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From dead tenants to alien abduction insurance


These are some of the weirdest insurance policies from around the world.

Car, home, pet, life... the list of insurances available is endless. And weird. Definitely weird. You've probably heard of stars insuring parts of their body but they've got nothing on this. From dead tenants to fantasy football players and zombies, these are some of the oddest policies available.

Dead tenant cover

In response to our increasingly ageing society, Japanese insurance company Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc. announced it will be offering an interesting new policy from June 2018. According to, the policy protects homeowners against costs associated with cleaning and restoring an apartment after an elderly tenant has died alone in the property.

In addition to maintenance costs the policy, which costs ¥22,500 (AUD$272) a year, also covers loss of rent up to ¥2 million (AUD$24,177).

Insurance for your fantasy football team

Do you take your fantasy football team seriously? Do you pay huge league fees each year? Do you live in fear of the injury bug? If so, this might be an insurance for you.

That's right, you can insure your fantasy players against injury with fantasy sports insurance from companies like Rotosurance. All you have to do is pick the player you wish to insure and if they miss time due to injury (enough time to satisfy the conditions of your policy) you'll be able to lodge a claim for your league fees.

Hole-in-one insurance

Believe it or not, there are two types of hole-in-one insurance – one for individuals and one for golf day organisers.

It's a long-held tradition that if you sink a hole-in-one, you're obliged to buy your playing party and/or everyone in the clubhouse a round of drinks when you sink a hole-in-one. This tradition gave birth to hole-in-one insurance and for a once-off fee, individuals can buy a policy that pays out an agreed-upon sum, enough for a round of drinks at the club. In fact, some US golf courses include hole-in-one insurance as a standard part of the membership dues.

Golf clubs and those organising golf days often put up cash or high-value items as a prize for someone sinking a hole-in-one through companies such as Hole In One International. Those organising these days can also buy hole-in-one insurance to protect themselves in case a golfer sinks an ace.

Protection for your pets... in the event of Rapture

Are you worried about what would happen to your pets if you were raptured but they were left on earth to fend for themselves? I mean, you probably haven't but someone out there did and created a service for those worried about just such an event.

For a one-time fee of US$10 (AUD$13), policyholders can make their way to heaven knowing that the pets they are leaving behind will be looked after. By whom, you ask? By those of us not lucky enough to make the cut to get into heaven, of course.

Alien abduction cover

Continuing on with odd insurance policies we come to this totally legitimate offering: Alien Abduction Insurance. No, this is not the April Fool's prank from 2018, but an actual coverage that has been available since the 1980s through The Saint Lawrence Agency in Florida.

The policy, which costs up to US$24.95 (AUD32.81), will provide you with medical and sarcasm coverage for US$10 million (AUD$13.15 million). There's even a double indemnity clause for US$20 million (AUD$26.3 million) in the event of alien conjugal visits, resulting pregnancies or where the abductee is regarded as a nutritional food source.

No joke, you can actually buy this and it will pay out if you can prove you were abducted. And, believe it or not, the company has paid policyholders in the past. There is one catch though – the benefit is paid out one dollar a year, over the next 10 million years.


Back to more practical, yet weird covers, we have change-of-heart insurance. This provides couples getting married with cover against losses caused by the other party getting cold feet. With the average wedding cost roughly AUD$22,669 according to a 2017 survey, why wouldn't you want to protect that investment?

Zombie insurance

Let's end on another silly one. Zombie insurance. Yep, it exists the team over at Zombiesurance promise to cover you for zombie bites, property damage and even "coverage against transitional phase from living human being to corporal zombification". All this for US$5 (AUD$6.58) a year. What a bargain.

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