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RACQ Health Insurance

Serving 2.7 million Queenslanders, RACQ offers a huge range of hospital and extras insurance so you can find the right one.

As of 14 September 2020, RACQ does not offer health insurance. You can compare other health insurance options available on finder.
Top 3 features
  1. Good for health conscious individuals - automatic access to the AIA Vitality program. Get discounts on your health insurance premiums and other benefits by staying healthy.
  2. Good for people looking for a wide range of bundled hospital and extras policies. RACQ has dozens of combined options to suit you whatever your needs.
  3. Beware if you're looking for standalone extras cover. RACQ's extras plans are only offered in conjunction with hospital cover.

Who is RACQ?

The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) is a Queensland-based motoring club and mutual organisation that provides a range of motoring, financial, travel and insurance services to its members. It offers cover to around 1.7 million Queenslanders and is part of the AIA Vitality program, so that its health insurance subscribers can get more rewards for staying healthy.

Its health insurance line includes a wide variety of hospital and extras policies that you can mix and match to come up with the perfect level of cover for your situation.

What health insurance options are available?

Hospital cover

  • Basic tier policies. These policies only provide cover for treatments required as a result of an accident, plus emergency ambulance treatment.
  • Bronze tier policies. These (Bronze and Bronze Plus) cover you for a range of common treatments and procedures administered in a private or public hospital. This policy level carries a $500 or $750 excess.
  • Silver tier policies. These (Silver and Silver Plus) cover you for a greater range of hospital treatments than Bronze, such as the heart and vascular system and the neck, back and spine.
  • Gold tier policies. This provides unrestricted cover with no exclusions and is RACQ's highest level of cover. It adds travel and accommodation to the wide cover offered by Silver Plus Premium.

Combined hospital and extras cover

With RACQ, you can only obtain extras cover by combining it with a hospital cover policy. Every extras option below comes with a number (50, 60, or 70), indicating what percentage of the cost of an included service you'll receive back from RACQ. Note that all extras include 100% returns on optical, up to your annual limit.

  • Min extras. Entry-level extras cover, providing limited benefits for general and preventative dental treatments, physiotherapy, chiropractic, remedial massage, and a range of therapies.
  • Lite extras. Covers the same as Min extras with higher annual limits, and includes benefits for major dental work.
  • Mid extras. Covers the same as Lite extras with higher annual limits, but includes benefits for podiatry, pharmacy, psychology, audiology, eye, speech and occupational therapy, medically prescribed appliances, swimming lessons, dietetics, and preventative health.
  • Top extras. Covers the same as Mid extras with higher annual limits, and includes benefits for antenatal and postnatal and orthopaedic appliances.
  • Comprehensive extras. Covers the same as Top extras, but does not include antenatal or postnatal benefits.

Information on tiers

As of 1 April 2019, the government has reformed private health insurance so that it conforms to a tiered model. In this model, there are four levels - Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold - each with minimum requirements for a plan to be ranked at each tier. The 'plus' system allows insurers like RACQ to tailor their policies to allow for greater flexibility for the consumer.

Member offers

In addition to the benefits listed on your policy, being a member with RACQ also provides:

  • Partnership discounts. You can get discounts from a number of retailers, entertainment providers, restaurants and services that RACQ is partnered with. This includes up to 40% off movie tickets and $50 off vehicle inspections.
  • Loyalty discounts. Receive a 5% discount on your premiums if you hold both life insurance and health insurance with RACQ.
  • Free educational programs. As an RACQ member, you'll have access to free motoring advice via their hotline.
  • Free car brokerage. As an RACQ member, you'll get free access to a car brokerage service to help make buying a new or used car easier and cheaper.
  • Enrolment in the AIA Vitality program. This is like a membership within a membership. AIA underwrites RACQ's health, life and income protection policies and anyone with one of these policies gets special access to AIA's loyalty program that offers numerous additional health benefits.

How to make a claim

There are three ways to claim through RACQ:

  • Electronically. If your provider uses HICAPS payment processing, all you need to do is swipe your RACQ card to claim on the spot. You'll just pay the difference
  • Online. After you pay for your treatment, you can hop online within two months and submit your claim through the RACQ Health Insurance portal. You'll need to register first and upload all your receipts.
  • By post. You can download a claim form, fill it out and then send it directly to RACQ along with all your receipts. You can also drop your claim off at any Medicare office and they'll post it to RACQ.

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