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Medibank Extras Only Health Insurance

Medibank offers four Extras Only plans to choose from

Medibank Private is one of Australia's largest and most widely known health funds, with millions of members. See what the extras only plans offer and whether one of them is right for you.

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Top 3 features
  1. Good for people who need access to services like antenatal and postnatal services.
  2. Good for people who don't need major dental but still want cover that includes lots of other services like natural therapies and remedial massage.
  3. Beware if you need health appliances because the waiting periods can be up to 35 months.

What Medibank Extras Only policies are available?

Here are the four different Extras Only policies offered by Medibank:

  • Healthy Start Extras. This basic plan is only available for singles and couples. It offers 60% back for some of the more widely-used extras services.
  • Essential Extras. This is another basic extras plan that gives 75% back. It has higher limits but a narrower range of services than Healthy Start Extras.
  • Growing Family Extras. This plan gives you a choice of 60% or 70% back on a relatively comprehensive range of services. There are also some extra benefits for families and kids.
  • Top Extras. This plan gives you a choice of 60%, 75% or 90% back on a wide range of extras.
Healthy Start ExtrasEssential ExtrasGrowing Family ExtrasTop Extras
General Dental
Major Dental
Remedial Massage
Chiropractic and Osteopathy
Natural Therapies
Breathing appliances
Blood glucose monitor and blood pressure monitors
Speech therapy
Health appliances and external prostheses
Australian Breastfeeding Association Membership
TENS Machine
Pregnancy compression garments
Antenatal/postnatal services
Hearing aids
Prescription pharmaceuticals (non-PBS)
occupational therapy
Eye Therapy

Other benefits of Medibank Extras Cover

Other benefits of Medibank Private hospital cover include the following:

  • Online health hub and mobile health apps. You can access tools and information to help you create and sustain a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family.
  • 25% off GymBetter pass. Get a discount on this app which lets you access a network of gyms around Australia on a pay as you go basis.
  • 10% off other insurance. With Medibank health cover, you can get 10% off Medibank pet, travel and life insurance.
  • Giveaways and competitions. Members can get involved in Medibank social media competitions and giveaways to earn prizes and other rewards.

How do the costs work?

Your policy will give you back between 60-90% of your treatment costs depending on which policy you choose. Whatever you get back will be deducted from your annual benefit limit for that treatment. Your benefit limit will vary based on the treatment and on the policy you choose.

Waiting periods and limitations

Most treatments come with a waiting period. These are as follows:

  • No waiting period. Psychology.
  • One day. Ambulance services.
  • Six months. Optical.
  • Twenty-four months. Blood glucose and blood pressure monitors.
  • Thirty-six months. Hearing aids.
  • Twelve months. Breathing appliances, major dental and orthodontics.
  • Two months. Everything else.

How to make a claim

There are five ways you can make your Medibank extras claim:

  • On-the-spot using your membership card
  • Online via the member portal.
  • By using the Medibank Mobile app.
  • By traditional mail
  • By visiting Medibank store.

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