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Nurses & Midwives Health Insurance Review

Nurses & Midwives health insurance is good if you want a not-for-profit with comprehensive, tailored cover – but not everyone is eligible.

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  • A competitive option for families who want access to pregnancy and childhood support services.
  • Good for people with health issues who want access to healthy lifestyle programs to help them get back on track


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Nurses & Midwives health insurance: Our verdict

Nurses & Midwives Health is the only health fund exclusively serving the Australian nursing and midwifery community. It offers a suite of hospital and extras covers that can be selected individually or combined into a package to provide cover that suits your unique needs.

Nurses & Midwives is good if:

  • You're a current or former member of the nursing or midwifery community and/or were a union member. It's open family members as well.
  • You want a comprehensive policy.
  • You want to go with not-for-profit health fund – profits go back to its members.

Nurses & Midwives is not great if:

  • You aren't interested in going with a not-for-profit.
  • You're just after the bare minimum.

Review by our insurance and innovations editor Gary Ross Hunter

What types of health insurance does Nurses & Midwives offer?

Hospital icon

Hospital Coverage


  • Basic Hospital (Basic Plus). This goes beyond the government's minimum requirement for Basic cover by not only offering restricted cover for psychiatry, rehabilitation and palliative care but also offering full cover for dental surgery, joint reconstructions and hernia/appendix, and ambulance rides (including non-emergency). It also offers restricted cover for most other clinical categories except insulin pumps.
  • Mid Hospital (Basic Plus). This policy covers a wide range of services and has no exclusions. Instead, it provides restricted cover for 11 clinical categories like pregnancy, joint replacements and kidney dialysis. It also covers emergency and non-emergency ambulance rides.
  • Mid Silver Plus. This provides cover for all services required for a silver rating, plus excludes pregnancy and joint replacements, so saves money for those who don't want cover for these services.
  • Top Silver Plus. This product gives you comprehensive cover with only one restriction: hospital psychiatric services. It includes cover for services including pregnancy, heart procedures, and hip or knee joint replacements.
  • Gold Hospital. This offers full cover for all 38 clinical categories required for a Gold policy including pregnancy, insulin pumps, in-hospital psychiatry, heart issues and more. It also covers emergency and non-emergency ambulance rides.


  • StarterPak (Basic Plus) This pre-made package covers both hospital and extras. It's designed for the young and active so comes with a fairly basic level of cover. You'll find cover for common surgeries such as ACL surgery in here as well as benefits for dental.

Extras icon

Extras coverage


  • Essential Extras. Essential Extras Cover is designed to offer an affordable level of cover for common, everyday services not covered by Medicare. These include general and major dental, optical, acupuncture, remedial massage, chiro, osteo, physio, and non-PBS pharmaceuticals. Emergency ambulance cover is also included, as are Healthy Lifestyle benefits for expenses like gym memberships and health screening services.
  • Top Extras. Top Extras cover from Nurses & Midwives Health provides generous benefit limits for a wide range of general treatments, including general and major dental, orthodontics, optical, acupuncture, myotherapy, chiro, osteo, physio, speech therapy, podiatry, non-PBS pharmaceuticals, medical appliances and hearing aids. Emergency ambulance cover is also included, as are Healthy Lifestyle benefits for expenses like gym memberships and health screening services.

Ambulance icon

Ambulance coverage

Nurses & Midwives also offers standalone ambulance health insurance, with a $6,000 per person annual limit.

What is covered
  • Transport from the scene of an accident or medical event to a hospital
  • Treatment at the scene by a qualified ambulance officer
  • Air ambulance services
  • Australia-wide coverage
What's not covered
  • Inter-hospital transfers
  • Transfers from a medical facility to a hospital and vice versa
  • Transport from the hospital to home
  • Transport to a hospital for routine management of an ongoing illness

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