Logitel broadband plans

From standalone NBN plans to phone and Internet bundles, Logitel has plenty of options to get you connected.

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Logitel Broadband

Is Logitel right for me?

  • What does Logitel offer? Logitel offers NBN and ADSL plans on a variety of contract terms. These plans can be upgraded with a phone service, if desired.
  • Product highlights: Competitive pricing at the Basic and Premium NBN speed tiers, no set-up fees for standalone NBN plans.
  • Watch out for: Logitel doesn't disclose typical evening speeds for its NBN plans, so it's tough to gauge the kind of performance you'll actually get during the busy hours of the evening.
Logitel internet is not currently available via finder. You can visit their website at www.logitel.com.au for more information or compare alternative options available below.

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Logitel NBN plans

Logitel's NBN plans explained

Logitel provides both standalone NBN plans as well as phone and NBN bundles to Aussies living within the fixed-line and fixed wireless coverage areas of the National Broadband Network. All plans and bundles come with unlimited monthly data and are available on no-lock-in, month-to-month contracts. For the NBN and phone bundles, you can commit to a 12-month or 24-month contract in exchange for reduced set-up costs.

How does Logitel compare?

How Logitel stacks up against the competition depends on the kind of NBN service you're looking for. At the Basic and Premium speed tiers, Logitel's standalone NBN plans are competitively-priced and hold their own against similar plans from other Aussie telcos.

On the other hand, Logitel's Standard and Standard Plus plans don't fare quite so well, and it's a similar story for Logitel's NBN bundles. All are quite a bit pricier than offerings from competing telcos, making them a tough sell.

It's also worth noting that Logitel doesn't disclose the typical evening speeds for its NBN plans. Without this information, it's unclear what kind of practical performance Aussies can expect from Logitel's NBN plans.

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