The fastest broadband providers for YouTube in Australia

If you've had your fill of black screens and spinning circles, you need to check out these Internet providers.

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Like Google, YouTube is one of those essential components of the Internet that many of us couldn't imagine life without. Where would we be if we couldn't simply pull out our phone and watch an instructional video on how to set up that fancy new TV we just bought, or sneak a quick peek at a "How to tie a tie" video before heading out for an important dinner? That's not to mention all the captivating cat videos, insightful reviews and many, many live streams that get uploaded to YouTube each and every day.

Of course, as useful as YouTube is, here in Australia it must contend with our country's most diabolical native pest: sluggish Internet. Even with the NBN gradually working its way into Aussie homes, high-speed broadband is far from a given, and this can significantly limit the tremendous value of tools like YouTube. In our data-driven, always-online world, life without these tools can be as tough as life without electricity.

To ensure you're never more than a click away from YouTube's vast repositories of educational, entertaining and just plain weird videos, you need a suitably fast and stable broadband connection. But how do you know which of the dozens of Australian Internet providers is going to deliver the best performance?

While NBN speed tiers and average peak-hour speeds are helpful, good ol' Google offers an even better way of measuring an ISP's ability to serve up YouTube videos quickly and in high quality. The Google Video Quality Report details what level of YouTube video quality an ISP's users can expect to experience at least 90% of the time by tracking that ISP's performance over the last 30 days. The higher the percentage of HD video served up, the better an ISP is for YouTube binge-watchers.

Google's report is quite dense, so we've picked out the most pertinent information to compare Aussie Internet providers on their YouTube chops. Below you'll find the full list of ISPs ranked on how consistently their customers were able to watch YouTube videos in HD over the 30-day period from 29 June 2019 to 29 July 2019, along with the top plans from the best ISPs of the bunch. If you're curious about how we calculated these rankings, you can read more about our methodology here.

Top 4 Basic-speed NBN providers for YouTube

95.49% HD | TPG

Top 3 Standard-speed NBN providers for YouTube

95.75% HD | Telstra

Top 5 Standard Plus-speed NBN providers for YouTube

97.40% HD | Foxtel

Top 5 Premium-speed NBN providers for YouTube

95.75% HD | Telstra