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Vodafone trade-in

Want to save when upgrading your phone? Vodafone lets you trade in your old phone and get bill credit or money towards a new device.

If you're planning to stick with Vodafone when your current phone contract expires, you might as well save some money on your next phone by trading in the one you have now.

How does Vodafone trade-in work?

The Vodafone device trade-in program allows you to trade in your old mobile phone or tablet to either earn credit towards your phone bill or towards a new device plan. The amount of credit you receive depends on the model and condition of your device. Not all devices are eligible.

This process was previously known as Vodafone's New Phone Every Year program.

To trade in, follow these steps:

  1. Check device. Use Vodafone's eligibility checker to see if you can trade in your device, as well as how much credit you might get.
  2. Download the trade-in app. This app is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  3. Prep your device. Back up any data you want to keep and remove SIM cards or other accessories.
  4. Hand it in. Call Vodafone on 1300 650 410 or go in-store. You'll need a valid ID (such as a driver's licence).

What terms and conditions do I need to watch out for?

As with anything, Vodafone's trade-in scheme has a few strings attached. Here are the main ones that might cause you problems:

  • Eligibility. Not only do you have to have one of the devices that Vodafone accepts, you must also have a current Vodafone postpaid plan and be the account holder.
  • Credit reduction. Even if you follow all the steps and get a credit amount stated for your device, that may not be what you actually receive. The evaluator in-store or at Asurion (if you go via the mail-in customer care method) may decide your phone is worth less than you were told.
  • Credit is not upfront. Any credit from your device will only be applied immediately in full to your bill if you sign up for a new device plan at the same time. Otherwise, you can only have the credit applied in instalments over 12, 24 or 36 months, meaning you have to stay with Vodafone for at least a year. Credit is lost if you cancel your plan early.
  • Trade-in limit. You can only trade in one device every year or two devices if you sign up to new device payment plans with both.

How can I tell if my device will be accepted?

Your phone's condition and functionality will be assessed by the Vodafone Trade-In app, which will require you to grant several permissions for a full assessment. While condition is determined on an individual basis, Vodafone states that good condition means your device is:

  • Able to turn on and off and function normally (e.g. touch screen, buttons, microphone, etc)
  • Free from physical damage, including cracks but not normal wear and tear
  • Not liquid damaged or network locked
  • Not activation locked (such as through Find My iPhone or Find My Device)

The worse the condition of your device, the less credit you'll receive, potentially down to zero.

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