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Phoenix Health Fund Review

Phoenix Health is good if you want a not-for-profit health fund that's been around for over 68 years – but it doesn't offer any Basic policies.

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  • Good for people who like their extras, as Phoenix Health Fund offers lots of unique treatment options in its Top Extras policy.
  • Good for rural and regional Australians who travel far for their treatment.


  • Beware if you're just trying to save on taxes, as Phoenix health Fund doesn't offer Basic hospital policies.

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Phoenix Health Fund: Our verdict

Phoenix Health Fund is a member of the Members Owned Health Fund brand, which means it is run solely to benefit its members rather than to turn a profit.

Phoenix Health is good if:

  • You're after reasonably priced health insurance.
  • You want to go with a not-for-profit.

Phoenix Health is not great if:

  • You want a basic extras policy.

Review by our insurance and innovations editor Gary Ross Hunter.

What types of health insurance does Phoenix Health offer?

Hospital icon

Hospital Coverage

  • Bronze Hospital.This policy covers the 18 clinical categories required to make it a Bronze rating. This means you'll get cover for services like tonsils, miscarriage and termination of pregnancy, chemotherapy and other essential services.
  • Bronze Plus Essentials Hospital.This policy covers 18 clinical categories required to get the Bronze label plus it also comes with lung and chest, blood and dental surgery.
  • Bronze Plus Care Hospital.On top of everything that you get with Bronze Plus Essentials, you'll also get medically necessary plastic and reconstructive surgery, and heart and vascular cover with Plus Care.
  • Silver Everyday Hospital.This policy covers all 26 clinical categories required for a Silver Policy. You'll get cover for back, neck and spine, implantation of hearing devices, podiatric surgery and more.
  • Silver Plus Content Hospital.This includes everything that's covered by Silver Everyday plus cataracts, joint replacements, pregnancy and birth and assisted reproductive services.
  • Silver Plus Advantage Hospital.This policy covers all 26 clinical categories required of a Silver Policy plus a few more including insulin pumps, dialysis for chronic kidney failure and pain management. It does not cover pregnancy and birth.

Extras icon

Extras coverage

  • Kick Start Extras 50. This is a very basic extras policy covering general dental, some pharmaceuticals, chiro, osteo and physio. It gives you 50% back, up to annual limits.
  • Everyday Extras 60. This covers what Kick Start Extras 50 does plus a range of other services including major dental, optical, orthodontic, acupuncture, podiatry and more. It gives you 60% back, up to annual limits.
  • Complete Extras 70. This covers what mid does plus hearing aids. It also gives you 70% back on your policy, up to annual limits.

You can mix and match hospital and extras cover for a combined policy.

Ambulance icon

Ambulance coverage

All Phoenix Health Hospital insurance policies include cover for emergency ambulance transportation. Some Extras only covers have limited ambulance services.

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