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Life insurance if you have a pacemaker

You can get life insurance if you have a pacemaker, but you'll probably pay a little more for cover.

In some circumstances, you'll have to pay higher premiums, depending on your condition, but you should be able to get cover.

Am I covered by life insurance if I have a pacemaker?

Life insurance
Yes. All causes of death are generally covered by life insurance. You'll have to let the insurer know that you have a pacemaker, which may increase the amount you'll pay, depending on your condition, but you should be able to get cover.

Otherwise, they'll let you know. You can also check the product disclosure statement (PDS) for exclusions and ask the insurer directly.

Compare providers that cover pacemaker use

We found 10 policies in Australia that cover you if you have a pacemaker. During the application process, it's important you let the insurer know about your pacemaker so that you can get cover tailored to your needs.

Name Product Maximum Cover Maximum Entry Age Terminal Illness Benefit Underwritten call to action
NobleOak Life Insurance
Finder AwardBonus
NobleOak Life Insurance
Our verdict: Finder Life Insurance Award winner for the last 5 years in a row. Good value for money, simple application process and a high claims acceptance rate.

⭐ Current offer: Get two months free on all cover types apply by 14 June 2024. T&Cs apply.
RACWA Life Insurance
Our verdict: RAC’s maximum death cover limit of $25 million is one of the highest limits you’ll find, including $5 million in TPD insurance. You can get an online quote, but you’ll need to call RAC to get trauma cover. Benefit from added peace of mind with fully underwritten insurance. RAC is also WA-based but services all of Australia.

⭐ Current offer: Get two months free when you apply for two or more RAC Life Insurance covers by 30 June 2024. T&Cs apply.
Zurich Ezicover Life Insurance
Our verdict: Good if you want a cheap policy from a well-regarded insurer – its 98% claims acceptance rate is higher than any other provider on Finder. Zurich keeps things simple: unlike others, it doesn’t go in for optional add-ons such as TPD or trauma cover.

⭐ Current offer: Policy discounts include 10% off for your partner if you sign up for a joint policy. You can also get 5% off income protection if you buy it alongside your life cover.
AIA Life Insurance
No limit
No limit

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Can I get life insurance if I have a pacemaker?

Yes, it's possible to get life insurance if you have a pacemaker, particularly if it's helping you to live a normal, healthy lifestyle. However, because most people have a pacemaker due to a heart condition, it's very likely you'll be charged more. If you're struggling to find cover, keep in mind:


How long you've had a pacemaker

The longer the better, provided that you've had no symptoms related to your heart condition. This is because life insurance providers want to know that the pacemaker has had a positive overall impact on your health.

Expert man icon

You can speak to an adviser

Having an irregular heart rhythm and a pacemaker is considered a pre-existing medical condition. Advisers can be helpful because they know what to look for and they're not tied to one insurance provider.

Do I have to let my insurer know if I get a pacemaker while I have cover?

When you apply for a policy, your premiums are worked out based on your current health, lifestyle, age and job. If any of those things change once your policy has been accepted, which they inevitably will, you don't generally need to inform your insurer.

However, if you want to update or alter your policy – say you want to increase your life insurance benefit - then you will have to provide updated personal information, including that you've got a pacemaker.

Do I have to declare that I have a pacemaker before taking out cover?

✅ Yes. You need to let your insurer know about your pacemaker and heart condition or you risk invalidating your cover, meaning that any future claim you make will likely be rejected. It's crucial that you're honest.

When you take out life insurance, you'll usually have to provide a detailed account of your medical history. This often requires some kind of medical exam to assess your health. It's essentially to help the provider determine how much of a risk you are to insure and work out how much to charge you.

You'll also be asked questions about your:

  • Overall health
  • Diet, exercise, lifestyle
  • Condition history (e.g. how long you've had the condition and pacemaker)
  • Occupation

Is it worth getting life insurance if I have a pacemaker?

Absolutely. Having a pacemaker shouldn't necessarily make it a whole lot more difficult or expensive to get life insurance. If anything, it can show insurers that you've had a heart condition that is now stable thanks to the pacemaker, provided you've not had any symptoms for some time.

Even if the cost of your cover is increased marginally or considerably, life insurance is really important if you want peace of mind and financial security. It can pay off debts from your mortgage to your car loan and ensures that you're not leaving your loved ones in the lurch.

Getting life insurance if you have a pacemaker isn't as difficult as you might think. There are policies out there for you. 🔎 Begin comparing here.

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