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Horizon Power review

Our verdict: Horizon Power may be your only choice of retailer in Western Australia, but it does invest money back into the community.

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  • Funds community organisations in WA
  • Horizon Power app lets you manage multiple aspects of your account on the go


  • No competitors in the regions it operates

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Horizon Power review: Our verdict

Horizon Power is in charge of distributing power to regional Western Australia. It services a vast area with only about 100,000 households in it. Since there are no alternatives where Horizon operates, unfortunately there are no ways to truly compare its prices.

One of Horizon's biggest distinguishing features is its community partnerships program. Horizon sponsors events, equipment or short-term projects for local non-profits and community organisations, providing up to $50,000 in funding.

There are a couple of other perks with Horizon:

  • The Horizon mobile app lets you track your usage, pay your bill and track recent renewable credits.
  • Sole electricity supplier to customers scattered across 2.3 million kilometres of land.

What's the catch?

  • If Horizon is your provider, you don't have other options.

Where is Horizon Power available?

Horizon Power is owned by the WA state government. It's the sole electricity provider for Western Australians in the majority of regional WA (covering 2.3 million square kilometres of land).

This includes:

Energy plans and annual cost estimates

electricity icon

Electricity plans


Daily SupplyElectricity Usage
$1.1046/day30.81 c/kWh
Daily SupplyElectricity usage: 1 - 20 kWhElectricity usage: 21 - 1,650 kWh
$1.9492/day32.19 c/kWh30.33 c/kWh
Daily SupplyElectricity Usage
$1.1046/day30.81 c/kWh

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Solar Energy

Does Horizon Power offer solar plans?

Yes. If you have an eligible solar system, Horizon Power will pay you for exported solar energy under the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS), similar to feed-in tariffs in other states.

The exact rate you get paid under DEBS will depend on 2 things: the town you live in and the time of day. Rates are split into peak hours of 3pm–9pm and off-peak the rest of the day.

Rates in each town are determined by the local cost of power generation and supply in those areas.

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Green Energy

How green is Horizon Power?

While Horizon Power isn't GreenPower-accredited (allowing customers to pay extra to support Australian renewables), it has a few green credits to its name. It's also not rated by the Green Electricity Guide.

However, Horizon Power is involved in a number of renewables projects, including wind, hydrogen and large-scale solar batteries across Goldfields-Esperance, Pilbara, the Kimberley, Gascoyne and Mid West regions.

In addition, Horizon is working with Synergy and the WA State government to build an electric vehicle fast-charging network from Kununurra in the north to Esperance in the south. It aims to be completed by 2024.


User reviews and customer service

How can I get in touch with Horizon Power?

Have something you'd like to clear up? Horizon Power is available between 8am and 5pm AWST, Monday to Friday.

You can:

  • Ring up the customer support line about account enquiries.
  • Ask your question via the Horizon Power Facebook page.
  • Chuck through an email for a response within a business day.

All of Horizon Power's customer support is locally based in Western Australia, with offices mainly along the coast.

Looking to switch to Horizon Power?

Chances are, if you're in a region serviced by Horizon Power, they're your only choice for power. If you're not on a plan from Horizon, you can open a new account online.

  • If you get in touch with Horizon before 3pm, they'll usually get you connected by the next business day.

For more details, take a look at our guide on switching energy plans.

Important notes: The estimated price we show by default is based on a single rate tariff. On your bill this might be known as a "peak tariff", "peak only" or an "anytime tariff". There are other tariff types available to customers and you may need to contact your provider if you are on these tariffs:

  • Single rate with a controlled load
  • Time of use
  • Time of use with a controlled load

The price estimate should not be used as an official quote, but an indication of what your costs may be on the plan. It varies based on whether you provide us with your bill details. You can learn more here.

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