The fastest broadband providers for Netflix in Australia

Fed up with constant buffering and blurry picture quality when streaming Netflix? Then check out the Internet providers with the highest Netflix performance in Australia.

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TPG NBN12 Bundle Unlimited



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11 Mbps

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With streaming services fast becoming the dominant means of watching your favourite TV shows and movies, making sure that your Internet connection is up to the task of delivering high-quality video at a smooth clip is more important than ever.

While springing for the fastest broadband connection you can afford might seem like the easiest way to do this, you don't have to spend big to optimise your streaming experience. Thanks to the Netflix ISP Speed Index, it's possible to track which Australian Internet providers deliver the fastest download speeds through Netflix during "Prime Time" periods, ensuring their customers can enjoy their favourite shows even during the busiest hours of the day without any frustrating interruptions.

Maintained by Netflix itself, this index calculates the average streaming bitrate Netflix subscribers will experience during peak usage periods. This data is then split out based on individual ISPs to reach a single average speed representing each ISP's monthly Netflix performance. It's worth noting that Netflix only factors in streaming on home broadband connections – download speeds on mobile networks are not counted.

While this index is useful, the fact that the speeds listed are averaged over a broadband provider's entire customer base means they don't account for different speed tiers or technology types. If a provider only offers Premium NBN plans, for instance, its average will likely be higher than a provider that offers slower speed tiers as well.

As such, we've compared the typical peak-time speeds of Australian Internet providers to determine the top broadband plans for streaming Netflix at all tiers of Internet service, including the four main NBN speed tiers and ADSL. If you're tired of fuzzy video quality and scene-spoiling connection issues that always seem to occur at the worst possible times, switching to one of these plans might just be the answer.

Top 5 Basic-speed NBN providers for streaming Netflix

11 Mbps | TPG

Top 5 Standard-speed NBN providers for streaming Netflix

24 Mbps | 10mates

Top 5 Standard Plus-speed NBN providers for streaming Netflix

47 Mbps | 10mates

Top 5 Premium-speed NBN providers for streaming Netflix

94 Mbps | 10mates