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Relocatable home insurance

Living in a transportable building? Relocatable home insurance protects your movable house.

Want the flexibility of a relocatable home? Then you'll need relocatable home insurance to ensure you're covered if something goes wrong in the moving process. This form of insurance covers events that normal home insurance does not cover, like damage that could occur during the transport of the structure, or during the water and electricity installation for the home at its new location.

What is relocatable home insurance?

Relocatable home insurance is designed to cover a transportable home that is usually lived in, and that is not permanently attached to a site, except for services like water and electricity. If you're living in a relocatable home, you'll need to consider tailored cover in case of an accident.

A relocatable home includes transportable homes that are built in a factory, not on site, manufactured homes, and sometime prefabricated homes. The building can be lifted up and moved. These dwellings do not have foundations, and are often in communities like manufactured home parks or caravan parks where residents lease the land and own the house.

Certain specialist insurers focus on relocatable home insurance. A lot of the major insurers will also cover relocatable homes as part of a building insurance policy, but you'll need to specify the kind of building you want covered during the policy purchase process.

Relocatable home insurance does not cover tents, caravans, campervans or motorhomes, or any dwelling that could be registered as a vehicle. This form of insurance also does not cover buildings that are lived in short term.

How do I get insurance for relocatable homes?

Specialist insurers focus on relocatable home insurance, while major insurers will cover a relocatable house as part of their run-of-the-mill home insurance policies.

If you buy normal home insurance cover, you'll have to specify the type of house you are purchasing cover for when finalising the policy.

In Australia, there are a handful of insurers specialising in this type of cover, including Manufactured Homes Insurance Agency (MHIA), CIL Insurance, Austbrokers Countrywide, Qtrust for owner-builders and Roderick Insurance Brokers. If purchasing a policy through one of these, you'll have a bit more choice as to what's covered and what isn't, and ensuring the unique needs of your relocatable home are met.

Who provides relocatable home insurance in Australia?

These brands currently offer relocatable home insurance.

  • Some cost of relocation if the park the home is in closes
  • Delivery and installation costs following destruction
  • Removal of debris from site if home is damaged
  • Accidental damage, eg. spilt wine on carpet, coffee on computer, breakage of glassware
  • Storm, fire, earthquake, malicious damage or theft
  • Accidental breakage of any part of the building
  • Temporary accommodation up to an amount equal to 10% of the building sum insured, while relocatable home is being repaired or rebuilt.
  • Escape of water due to burst pipe, overflowing sink or washing machine
  • Home and contents legal liability cover up to $20 million

What to keep in mind when buying relocatable home insurance

You may need cover during the transportation of your house, which a standard home insurance policy does not cover. This is when specialist insurance is often the better option.

When moving your home from one site to another, also consider what needs to be done to install it on a piece of land. For example, electricity and plumbing will need to be set up, so consider what your insurer offers in these situations so you remain covered.

It's also a good idea to check if you have the option of adding coverage for contents and personal belongings in the home, if you'll be covered for any landscaping of the land around your house, and if there's any replacement cost insurance included in your policy.

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