ALDImobile mobile broadband plans compared

From groceries to gigabytes, ALDI maintains its focus on value with its mobile broadband plans.

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Is ALDImobile right for me?

  • Product highlights: ALDImobile provides good-quality basic services at a cheap price - one of the cheapest on the Telstra network.
  • Watch out for: You'll need to buy a $5 prepaid SIM starter pack to add ALDImobile's data packs to your service. You won't need calling credit per se, just an active ALDImobile SIM.

Like its SIM-only mobile plans, ALDImobile's data-only plans are delivered via parts of Telstra's 3G and 4G network. The telco claims its portion of the 4G network covers 96.5% of the Australian population, while 98.8% of Aussies have coverage via 3G.

Where most mobile broadband plans are standalone affairs, ALDImobile's data-only plans are strictly available as add-ons for its pay-as-you-go prepaid plan. While you don't need to have any credit on the pay-as-you-go plan to add a data pack to it, you must already have an ALDImobile SIM card and the PAYG plan must currently be active.

How does ALDImobile compare?

ALDImobile is one of the few mobile broadband providers offering plans that operate on Telstra's 3G and 4G infrastructure. Whether this is a strength or a weakness depends largely on the network coverage available in the areas where you're most likely to use your mobile broadband service.

Why should you consider ALDImobile?

ALDI applies the same mentality to its mobile business as it does to its supermarket chain: a nuts-and-bolts service at a competitive price. While it might not be quite as successful with GBs as it is with groceries, it is still one of the cheapest mobile broadband providers operating on Telstra's 3G and 4G network, making it a top choice for those who can't get decent coverage on Optus or Vodafone's networks.

Beyond its aggressive pricing, ALDImobile distinguishes its mobile broadband plans by offering data rollover on most of its plans, something that very few other providers do. Its long-term 365-day mobile broadband plans are similarly uncommon, giving ALDImobile a monopoly on those looking for a set-and-forget mobile broadband solution they don't have to keep topping up every month.

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