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Teachers Health insurance review

Teachers Health is tailored to the education sector and is one of the few funds to cover dependants until they're 32.

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  • It's tailored to teachers, education staff and their families.
  • It's a not-for-profit, meaning the money it makes is invested back in its members.
  • Good if you have any dependants under 32. They can stay on the family policy until they're 32 years old (as long as they meet the eligibility criteria).


  • Not everyone can join – only current or former members of the education community and their family members.

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Teachers Health insurance: Our verdict

Teachers Health is a not-for-profit, which means it is run solely to benefit its members rather than to turn a profit.

Teachers Health is good if:

  • You have a dependant under 32.
  • You want to go with a not-for-profit.

Teachers Health is not great if:

  • You aren't eligible for a policy.

Review by our insurance and innovations editor Gary Ross Hunter.

What types of health insurance does Teachers Health offer?

Hospital icon

Hospital Coverage

  • Basic Hospital (Basic Plus). This is an entry-level health insurance option that covers a few treatments in private hospitals and offers your choice of doctor in a public hospital. Designed for young and healthy applicants, it covers essentials like dental surgery, hernias, appendicitis and joint reconstructions. This cover has a $300 excess.
  • Mid Hospital (Basic Plus). This is a mid-level option, covering a wide range of services and has no exclusions. Instead, it provides restricted cover for some services, such as heart and vascular and pregnancy and birth. You can choose a $300 or $500 excess for this cover.
  • Mid Classic (Silver Plus). Another mid-level option, this policy is designed to give you cover for everyday health needs, but not the expensive big-ticket services. It includes private hospital cover for a wide range of services, including diabetes management, cancer treatment and more. You can choose a $300 or $500 excess for this cover.
  • Top Hospital (Gold). This comprehensive product is designed to offer complete peace of mind. It covers an extensive range of procedures, including pregnancy, heart procedures, hospital accommodation and theatre expenses. Members get their choice of agreement private hospital and there's no excess.

Extras icon

Extras coverage

  • Top Extras. Teachers Health fund's Top Extras lets you enjoy generous benefit limits for a wide range of treatments including major dental, optical, psychology, chiropractic, physio, speech therapy and occupational therapy.
  • Essential Extras. This offers affordable cover for a mid-level range of services, including general and preventative dental, physio, optical and podiatry.

You can mix and match hospital and extras cover for a combined policy.

Clipboard icon

Combined coverage

  • StarterPak. Designed for young people and offering a range of essential benefits, this policy excludes a range of treatments and services that members are unlikely to need. It offers cover for your choice of agreement private hospital and choice of doctor as well as procedures like hernias, joint reconstructions, appendix removal and tonsil removal.

Ambulance icon

Ambulance coverage

All Teachers Health Hospital insurance policies include cover for emergency and non-emergency ambulance transportation. The latter can cover you for up to $3,000 per calendar year.

Teachers Health complaints

We looked at the 2022 Ombudsman health insurance complaints. Here's how Teachers Health did:

  • Teachers Health provides fairly good customer service; it had 2.7% of all complaints, which is only 0.1% more than its market share of 2.6%.
  • However, it doesn't have the best complaints ratio for restricted funds – Defence Health, Police Health and TUH are among those with lower ratios.

This chart shows the weighted volume of complaints received by each health fund, according to the Commonwealth Ombudsman. The lower the number, the better. Only non-restricted funds with a national market share of at least 0.1% are included here. GMHBA is tenth overall in this ranking. The weighting ensures that funds are compared fairly; larger funds serve more customers so can potentially get more complaints.

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