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Police Health Insurance review

Police Health could be good if you want roll-over extras benefits and nearly unrestricted hospital cover.

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  • Good for anyone who values their extras. Unused extras limits are useable in the following calendar year, something that isn't offered by other health funds.
  • Good for receiving benefits at any recognised hospital in Australia – no need to worry about whether it's part of a network or not.


  • Beware if you aren't eligible to join Police Health Insurance. It isn't available to everyone.

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Police Health Insurance: Our verdict

Police Health is a restricted-access health fund for people with connections to the police force. If you're a current or retired Australian police officer, or the family member of one, you're eligible to subscribe to its policies.

Police Health is good if:

  • You want comprehensive cover.
  • You want to go with a not-for-profit.

Police Health is not great if:

  • You aren't eligible for a policy.

Review by our insurance and innovations editor Gary Ross Hunter.

What types of health insurance does Police Health offer?

Hospital icon

Hospital coverage

Police Health only offers a single type of insurance in each category, each one a Gold tier in the new classification system:

  • Gold Hospital. This is premium-level cover, covering all procedures you are likely to undergo in hospital, while allowing you to pick your hospital and provider. It has no excess, no co-payment, and 100% cover for emergency ambulance transport. There are also zero exclusions on treatments covered, within the bounds of the Private Health Insurance Act 2007.

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Combined coverage

  • Gold Combined. This combined hospital and extras cover brings together the benefits of both Gold Hospital and Rolling Extras at a reduced premium, including the roll over of unused benefits to the next calendar year. It also adds some benefits for laser eye surgery.

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