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Life insurance for police officers

Protect yourself and your family while you protect others with life insurance for police officers.

Life insurance for police officers can give you peace of mind and financial security should something go wrong. You can also select how much you want to be covered for, so you know you'll be leaving your family with enough to pay off mortgages, loans and other debts.

Can police officers get life insurance?

Yes. But the type of life insurance you can get will depend on the type of police work you do and whether or not you are considered high-risk. Generally, though, life insurance is available to most police officers and shouldn't come with any special conditions.

That doesn't mean that your premiums won't be more expensive than other jobs, because being a police officer is considered to be more high-risk than other occupations. Your premiums will increase the more high-risk your job becomes.

Police – air wing or bomb disposalNon-insurable
Police – other – officers including motorcycle police or special operations groupNon-insurable
Police – special operations groupNon-insurable
Police – dog squadHigh risk
Police – superintendentsWhite collar
Railway worker – railway police, shunter, track laying or maintenanceHigh risk
Diving – professional, military (no bomb disposal) or policeNon-insurable

What kind of insurance should police officers think about getting?

Fortunately, there are a few different insurance types out there which can provide financial peace of mind if you're a police officer. These include:

  • Life insurance. Most police officers can get life insurance, which pays your family (beneficiaries) a lump sum when you die. However, hazardous police roles like special operations and bomb disposal may need to look at getting life insurance with a provider that specialises in high-risk applicants, as you may find it much harder to get cover.
  • TPD (total and permanent disability) insurance. This pays you a lump sum if you become permanently disabled and unable to work again. TPD insurance is usually only available to police officers that are not working in a high-risk role. You'll also find that you can only get "Any Occupation" cover. This means that you will only be covered if you can never work again in any occupation – not just as a police officer.
  • Income protection insurance. This pays you a monthly income if you're sick or injured and need to take some time off work. Considering that there are a lot of small things that could go wrong as a police officer – such as a broken bone or sprain – it can be a particularly helpful type of insurance. It's usually only available to police officers that work in less high-risk roles though.
  • Trauma insurance. Trauma insurance pays you a lump sum if you're diagnosed with a critical illness or suffer a life-changing injury. Most police officers can get access to this type of insurance.

Do police officers need life insurance?

It's definitely worth having if you want to have enough money to pay off all your debts and allow your family to continue having the same quality of life that you provided them with when you were alive. You will probably also find that any work benefit or "group protection" plan that you are currently enrolled in isn't enough to do this. While there's no one-size-fits-all answer to how much life insurance you need, it's recommended that you have at least 10 times your annual salary.

Are police officers covered for death, illness and disability without insurance?

You may be covered for death, illness and disability without insurance through WorkCover. Workers compensation is provided by employers and can pay police officers a benefit if they get sick or injured from a work-related cause. In some cases, it can also provide disability benefits, death benefits and missed wage replacement.

However, the workers compensation that you are entitled to can differ depending on when you joined the police force and what state you work in. Unlike life and income protection insurance, there is also no guarantee that it will be enough to cover all your debts and expenses. Some other rules you should be aware of include:

  • The benefit period is usually capped at 130 weeks unless you are totally incapacitated.
  • It only covers you for work-related injuries and illnesses.

When won't a police officer be covered by life insurance?

Police officers will generally find it hard to get covered by life insurance if they work in any of the following areas:

  • Motorcycle police
  • Bomb disposal
  • Special Operations
  • Search & Rescue
  • Diving
  • Wingman
  • Pilot

Is life insurance more expensive for police officers?

If your job is classified as high risk, your premiums are likely to be more expensive. High-risk roles can include the following:

  • Railway police
  • Traffic and highway patrol
  • Dog unit
  • Mounted police officers
  • Bicycle unit

These aren't the only factors that can prevent you from getting cheap life insurance. Other important things that can affect the price of your premiums include:

  • Your age. Premiums go up as you get older.
  • Your health. Healthy people without medical problems pay less.
  • Your lifestyle. The healthier your lifestyle, the lower your premiums tend to be.
  • If you smoke. Smokers pay much more than non-smokers.
  • Level of cover. The higher your benefit payout, the larger your premiums.

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Bottom line

As a police officer, you put your health and safety on the line every day at work. While it may be normal for you, there are some risks you simply can't legislate for and there are people that depend on you. If you want to get life insurance, you can compare policies and buy it here.

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