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Ant Communications broadband plans

Ant Communications offers a wide range of NBN and ADSL2+ services catering to every type of Internet user.

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ANT Communications

Is Ant Communications right for me?

  • What does Ant Communications offer? Ant Communications offers an extensive range of broadband plans including fixed-line, fixed-wireless and satellite NBN as well as ADSL services.
  • Product highlights: Highlights include no-lock-in contracts and support for Standard Plus speeds on fixed wireless connections.
  • Watch out for: Ant Communications doesn't disclose the typical evening speeds of its NBN plans like most NBN providers do. This makes it difficult to accurately predict the performance of Ant Communications' NBN plans, especially during peak usage periods.
Ant Communications internet is not currently available via finder. You can visit their website at for more information or compare alternative options available below.

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Ant Communications NBN plans

Ant Communications' NBN plans explained

Ant Communications covers the full spread of standard NBN services, supporting both fixed-line and fixed-wireless connections. These plans are available on month-to-month and 24-month contracts, with support for three different data caps: 100GB, 500GB or unlimited data.

For fixed-line connections, you can choose from any of the four NBN speed tiers: Basic (nbn12), Standard (nbn25), Standard Plus (nbn50) or Premium (nbn100). On a fixed-wireless connection, your choices are limited to just the Basic, Standard or Standard Plus speed tiers.

Ant Communications satellite NBN plans

Ant Communications' satellite NBN plans explained

If neither fixed-line or fixed-wireless services reach your slice of rural Australia, a satellite NBN connection is likely your only option. Fortunately, Ant Communications has plenty to offer here, with plans starting at a light 10GB of peak-time data for $32.95 a month and going all the way up to 130GB of peak-time data for $199.95 a month.

Ant Communications ADSL plans

Ant Communications' ADSL plans explained

With the copper network approaching its final days of operation in Australia, Ant Communications is one of an increasingly small number of Internet providers still offering ADSL plans. These plans are as simple as they come, with just two options to choose from:

  • ADSL100 includes 100GB of data for $49.95 a month
  • ADSLUL includes unlimited data for $59.95 a month

Ant Communications extras

Should you need an NBN-ready router along with your broadband plan, Ant Communications will bundle one in for free on all 24-month contracts. Alternatively, on a month-to-month contract, Ant Communications will sell you the same router at a price of $129. Currently, the included router is a Netcomm NF10WV model, with 300Mbps Wi-Fi, four LAN ports and support for VoIP phone services.

How does Ant Communications compare?

  • Plenty of choice with support for a wide range of broadband technologies
  • Few other telcos offer Standard Plus fixed wireless plans
  • More expensive than the majority of the competition

With so many different services on offer, Ant Communications faces plenty of competition in the Australian broadband market. Here's how it fares across each category of home broadband connection.