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Shed insurance

Looking for shed insurance in Australia? Get cover for the shed and the valuable stuff you keep in it.

Name Product Is my shed covered? Theft Accidental Damage Tools of Trade
Budget Direct Home & Contents Insurance
Not mentioned
Our verdict: The most popular insurer on Finder, Budget Direct prioritises low-cost cover and gives you up to 30% off your first year for new combined policies purchased online. This is a big reason it won this year’s Finder Award for value.
Youi Building and Contents Insurance
Our verdict: Finder’s 2022 Insurer of the Year for Customer Satisfaction and our Top Pick for Fire Damage cover. It’s good if you want a tailored quote over the phone.
QBE Home & Contents Insurance
Our verdict: Finder's Top Pick for Floods plus cover for other common claims such as fire and theft). Its discount is better than most – 20% off your first year with a combined policy.
Honey Home & Contents Insurance
Our verdict: Honey gives you $250 smart sensors to reduce accidents and estimates your rebuild costs for you. Honey was a finalist for the comprehensive category in this year’s Finder Awards.
Australia Post Home & Contents Insurance
Our verdict: Covers common claims such as fire, storms, floods and rain. It’s also very helpful if you need to rebuild following a disaster. It offers a special safeguard of up to 30%.
Kogan Home & Contents Insurance
Our verdict: Good comprehensive cover (issued by QBE). Also, get 16% off on your first year's premium when you purchase a new combined Home & Contents insurance policy online + $10 monthly credit. T&Cs apply.
Qantas Home and Contents Insurance
BonusFinder Award Finalist
Qantas Home and Contents Insurance
Our verdict: Earn up to 30,000 Qantas Points with every Qantas Home Insurance policy you take out by 28 May. T&Cs and exclusions apply.

What is shed insurance?

Shed insurance covers your shed and the things you keep in it against damage or loss from a whole range of scenarios, including theft.

The good news is that most home, building and contents insurance policies treat sheds and other permanent outdoor structures – garages, pergolas, granny flats – like they're part of the home. This means that you can get the same levels and types of cover for your shed as you can for your main house.

Some policies will cover the shed itself, some just the things you keep in it, and some will cover the shed plus its contents.

How do I get shed insurance?

The first step is to include your shed and what's in it when you're tallying up your assets and choosing or tweaking your insurance policy. You'll have various home/building and contents insurance policies to pick from, and they'll cover your shed and its contents in various ways.

The policy that's right for you (and your shed) will depend on your situation. A suburban homeowner will have different needs to a renter who's using a landlord's shed for storage.

Why is it a good idea to get covered by home insurance?

  • When you crunch the numbers, the value of what's in your shed might surprise you. Lots of the things we tend to keep in sheds – vintage furniture, power tools, dusty sports equipment – can qualify as valuables.
  • If you're a homeowner, you might have invested heavily in your garden and the shed itself, and storm, tree and other structural damage can be a big expense.
  • Being outside and separate from the home can make your shed more vulnerable to break-ins, not to mention the elements.

What does shed insurance cover?

  • Home and building policies will cover the structure of the shed.
  • Contents policies will cover the things you keep inside the shed.
  • Combined home and contents policies can cover the shed as well as the things you keep in it.

Home/building and contents policies offer protection against damage or loss from a long list of insured events such as fires, floods, vandalism, storms and theft.

Contents insurance can cover a whole range of things that people might keep in a shed. You might want to look into extending or tailoring your basic contents coverage if:

  • You keep high-value items in your shed.
  • There are certain things (e.g. work tools) that you often take with you from the shed (portable contents insurance could help).
  • You only want to insure a few items in the shed (if so, consider single item insurance).

For any valuables that you're keeping in your shed, such as a ride-on mower or an expensive bike, check the upper limit that the policy pays out for these items. If the item's actual value exceeds the limit, then you can look into specified contents insurance as a way to increase the limit.

What doesn't it cover?

If you use your shed as part of your business or mainly for business purposes, your home and/or contents policy might not treat it as part of your home. Be sure to check this and ask about alternatives so your business won't affect your coverage.

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