2ARM-51-09-IVGE NBN Rollout

Covering parts of Invergowrie

The NBN is ready in this area

Existing services will be switched off on Not available

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(Not available)
(Jul 2014)
Not Applicable
Ready for Service
(31 Mar 2015)
Not Applicable

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Rollout Region ID 2ARM-51-09-IVGE
Status Ready for Service
Ready For Service 31 Mar 2015
(accurate as at 14 Jun 2016)
Build Commenced Jul 2014
Technology Type Fixed Wireless
Approx. # Premises 540
Service Area Module 2ARM-51-09-IVGE (Invergowrie)
Service Area 2ARM (Armidale )
Connectivity Service Area CSA200000010850
(Tamworth 2 CSA)
Point of Interconnect 2TAM (Tamworth)


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