australian intelligence facility. Could that be what you're looking for? It was available on ABC iview at release but it has since been removed. It's currently available on Apple iTunes but will likely make its way to Netflix eventually. Hope that helps! Brodie

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Hi Guy, There will be indeed. We don't know too much about it at this stage other than its name, Fire Emblem Warriors. Keep an eye out tomorrow at 11:00am AEST. Nintendo are dedicating a stream to Fire Emblem's upcoming mobile game, so there's a chance we will here more about the Fire Emblem Switch title. Thanks, Brodie

Commented on Nintendo Switch games: The complete list

Hi Fiona, This is correct. Presto will stop streaming as of 31 January. We'd recommend moving over to Foxtel Play, Netflix and Stan. Thanks, Brodie

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Hi Ken, Unfortunately, SBS On Demand is not compatible with Panasonic Smart TVs. At the moment, you're best option is Apple TV. Alternatively, if someone in the house has a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you could stream SBS On Demand through one of those. Thanks, Brodie

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Hi Carol, That depends on what kind of laptop you're shopping for. I'd start with Kogan, which sells both PC and Mac laptops. If you're after a top-shelf PC laptop I would recommend checking out Dell and Microsoft's AU stores. Thanks, Brodie

Commented on 8 sites to buy laptops online | finder.com.au

Hi Eugene, Unfortunately, you will have to remain a Westnet customer in some form to retain your email address. You can sign up to a cheap service through Westnet and essentially pay to keep your email address, but I would recommend contacting Westnet support for advice on the best option 1300 786 068. Thanks, Brodie

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Hi Karyn, We'd recommend either the very basic $109 Kindle, because if it does get drowned, it's less expensive to replace. There are no waterproof kindles, sadly. Another e-reader option would be the Kobo Aura H20, which is waterproof (but you don't get to shop in the Kindle store, uses ePub, etc.), Thank you, Brodie

Commented on Amazon Kindle Oasis: Australian price and release date

Hi Neil, I've entered your address into our nbn tracker, but there doesn't seem to be any information on the NBN rollout in your area. I would recommend contacting nbnco directly with your query. Thanks, Brodie

Commented on Belong Broadband | NBN and ADSL plans compared

Hi Julie, The only way to stream Hayu on TV is using Apple TV (4th generation) Thanks, Brodie

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Hi Rosalyn, May I ask how much data you get per month? It's hard to recommend streaming/downloading on a mobile plan as they typically have small data allowances and high excess fees. Thanks, Brodie

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Hi Ethan! The Nintendo NX was announced as the Nintendo Switch last week. In the reveal trailer (which you can catch here), Nintendo showed off a brief glimpse of Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch. Exciting stuff, hey? All the best, Brodie

Commented on Nintendo Switch games: The complete list

Hi Dumb, Unfortunately, Presto doesn't offer gift cards. Cheers, Brodie

Commented on Where to buy Netflix gift cards in Australia

Hi Maria, Unfortunately, SBS On Demand doesn't have an app for Sony TVs or Panasonic Blu-ray players. SBS On Demand's website has a list of compatible devices here. Thanks, Brodie

Commented on SBS On Demand offers free, unlimited access to programs & films

Hi Ruth, You can submit a request to Stan by following this link. Thanks, Brodie

Commented on Stan | Price, features and content

Hi Elizabeth, The WiFi password is set from your end and has nothing to do with Netflix itself. It's the password you use to access your home WiFi network. Cheers, Brodie

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