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NBN plans for seniors

Whether you want something packed with features or something simple and fast, we're here to help you find the best NBN plan for your needs. Prices start from just $30/month.

Spintel NBN12 Unlimited

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$10.95 off per month for 6 months

  • $39/mth for 6 months, then $49.95/mth
  • Unlimited data
  • 11Mbps typical evening speed
  • No contract
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Looking for an Internet plan that'll get you connected with minimum fuss? You might use your Internet connection to stay connected to family and friends, stream your favourite shows, check your emails, or anything really.

Whatever your living situation and your broadband needs, there are NBN plans catered towards seniors that can put you online without paying too much.

What's the best NBN plan for seniors?

The best NBN plan for you will depend on a number of factors, but the most important to consider is speed. NBN plans are categorised by different speed tiers, from NBN 12 all the way up to NBN 1000. The cheapest NBN plans will be on the NBN 12 speed tier, with prices increasing as you move up the different tiers.

To decide which plan is best suited for you, have a think about what you're planning to use your Internet connection for. For most, an NBN plan on the NBN 12, 25 or 50 speed tiers will be enough.

Main online activitiesHousehold sizeSuitable NBN planAverage plan price (on Finder)*
Web browsing, emails, social media1-2 peopleBasic I (NBN 12)$55
Video conferencing, working from home, streaming video (e.g. Netflix, YouTube)1-3 peopleBasic II (NBN 25)$70
Web browsing, emails, social media>Streaming high definition video, many people online at once2-5 peopleStandard (NBN 50)$80

*Based on prices collected from our Broadband Plan Finder™ in May 2020.

There are faster speed tiers, but these plans are mostly useful for large households where many people are using the Internet all at once. Otherwise, you're paying a lot more for quicker download speeds that you don't actually need.

Do I need unlimited data?

Many Internet companies market their NBN 12 plans towards seniors looking for a so-called "simple connection", which is why many have data caps. This means you won't be able to use the Internet to your heart's content, but will have to work with 20GB or 100GB or whatever the limit is per month.

Unlimited data is appealing, but if you're not spending all your time on a screen downloading things or watching videos, it's not as important. Data capped plans are often cheaper than unlimited ones in the NBN 12 speed tier, allowing you to save a little on fees. 100-200GB will be more than enough for most 1-2 person households.

What are the cheapest NBN plans for seniors?

NBN 12 plans will usually be your cheapest option, which is great news if you don't need to do anything fancy with your Internet. If you do find yourself streaming video regularly or just want faster speeds, you could also have a look at NBN 25 and NBN 50 plans.

You can click the headings below to see plans on different speed tiers. You can sort the plans by monthly cost, data amount, and more.

What should you look out for?

The best NBN plan for you will depend on what you need out of it. There are a lot of NBN plans out there, so narrowing down what you really need is important.

Here's what you should ask yourself when comparing plans:

How much speed do you need?
The answer to this question will largely determine the price of your plan. Speed is the biggest factor in plan price, so picking the right one should be your first priority. You're better off buying a monthly plan that's too slow and upgrading later, rather than paying too much for speed you don't need. Not all plans are equal – even in the same tier, some plans and providers are faster. A higher typical evening speed on a plan means it's more reliable when all your neighbours are online.

Do you need a home phone?
With the NBN, home phones are tied to your Internet. If the NBN is in your area, you must have an Internet connection to get a home phone line (unless you have satellite or fixed wireless NBN). Not all providers offer a home phone, and most will usually charge extra to add it to your plan. Decide if you need one, or if you could get away with using your mobile instead.

What about entertainment extras?
Want more than what you have on your phone? Some broadband providers will bundle entertainment options into your NBN plan, such as Fetch TV or Foxtel. These usually offer additional entertainment channels and the ability to watch your favourite streaming platforms on your TV (for example, ABC iView and Stan), plus movies and more. Such extras add about $10-$25 to your monthly bill, so decide if it's worth it.

Does it come with a contract?
Most plans are month to month, giving you the flexibility to switch as you please. But some come with a lock-in contract, usually with the incentive of a free modem or cheaper monthly cost. Signing a 12-36 month contract could bring a few benefits, but you'll probably have to pay an exit fee if you want to leave early. Unless you're sure you'll love the service, avoid lock-in contracts.

Do you need a new modem?
If you haven't been on the NBN before, you'll likely need a new modem to go with it. Providers will always offer you a modem to go along with your plan, often for an additional fee. Some providers make this mandatory, so you have to buy their modem to get their plan. But if you already have a working NBN modem, you shouldn't need to buy a new one. Just run the model past your NBN provider when you sign up to make sure it will work with their service.

NBN senior and pensioner discounts

There are actually a few providers that have NBN plans specifically targeted to seniors or old age pensioners, with exclusive discounts. Here's what some providers are offering:

  • Aussie Broadband. If you're 60 years or over, you can get Aussie Broadband's NBN12 Seniors plan. It provides 100GB of data and a home phone line with unlimited standard calls for $60 per month.
  • 10Mates. All of 10Mates' Internet or Internet and phone bundles are $10 cheaper for all pensioners.
  • Westnet. Hold a Seniors Card? Get 50GB of data and a home phone line with unlimited standard calls for $39.99 per month. This plan is only available on a 24-month contract.
  • Flip. Flip offers unlimited data on an NBN12 plan for $42.90 per month with no setup fee or contract. Only available for Seniors Card, PCC, CSHC or DVA concession card holders.

While discounts are nice and all, don't be seduced by senior-specific plans. If these plans aren't suitable for your needs, you're always going to be better off going with a normal plan that works for you, and may be cheaper at the same time.

In the next couple of sections, we'll look at some popular NBN providers that you might be interested in and what they've got on offer for seniors. You can click on the providers below to quickly see what plans they've got.

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Telstra NBN plans for seniors

Telstra is Australia's biggest network provider, but it doesn't actually have plans specifically designed for seniors. That said, it still has quite a lot of extras on its broadband deals, in true Telstra fashion.

  • Add Telstra TV to your Internet plan and get access to all your favourite streaming services like Stan and Foxtel on your television. You'll still need subscriptions for them.
  • A home phone is included for no extra cost on all broadband plans, which is great if you need one. You'll have unlimited standard calls in Australia.
  • Telstra's cheapest plan still provides 500GB of data, which should be more than enough for streaming, downloading or whatever you could possibly want.

You can see Telstra's range of NBN plans in the table below.

Telstra does charge premium prices for its services, so look elsewhere if price is your main concern.

Optus NBN plans for seniors

Optus is another household name that doesn't sell senior-specific plans, but which you still might want to sign up with. Its plans are cheaper than Telstra's for the same speed tier and include:

  • Optus Sport, which gives you exclusive access to the English Premier League on demand – great for football fans!
  • A free home phone line. Calls are charged at pay as you go rates on the free line, but you can get unlimited standard calls in Australia for $10 extra per month, or some international calls for $10 more.
  • Unlimited data on all plans, so you don't have to worry about your data usage.

The downside to Optus is that it doesn't offer Basic I or Basic II plans, so check other providers if you're looking for a plan on these speed tiers. Otherwise, you can browse Optus's NBN plans below.

iiNet NBN plans for seniors

iiNet may not be as huge as Telstra or Optus, but it has some solid NBN deals and is well known for its customer service. Here are a few things you might like about iiNet:

  • Plans come with a free home phone line. Pay as you go call rates are the default, but you can get unlimited standard Australian calls for $5 extra per month, or calls to 20 countries for $10 more.
  • It offers a cheaper Basic I plan capped at 500GB, which is still plenty for most people. You can add Fetch TV boxes with extra entertainment options onto Standard and Fast plans only, so consider if the extra cost is worth it.

iiNet also offers contracts that are 6 months in length. These reduce a new modem's price from $100 on the month to month plan down to $60 on the contract.

TPG NBN plans for seniors

TPG also lacks dedicated plans for seniors, but it does have some of the best value on the market overall. Here's some of what TPG has to offer:

  • 10GB and 100GB restricted data NBN12 plans at much cheaper prices than most of the market. The 10GB plan could be useful if you almost never use your Internet for anything beyond basic browsing and emails.
  • A free home phone line with pay as you go call rates. $10 extra will get you unlimited calls in Australia, or you can pay $20 for unlimited Australian calls and calls to 15 countries.
  • Solid value plans with unlimited data. TPG doesn't have entertainment options, just straightforward plans.

Like iiNet, TPG also offers a longer-term contract option of 6 months and will charge you a $99.95 setup fee if you opt for a month to month plan. This fee is scrapped if you choose the contract option.