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Looking to snag Australia’s second-fastest broadband option? Spend under $100 per month for a speed bump.

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NBN 250 plans are a solid option for households of four people or more or if you've got the need for speed. In this guide, we'll quickly take you through all the plans on offer that can cost anywhere between $90 per month to $169.95 monthly.

⚠️ Only available at select addresses

NBN 250 plans are only available at select addresses due to your property's NBN connection type. Currently, only those with FTTP or HFC connection types are eligible to sign up to NBN 250 plans.

To make sure you're able to get these plans at your location, check your address on the provider's website for confirmation. Otherwise, we recommend comparing NBN 100 plans instead.

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What is NBN 250?

NBN 250 is one of the latest additions to the NBN speed tiers, surpassing the previous fastest available NBN speed of 100Mbps. It's also known as the Superfast speed tier.

  • NBN 250 is the second-fastest NBN speed in Australia, on the Superfast speed tier. It provides max download speeds of 250Mbps and max upload speeds of 25Mbps.

As always, these are only the maximum limits, and your actual connection will likely be closer to the typical evening speeds advertised by your NBN provider.

How much faster is NBN 250?

The short answer is: about 2.5 times faster than NBN 100. But to put this into perspective, here's a quick comparison of how fast it takes to download certain files on NBN 50 or NBN 100 vs. NBN 250 plans, running at max speed.

FileNBN 50NBN 100NBN 250
A folder of social media photos (500MB)1 min 20 sec40 sec16 sec
Adobe Premiere (1.5GB)4 min2 min48 sec
HD movie from Netflix (4GB)10 min 40 sec5 min 20 sec2 min 8 sec
Modern video game (70GB)3 hours 6 min1 hour 33 min37 min 20 sec

The above values are assuming that your Internet is running at top speed the entire time, which your connection won't. The actual speed you receive will likely be whatever typical evening speed your provider has outlined.

While NBN 250 isn't the fastest available Internet speed in Australia (that crown belongs to NBN 1000), it's definitely an increase compared to NBN 100.

If you're currently on an NBN 100 plan and live in a household of 4 or more people and feel like your Internet runs at a snail's pace, NBN 250 should give you a nice speed boost.

How can I get Superfast NBN?

The unfortunate news is that if you're after NBN 250, it's not available to everyone.

If you're fortunate enough to have an Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connection, you're set. All FTTP set-ups should support NBN 250 connections with ease.

70% of HFC customers should be able to get NBN 250. You'll have to check with the provider to see if your connection supports it, although NBN Co intends to make all HFC connections compatible with NBN 250 by June 2021.

Other connection types incorporate too much copper wire to be able to consistently handle such high speeds, and are therefore out of luck with no promise of an upgrade in the future.

Pop in your address and see if you've got an FTTP or HFC connection with our NBN tracker

What if I don't have access to NBN 250?

If you live somewhere that doesn't support Superfast speeds, your best alternative would be an NBN 100 plan.
If you're already on an NBN 100 plan and still want to go faster, you might consider a home wireless or mobile broadband connection on one of the new 5G networks that are being rolled out by Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

5G speeds are potentially capable of exceeding even NBN 1000 connections but are only available to some customers in a very small number of areas.

Is NBN 250 worth it?

NBN 250 plans are best suited to larger households. If you live in a small household of 2-3 people, you should get by relatively fine on an NBN 50 plan. If you're sharing your NBN connection with a lot of people, though, these new Superfast plans may be something to consider.

Great for big households
NBN 250 plans can be helpful for multiple users who are regularly downloading huge files, like video games or large movies. Households with a large number of people can also benefit from these speeds thanks to more bandwidth being available, which means faster speeds when everyone is using the Internet at the same time.

We signed up for Superfast NBN - here's what happened

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Don't need Superfast speeds?

Check out NBN plans on other speed tiers to find one better suited for your needs.

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