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CUA health insurance review

Our verdict: CUA Health Insurance (soon to be part of HBF) offers some very comprehensive hospital policies. However, those policies are relatively expensive, with some cheaper options available.


  • Very comprehensive hospital cover, with more treatments than required in each tier.
  • 'Total Extras' is great for dental, with $250 back on one annual checkup, plus two yearly checkups for dependents under 23.
  • "Premium Select Hospital" covers pregnancy for around $188 a month ($750 excess), though HBF and Medibank have cheaper options.


  • CUA hospital policies are more expensive than those offered by other health funds for the same tier.
  • Gold hospital cover isn't available stand-alone – it has to be bundled with an extras policy.

CUA is no longer offering health insurance, after being acquired by HBF. However, the information on this page has been kept for the benefit of existing customers.
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Good value CUA policies

These are some good value hospital policies from CUA, including one from the Basic and Silver tiers along with a top extras policy.

Top Pick for

Top Extras

CUA Total Extras image

From $189.40 per month*

34 hospital services | cataracts | heart and vascular system | joint replacements

More info

*Quotes are based on a single individual with less than $93,000 income, $500 excess and living in Sydney.

CUA health insurance: Our verdict

CUA has a range of comprehensive hospital policies, but they come at a premium. CUA health insurance will soon become part of HBF, after being sold in early 2021.

CUA is good if:

  • You're looking for comprehensive hospital cover from a not-for-profit fund.
  • You want a very comprehensive extras policy for dental.

CUA is not great if:

  • You're looking for affordable hospital cover – there are cheaper alternatives in every tier.
  • You need a stand-alone Gold policy.

Review by our insurance and innovations editor Gary Ross Hunter.

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What types of health insurance does CUA offer?

Hospital icon

Hospital Coverage

  • Basic Saver Plus Hospital. This entry level hospital cover comes with a $500 excess, an extra 2% to 10% discount if you're between 18-29 years old and includes services like miscarriage and termination of pregnancy, joint reconstructions and more.
  • Bronze Plus Hospital. This level of cover includes all the care you get with bronze, as well as extra services including sleep studies, lung and chest, skin and more, which aren't usually available at this level of cover.
  • Standard Hospital (Silver Plus). A higher level of cover, Silver Plus protects you for all of the Basic services, plus cardiac-related services, diabetes management, cancer treatment and more. An excess applies of your choice, either $500 or $750.
  • Premium Hospital Non-Obstetrics (Silver Plus). Comprehensive cover (excluding pregnancy, reproductive services and weight loss surgery) This hospital cover is for those looking for a wide range of cover but still looking for a more affordable alternative to gold cover. You can select a $250, $500 or $750 excess to reduce your premium.
  • Premium Select Hospital (Silver Plus). Comprehensive cover that includes pregnancy as well as other services such as eye (cataracts) and tonsils, adenoids and grommets. You can choose from a $500 or $750 excess.
  • Ultimate Hospital (Gold). CUA Health's top hospital policy, this option covers a wide range of treatments and services including pregnancy (including childbirth), IVF and weight loss surgery. It comes with a $500 excess.

Extras icon

Extras coverage

  • 50% Extras. Basic Extras cover for Dental and Physiotherapy at the healthcare provider of your choice, and receive 50% back of each treatment cost, up to a combined $500 limit per year.
  • Essential Extras. Covering common extra services such as dental (with bonus dental for kids), optical, physiotherapy and chiropractic services, plus alternative therapy.
  • 60% Extras. Get 60% back on your treatment costs for major dental and a $500 combined limit for Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Wellness Benefits and Alternative Therapy.
  • Classic Extras. For those looking for a wide range of extras cover, Classic Extras include podiatry, psychology, dietetics and nutrition, and bonus dental for kids and adults.
  • 75% Extras. Cover for the full range of services, you'll receive 75% back of the cost of your treatment on each visit, up to your annual limit.
  • Total Extras. Comprehensive extras cover for those wanting a complete health insurance solution for out of hospital services. It includes generous annual benefit limits on general and major dental (including orthodontics), optical, physiotherapy, and much more.

Clipboard icon

Combined coverage

  • Healthy Start Package (Basic Plus). Great for the young, fit and healthy, it's the ideal cover to get you started and includes a Healthy Start Bonus to increase your benefits on extras.

CUA health insurance complaints

We looked at the 2022 Ombudsman health insurance complaints. Here's how CUA stacked up:

  • Proportionally, CUA received fewer complaints than its market share.
  • CUA is some way from the worst performer, scoring higher than funds like HCF, AIA and Australian Unity.
This chart shows the weighted volume of complaints received by each health fund, according to the Commonwealth Ombudsman. The lower the number, the better. Only non-restricted funds with a national market share of at least 0.1% are included here. CUA Health is third overall in this ranking. The weighting ensures that funds are compared fairly; larger funds serve more customers so can potentially get more complaints.

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